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It has been a grew semester so far. You can find all you want in college at Montgomery College. The library is very nice. The peace and quit is incredible. There are many books in audio and hard copy which can help you succeed in any field your in. CD, magazines and newspapers available. The webpage is well developed and coordinated helping you stay updated and communicate with your professors. The campus is very beautiful with nice buildings and classrooms fully equipped with highly functioning technologies. Montgomery college has been a great experience and I hope everyone who comes will be satisfied with what it offers.
I like how student life always tries to help the students there. How they have tabkes out to help us find thing easily or bring people over to talk. I would like to see a change of the safety. I think it's dangerous at time because anyone can walk in with no issue if they don't attend there.
Wow.... Disappointed in the school's EVERYTHING. The people are mean, the school campus is small, the teachers cant teach. The food tastes like trash... I would much rather have my Kamputer teach me...
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This school is a grate school to start off with, but don't stay here for long you could get stuck. And the majority of the staff is mean and rude. There are a hand full of staff though that will help you and make sure you stay in the right path. I think that Montgomery County College is a good two year school.
Best college in DC Area ! Variety of future enhancing major and well rounded community. The professors are very helpful and wants you to succeed.
Montgomery College is a great school, there is a lot of opportunity. It would be better off you spend your freshman and sophomore year hear since the school fee is less than Unviersity. And the teachers are very professional and willing to help. Moreover some of the general electives class is more fun to take than in the University like art drawing class. Put your effort and you will find good opportunity. I definitely recommend this school!!!
I love Montgomery College! It's a school providing endless opportunities for it's students to be involved in programs on all kinds of levels. It offers a lot of leadership positions on campus. Most professors and advisors are amazing and very skilled at what they are doing. They are resourceful and often go above and beyond for their students! My favorite aspect about the school is it's diversity. At my time of attending, the student body included students from over 160 different countries. Furthermore, MC's student life is very active and creative, always helpful and you can find a friend in them!! The cost of attending can hardly be topped and you receive a lot of value in return! MC is also easily accessible by bus, as there are about 6 different busses stopping at the school bus stop.
Montgomery college is a very good college. Each campus has what it's majored ir focused on. My experience as a computer science major is going really well. All the professors are willing to spend time with you and make you better. It's has a lovemy environment . Lots of places to study. High techs and resources better than most 4 year colleges I've visited. You just need to know how to use it.
It's less costly than most of the university. The location is very convinient. Everyone is very helpfull here. Nice environment.
I love Montgomery College, everyone is very supportive and caring. One thing I would change are the layouts of the campus. I do not like how spread out and wide it is but other then that is is a wonderful institution.
I liked that it was close to home, also it is very easy to talk to teachers and it's easy to get help when needed.
Typical college campus, overly liberal and hinders an actual honest exchange of ideas. It is overrun by underachievers and the admission process doesn't screen out as much people as it should. Many of those people shouldn't be in classes because they are just wasting seats for other students. But I guess the college wants the money regardless
Montgomery College in Rockville is a great campus. They have a great selection of classes. The professors are really helpful.
Montgomery College's greatest asset is its people. The professors, for both gen ed and my major specific classes, went out of their way to help students. They welcome questions during classes, have convenient office hours, and answer emails quickly. Most will also schedule meetings outside of office hours to accommodate schedules of working students. The social life on campus is somewhat limited because this is a 2 year school with commuter campuses, but everyone is friendly and eager to help each other succeed. You will always be able to find someone to study with.
Montgomery College provides students with great opportunities. I find the professors are phenomenal and very engaging with the students. The staff in the science department at the Takoma Park campus is especially really good at challenging students, and provide strong work ethic to keep you focused. I've recently been admitted to the nursing program at Montgomery College, and have previously heard great feedback from Montgomery College alumni about the program and can arguably be the best nursing program in the state. Staff members are supportive and resourceful. I feel the safety of the campus can improve. There are frequent incidents where cars are broken into , or items being stolen from other students. Overall, the physical look of the campus has improved dramatically since I've started school, making it more welcoming and organized.
Great college. Teachers are helpful, resources abundant and work life balance is better than expected!
Montgomery College has so much to offer to everyone whether you are a student or visiting to explore what events they have to offer to the community. I have attended many seminars and was intrigued with the knowledge they have to offer. Student campus ministry is constantly evolving. There are many more clubs and organizations for students to explore.
Most of the professors are willing to help students from different kinds of backgrounds and circumstantial situations to rise above the obstacles and earn a passing grade. They also provide opportunities for their students to think outside the box and explore the many opportunities for those who are willing to strive for it. There are tutoring services offered for those who are struggling with a particular subject. There are many areas for students to study on campus; computer labs and computers around the campus for those who don't have laptops or tablets.
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I had a fairly good experience at Montgomery College, its a good school and the people there are welcoming and friendly. One thing id like to see improved is the more organization in the counselling office. I once made an appearance there three days in a row and was met with unwelcoming attitudes and unsettling environment. I would like the customer service to be a little better.
Professors are very knowledgeable. It's great that any student can come in a professor's office and gain help. Classroom size is manageable. The writing centers and Science centers are amazing since there is free help from available professors or free student tutors that are available. New building and improvements are occurring in Montgomery college. Montgomery College is a friendly environment with motivated students.
Montgomery college has a friendly environment and feels like home.
it has a beautiful campus, great professors, and good students!
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