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The classes online are extremely good. The professors go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and make sure you succeed. The classes are very structured and don't leave you confused or wondering what you are supposed to be doing.
The Colledge is really good at making sure that their students succeed if you seek help. The teachers are really invested in their student's success, the library is a great resource if you use it enough and learn how to ask for help.
Monterey peninsula college was amazing across all aspects. The staff was always very helpful. The counselors were flexible, knowledgeable and inspirational. The campus is absolutely beautiful. I have enjoyed my time there. I will miss it.
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Layout was easy to use and manage.
They use canvas which is simple in tracking assignments and grades. Teachers were re responsive and flexible.
It's a pretty average community college. Most, if not all the students, come from the local public high schools and are just looking to pursue their education further. The professors are either super strict or super nice, there is no in-between, but in the end, just do your research if you really want to get the best out of your education here.
Monterey Peninsula College is a great college that prepares you for a higher education and to transfer to a University. It offer a lot of programs and they have great teachers. The environment is quiet, peaceful and friendly. They offer help for students fro all races and they treat all students in a great manner. Counselors provided lots of help.
Monterey peninsula college provides a fantastic jumping off point for your educational goals. I recommend to for anyone interested in continuing their education.
Its a great shool for beginners and people who do not know what major to take. Professors are loving and caring
It is in a great location first of all and the teachers are wonderful and expkain things well. They have a very nice staff in the office and are very helpful.
MPC has a nice campus and atmosphere. There are some classes that are not offered frequently enough, but if you use the resources on campus like academic advisors and transfer workshops, it can be a great way to kick off your education or continue it!
Im not a full time student at Monterey Peninsula College but I've took several MPC classes throughout high school. The class size was perfect, giving you opportunities for questions and one on one time with the professor. The professors know what they are teaching and make you want to go to class and actually learn. The campus is huge and provides several resources. Classes are easy to locate and academics are excellent. The area is beautiful, one of the better cities in the bay area.
Academic courses pushes me to do my best and face challenges that helps me with improving my skills. I am also learning things about myself that I have strengths in and know what I have to work on and improve.
I have enjoyed my last few years at MPC because the professors have been very helpful. I would struggle in school before, but now there is so much help at the school that it isn't as difficult anymore.
Lots of different resources for different types of people. Lots of help offered to students. The professors give you the sense of really caring and being helpful. Many many different tutoring types for all subjects. Lots of fun clubs to join.
I love that it is a walking campus, and that the classes are small, 25-35 at the most. One thing that I would change is that it is very very hard to find parking for my 9am classes at school. I think that another thing that I would change is that the cafeteria food, like most schools is not all that great.
I am currently attending MPC and I really enjoy the many programs that are there to assist you for help for the first generation students.
It's a wonderful college. The campus is clean, the teachers are incredibly inspiring, and the people are super friendly. As an international student, I was worried about my grades at first. MPC makes it possible for me to earn and hold on to a higher degree. I really recommend coming here. My only advise is, talk to your teachers in advance. You'd definitely want to get to know them a little bit and ask questions before enrolling into their course. I did encounter some hit and miss situations, but I always ended up with the perfect schedule and instructors.
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The faculty of this campus take the time to hear about the needs of all its students. With multiple (and absolutely stunning) campuses, students have more opportunities to make education not only a priority but also attainable. The professors care about the success of students and strive to prepare students for higher education and help prepare them for the real world. The wide variety of classes and majors taught by amazing staff allows for everyone to explore many different fields and find the major that suits them best. The campus also provides so many resources to all students as many students and their families fall below the poverty line. Campus life is festive, lively, fun and diverse. There is truly something for everyone here.
Monterey Peninsula College is not only nestled in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, but has all the qualities that one would look for in an ideal school: amazing teachers, dedicated administration, small class sizes, excellent support systems, an involved student body, and a ton of parking! Attending MPC has built my confidence to a point where I feel that I'm prepared for any challenge, any scenario, and any hurdle that is thrown my way. The caliber of professors that are at MPC is almost astonishing, and their dedication is passed on to their students. I can only hope that other schools I attend are as conducive to intellectual exploration. MPC is the cannon from which the rest of my life has been shot, and my momentum is only building.
I have attended MPC for the last two years and I absolutely loved my experience! I stayed focused and never fell behind academically. Monterey is a place of pure beauty and the campus is always well maintained. My class were engaging and my professors went out of their way to know their students. The students throw themselves completely in their projects and are determined to make the campus a community. I highly recommend MPC to any individual who is unsure about their future or needs time to grow and find themselves. It was a greatly learning experience for myself and I found my true passions in life and I am highly prepared for my future education and life!
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