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1,320 reviews
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There are so many opportunities provided to students but the students have to search them out. Talk to professors and become as involved as possible any you will find so many great opportunities!
My experience at montgomery college has been good so far. The campus is nice and has nice people. The Proffesors care and really want to make sure you succeed.
So far Montgomery college has been good. Everything is perfect except the food.i am currently majoring in biology so labs are fine and educating.
I like the process of learning. Professors are very professional. Montgomery College must be one of the best colleges in the area if it is not the best. I am proud to be part of this
I am honored to tell you about my experience at Montgomery College. Everything and everyone that has a standard for a school, can find it here. The student life is sufficient and just because it is a community college, doesn't mean that everything is downright boring. The professors and everything academic was good enough for me.
Its a great school. Compare to 4 year colleges the cost of tuition is cheaper and the location is convenient for public transportation.
It is an affordable college that offers great programs and classes. The atmosphere is amazing because it is safe and diverse. The professors from my experience are amazing! In overall, i love Montgomery College because it has allowed me to meet new people and my professors are amazing!
I wish that there were more activities for people to do on campus so it could have the feel of a university but still be a college.
I give all respect to the college for its innovation. How ever if you are returning to school. This may not be the place for you. If you are looking for online classes there approach is certainly worth walking away from.
Montgomery college is extremely diverse and a great place to begin pursuing higher education. Montgomery College has a great diversity.
Honestly Montgomery college is a good college. It saves your money. Specially if you can't afford going to a 4 year university straight off from high school. Although many people may not want to go to a community college. I suggest going to Montgomery College specially if you are thinking of going to a 4 year school later on. You can transfer to a good university like Maryland right away as long as your keeping up with your courses. I love Montgomery College.
I have been a student at Montgomery College for two year and I can say confidently that I have made a better choice to continue my education in a community college than jumping into a four-year institution. Why Montgomery College?
First, it is cheaper than most college institution so it does save money.
It offers a wide diversity of courses and many programs. This makes it easier for any student to attend since they have so many choices of degrees and they do have a great transfer program.
Second, It simply makes the transfer easier from a community college to a four-year college. They transfer your credits to so many other big universities and that what makes it a great school to start college
In addition, the professor are so great. They are knowledgeable and also try to help each student.
There is a lot of great things to say about MC, but it is still a community college so don't expect great campus food or any wild parties if any at all.
I like the atmosphere and how teachers are willing to help during and after class. The one thing i would like to be changed is the lack of activities there are.
After 2 years of being in college both in Germantown and Rockville campus, I have had my ups and downs. Overall the professors do teach well and there is help for those who seek it. Montgomery College is a step that can lead to a more successful path once completed. I would recommend this as starting place for any high school student graduate.
what i like about this school is that all the students are focused,in all there class and trying to pass and I dont think anything should be changed
I like how professors are very prepared to teach the materials and willing to help out the students.
I would like to have better and more educated professors for sonography program. We don't have enough teachers to practice with us while learning the machine and scanning .
I am in the Dual enrollment program. My professor is very helpful and very qualified. The campus is nice, other than the construction going on. OK facilities, kind of old. Very worth it, though.
I would like to see change the cafeteria lunch. there aren't many options and the only options available aren't affordable,delicious or even healthy.
It's a great college. I am currently an international student here and I was extremely pleased with the level of support and advice given to me during my first months here. The professors are excellent, knowledgeable and helpful.
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