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Great school and awesome staff.
Insatryed at MC in 2013 and my experience has been phenomenal. The professors really care for their students and really invest in their success. I'm happy I'm almost and alumni of MC
Professors are very professional, school is very diverse, and the school offers a great number of courses on campus and online to met any schedule.
Montgomery College Rockville campus is a great school if you're still trying to figure out what major you want to do. there are many clubs and activities you can do for fun or related to your major.
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The think that I like about MC is they accept all races and all kind of people. They don't demand too much.
They offer lots of activities and have excellent professors in English, math, art, science (etc) the list goes on. Financial aid is an easy process as well everything you need is online and they give you a list to complete if you get lost or don't know what to do, it will be online on their website.
My experience in Montgomery College is going great. Having professors with reputable academic credentials, the convenience of the campus location, and its affordable tuition, contributed to my decision to attend Montgomery College. I am going through my second year as an art student. I am learning a great deal about art, painting and color techniques and even the history of art. I have to admit that I am enjoying so much, every step of the learning process. I truly believe that Montgomery College is the foundations I need to excel academically and professionally even in any major. However what I would like changed in Montgomery college, is to be altered ahead of time if there’s problems with the classes you registered for, instead of figuring out too late.
Montgomery College is a great community college! Registration and signing up for classes is fairly simple. Most professors really care about what they're doing and are great teachers, and it's super affordable for MoCo residents. The only thing I would change about the school - advisors here are not the best and it seems like all the office workers really could care less.
It is an ok environment, counseling is not very informed on how to help you on the right path and with classes. You have to figure out how to plan your classes and figure everything out yourself. Many social and scholarship opportunities.
Quality Education, Bang of your buck. At Montgomery College, you meet a wide variety of perspectives from students and professors alike. You will receive a rich education without the huge price tag. It certainly is worth it.
Great teachers - very kind! Diverse students! Learning is obviously very important to the students! Highly recommend this institution!
It is easily accessible and very helpful to any student willing to learn. The campus is clean and organized, and classes feel more personal.
The classes were extremely small and easy to learn, teachers are always available and are willing to work with you.
how they organize the classes because it's hard for some students to go back and forward from campus to campus and they also could have more lunch space for students to eat on campus and also buy actual fun instead of just snacks.
Montgomery College has very dedicated professors who are passionate about the subjects they teach and truly take the time to help students get the most out of their class experience. There is an abundance of resources linking students to volunteer work, internships, study-abroad opportunities, and many other services that assist in advancing students’ education and careers. Unfortunately, Montgomery College’s counseling services are often confusing and can sometimes hinder students when selecting appropriate classes and attempting to transfer.
It is a nice start for international student. This school has lots of international students. So, profs know exactly how to handle international students especially at rockville campus.
I like that there is a lot of diversity on campus, not only race and ethnicity but age as well. It is really easy to schedule classes that also allow me to work as a student.
although I do love the school. I feel that it is trying to stick you in one area in a way. counselors don't go into depth with what you need to transfer. and see teacher do not teach but lecture on and on and it is up to us to study on our own time which makes class time useless.
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Montgomery College was and will always be a place to study.The small class sizes and easy access to professors made learning easy.It is also very affordable and very diverse with the student population made up of students from more than 150 countries.Its nationally accredited programs makes it possible for me to be able to enter the job market upon graduation well equipped .It is also very easily accessible since its located in Montgomery County which has a good public transport system.Being among the top ten best Community Colleges in Maryland,my degree from Montgomery College made me very marketable in the job market.It is for these reasons that I will strongly recommend getting an Associate Degree from Montgomery College.Thus my education from Montgomery College was worth every penny.
I loved the campus environment. It was small and welcoming, close to home! There are great professors that really take an interest in helping their students succeed!
Mostly great teachers. Very organized and clean, new buildings. Only flaw is tutoring center. They're not always the best and very short sessions.
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