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My experience at Montgomery College is wonderful. The reason I said wonderful is because at the college I never felt excluded from any college activities, news, and communication with faculty whenever I need their assistance. I recommend any person living in Montgomery county Maryland to attend college here to start their pursuit at a college degree.
Diverse college with very caring and prepared professors, I had a really good experience studying Graphic Design at Montgomery College, all the projects challenge your imagination and creativity, and the professors are patient and very knowledgeable people, always available to help students.
Deciding to enroll at Montgomery College is the right choice that I have made. The diversified campus makes everyone to feel like home. The qualified faculties and the various resources and opportunities offered in the college encourage students to be the best version of themselves. It is not only acadamic but also the extracurricular activities in Montgomery College assist students to be involved in different sectors. In addition, the fact that the three campuses are located in accessible location makes Montgomery College a first choice to start or continue on one's education.
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Sound financial decision. Staff/administration are bearable. Professors are friendly and caring. Parking is respectable. Diverse campus if you're into that. Good class sizes.
I really enjoy how Montgomery College has such diversity. Most of the professors are extremely helpful and always ready to assist students. Because Montgomery College is not a large campus, it is very easy to meet new people.
The college also gives out financial aid to whomever is in need of it and passes certain qualifications.
Something I really enjoy about the college is the free tutoring centers that they have. The Science Center, MAPLE center, and the Writing center are great resources that all students should use. They not only offer free tutoring, but also some other resources such as academic books, calculators, models, and even practice problem sheets.
Overall, I have had a great experience at Montgomery College, and I will certainly miss it when I transfer to a four year university.
Tight-knit campuses, personable learning experience. Great school, one of the top community colleges in the nation. Offers plenty of extracurricular activities, clubs, and events.
I love taking the blended courses that are both online and face-to-face as they offer excellent flexibility. If I could change anything it would be to design a separate Financial Aid process for adult learners returning to school after raising a family. Everyone that applies for Financial aide have different needs therefore one size does not fit all students.
The school has 2 shuttle buses running between 3 campuses in the Spring and Fall semester, from Monday to Friday. The Biology labs are high-technology, the Professors are knowledgeable in their fields and willing to help students. Germantown campus is having more buildings and refurbishment. The only thing I wish to change is it will be nice if the shuttle runs on Saturday and during Summer sessions, even if in shorter period.
It is a great school if you are focused and know what you want to do with your life. However, no one I know including myself has ever done just 2 years there.
It is a great Community College for General Studies and more. However, for art not so much due to their limited resources.
Really enjoyed my classes and professors for my major, which are the most important. Great cafeteria! But I wished for better student life/clubs.
What I like most about Montgomery College is that I fit in. I am a full time employee along with studying engineering at Montgomery College and I know there are students just like me in my class. I also like how how small the class sizes are. I am able to get a one on one interaction with professors. Overall, Montgomery College really helped me find my passion in what it is I really want to do and I will always appreciate the time I have spent there.
The first semester that I had attended the College, I had a lot of mixed feelings, but as time went by I met new friends. The courses offered in the college are also very good as well, I took MicroBiology and had fallen in love with it because I had a great professor that taught the class.
Very good school if you want to save money. No need to go to a 4-year unless you have a full ride or care about dorm life. Montgomery College saved me thousands of dollars vs my friends who went to a 4-year.
Montgomery College has 3 campuses. For this specific campus (Rockville) is the best one in my opinion. The campus is full of diverse students and staff. The staff really try and make sure all their students succeed. They do a great job on preparing students on moving to the next level. I'm happy I made this decision.
I'm an international student at Montgomery College, majoring in Cybersecurity and it's currently my third year.
Professors are really great, and the infrastructures are awesome as well. Tuition are also not expensive compared to other institutions from the same standard, knowing that it's the #12 best college NATIONWIDE.
Beautiful Campus. But they are always building. And the connections to outside jobs and internships is poor. They use plenty of opportunities to provide help. Professors that don't do well still return for some reason. Certain buildings don't open early enough. They have great professors that mostly want to help. Everything is updated.
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My experience at MC is going pretty well. Friendly campus, crime rate is lower than other campuses, and Nice professors. Professors care about your work and well being. Campus has gym and pool which is very nice and utilize most of the time. MC is treating me well so far.
I love the community and diversity aspect of Montgoery College. I also love the wonderful dedication to academics.
Montgomery college has been a great opportunity for me to really learn more about myself and figure out what career I what to pusue in the future.
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