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I like that there is a lot of diversity on campus, not only race and ethnicity but age as well. It is really easy to schedule classes that also allow me to work as a student.
although I do love the school. I feel that it is trying to stick you in one area in a way. counselors don't go into depth with what you need to transfer. and see teacher do not teach but lecture on and on and it is up to us to study on our own time which makes class time useless.
Montgomery College was and will always be a place to study.The small class sizes and easy access to professors made learning easy.It is also very affordable and very diverse with the student population made up of students from more than 150 countries.Its nationally accredited programs makes it possible for me to be able to enter the job market upon graduation well equipped .It is also very easily accessible since its located in Montgomery County which has a good public transport system.Being among the top ten best Community Colleges in Maryland,my degree from Montgomery College made me very marketable in the job market.It is for these reasons that I will strongly recommend getting an Associate Degree from Montgomery College.Thus my education from Montgomery College was worth every penny.
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I loved the campus environment. It was small and welcoming, close to home! There are great professors that really take an interest in helping their students succeed!
Mostly great teachers. Very organized and clean, new buildings. Only flaw is tutoring center. They're not always the best and very short sessions.
Montgomery College's Rockville campus offers a campus that resembles that of a four year institution, helping students who wish to eventually transfer - like myself - grow used to college life before moving on. It's really a good testing ground to come into your own.
MC is an excellent first step for certain majors such as Nursing,Humanities, etc. The professors in Math are amazing. The same is not true in the Engineering and Physics department. The professors act as if we are supposed to know everything. They are rude and hostile if we don't understand certain topics. That attitude towards student are what lead students to change there majors to Comp Sci, Early Education or Communications. MC has a lot to offer for the low tuition rate. There are numerous amounts of clubs and if you don't see one you like you have the option to make your own. The sports are ranked in almost every sport the school offers. Parking sucks especially in the beginning of the semester It's impossible to find parking during the middle of the day. Which then makes you park all the way across the campus in the parking garage. Security is very noticeable. The food they offer is overpriced but is made to order. Overall it's a good campus.
I've had a great experience with Montgomery College! The campus is great, filled with students from all walks of life! It is an extremely diverse schools, in all aspects - including race-wise, religion-wise, gender-wise, and more. The professors are knowledgeable, understanding, and willing to help their students grow and succeed.
Overall, I've had a great experience with Montgomery College and would highly recommend anyone to attend!
Montgomery College is a a great community college to start at. They have several majors and certificates to offer. It’s a very diverse college where anybody would feel comfortable. If you are confused about what you want to pursue, this is a great start to figuring it out.
The school provides resources to give students the chance to succeed but provides very little within the class due due short lengths and limited access to teachers outside of class hours and short office hours
MC was a great experience for me. I got to take a variety of classes which were challenging, but not impossible to do well in. I also had the time to work on campus and perform research in my field. Every time there was an issue, there were people there to help in all departments!
MC is a good places for anyone who wants to advance and transfer credits, obtain a vocational degree, and figure out what is it that you enjoy doing! The campus is very safe, it has plenty of spaces for studying, iMacs and computers available to students in the library and writing center, and helpful resources!
I enjoy the small classes as well as the organization of the campus. Everything is put together. However, financial aid is hard to get at this school. Aid becomes something you have to earn from living extreme circumstances.
Most professors are very capable and experienced, however there is a minority who unfortunately is not as interested and does not try to help as the average ones do.
As a current student, my experienced at Montgomery college has been awesome. The professors are caring yet challenge their students to do their best. In addition, all 3 campuses provide a clean and safe environment.
Montgomery College is a very diverse community college with great professors. It's a large community college however classrooms are almost the size of a high school classroom. I think the classroom sizes helps students to engage with the professors easily to get a better understanding of the lesson and the class materials that are being taught. Montgomery college also has various types of great clubs that any student can join and feel welcomed.
I loved this school. It is adult-friendly and there were always classes that fit my schedule. This allowed me to finish my associate degree while working full time.
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My experience at Montgomery College is wonderful. The reason I said wonderful is because at the college I never felt excluded from any college activities, news, and communication with faculty whenever I need their assistance. I recommend any person living in Montgomery county Maryland to attend college here to start their pursuit at a college degree.
Diverse college with very caring and prepared professors, I had a really good experience studying Graphic Design at Montgomery College, all the projects challenge your imagination and creativity, and the professors are patient and very knowledgeable people, always available to help students.
Deciding to enroll at Montgomery College is the right choice that I have made. The diversified campus makes everyone to feel like home. The qualified faculties and the various resources and opportunities offered in the college encourage students to be the best version of themselves. It is not only acadamic but also the extracurricular activities in Montgomery College assist students to be involved in different sectors. In addition, the fact that the three campuses are located in accessible location makes Montgomery College a first choice to start or continue on one's education.
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