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Montgomery college is located in one of the richest counties of Maryland, so its no doubt that academic wise its level is high.
I like how diverse Montgomery College is, there are plenty of new people in the class and on the campus. The students are well known and are good students. Some changes I would like to see are more concrete advisement. such as there are some many students who waster their time taking courses that they may not need. Have a more unified advisement for students.
I love Montgomery college because of it safety, and also because of the special training students receive there. if you want to succeed at Montgomery college, you must work cheating, and can be proved on the job market. When you mention Montgomery college in your resume, you have the job. There is no much to change at Montgomery college. may be reinforce the students safety, and may be change the cafeteria food sometimes.
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I am now starting my second semester at Montgomery College and I absolutely love it. Your academic advisors are so helpful and will always give you their best advice when it comes to registering for classes and signing up for clubs. Professors are super caring and really try their best for students to do well in the class. The campus in easy to find and get to which is helpful, especially on your first day. There is always a staff member in sight if you ever need help finding a classroom or have a question.
I have been at Montgomery college for three years now and thankfully my experience there has been overall great. I have learned many new skills and have had hands on expierences on real life situations. I am thankful for the diversity and professors at my school. Montgomery College is the start of my higher education and I will take the knowledge I have learned to a four year institution I will hopefully transfer soon to.
Overall the school is pretty good. The only thing I do have to complain about are the people that work in the offices and stores. They seem to hate their jobs. They get irritated by the questions we ask or just tell us to look online.
For the past year in Montgomery college, I found it a very positive environment in terms on academics and work ethics. There are so many available resources on campus and online that include tutors, professors, books/textbooks, databases and more. The staff and everyone in Montgomery college are amazing and so helpful that all give motivation to the students there. There are so many ways you can be active on campus life such as, sports, volunteer service, clubs and even jobs! If you essentially want to finish your degree in almost any major in two years and a guarantee transfer to a Maryland institute, I definitely recommend Montgomery college. It is an overall excellent community college with very affordable tuition costs and I highly recommend it to high school students that might be concerned for financial problems when considering to enter a university/college.
Montgomery College is a great community college. I have been going there for a long time. It’is Very diverse and offer great opportunities to be open to leadership. The. Lasses are very affordable and the professors have a great level of education unlike other community colleges.
This community college allows you to expand your options in assisting in choosing a major. They have various amount of courses for whatever you desire and you can choose whether to take classes online or on campus. Montgomery college helps you get a head start on your future as well as help in transferring to a four year university.
I love the education experience I get and the friends I have made over the years. One of thing I would like changed though is how financial aid determines helping you based on your satisfactory in your grades and it causes problems for me. All over great school at an affordable cost tuition!
Montgomery College is great because it allows me to take different classes and figure out what I want to major in, very affordably.
The food variety on campus is quite limited. For such a diverse population it is also common sense to expect to varying dishes.
It is a very average two year college campus. It is not like a 4 year university. The campus is small but once you go there you get used to the professors and the area. There is construction going on which means that the campus is growing.
Montgomery College is really affordable and some of the professors are excellent. The location is excellent for transportation and there are many extra-curricular activities.
The classes you take are hit or miss. Some professors and classes are easy to follow while some are not. I do think that going to Montgomery College has great advantages to certifications, nursing programs, and transfer opportunities. They offer a variety of classes on all 3 campuses while offering tutoring and other resources. My overall experience here has been a smooth ride and I have been successfully prepared to enter a university.
i like this college, because it has a diversity, the way how they teach and location of extension classes.
Montgomery College has been a wonderful part of my journey to academic success. The overall campus atmosphere of the campus is warm and welcoming. I feel as if I am apart of a family. The professors are passionate about their classes which helps students to feel more confident academically. When I am on campus, it is important to me that I feel safe. At Montgomery college, I do. I feel as if I am apart of a family. Classrooms are diverse yet small. I feel a sense of community and pride at Montgomery College.
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I love Montgomery College for its divers community and the help provided in all aspects im amazingly done.
I am very impressed with the overall campus appearance. It has an amazing staff, with many helpful on-campus resources. They want to see me accomplish my goals just as much as I want to.
There are a few car break-ins that occur frequently, which is a concern for my personal security on campus. Overall, Montgomery College is a great school.
I had a wonderful experience here pursuing a Graphic Design degree. The staff is incredibly supportive, skilled and knowledgeable. I would continue to take classes here, post-four year graduation from a four year college. They offer a very wide range of interesting subjects that will allow you to explore many interests. It is an easy to navigate campus and a great place to begin your college experience.
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