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The campus provides an overall "home" feel for students that want to feel safe on and around campus. Food is great and so is the faculty!
Montclair State has a beautiful campus. Most of the professors are caring. Advisors and others who work to help college students with any issues are easily accessible.
This school is clean, great, everyone is mostly nice. I love MSU - but if you can't take the cold and don't like a big campus or a lot of stairs, it wont be for you.
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Had to transfer after 1 year. Depressing is the best way to describe it. Such a bland environment. School work is very easy if you are looking to breeze your way through college.
Average college with great local scenery but it's affordability factor is getting tarnished every year with the increase of the tuition cost.
So far my experiences at Montclair have been eventful. I love the campus, it's beautiful. My dorm feels like home and I am grateful to be here. I am majoring in Medical Humanities and this far, all my classes are interesting and I enjoy them. The school is quite diverse and it has a lot to offer.
Montclair state is a great school with great professors. They care about the students and see potential in what students have to offer.
When I enrolled in Montclair state I never thought it’d change my life, but it did. The history department at MSU is beyond incredible. They have some of the worlds best professors. The center for pedagogy leaves a lot to be desired. I was in there multiple times begging for help with my Praxis and received no help and no guidance.
This is a JOKE OF AN INSTITUTION. I came here for one summer as a visiting student to get some of my classes out of the way. Worst experience I've ever had. No one returned my phone calls or emails in regards to enrolling in an class that I needed approval for. I had to drive there on my spring break, being told the people I would need to speak to would be there. When I arrived I learned that was not the case and I wasted my time and had to continue emailing administration daily. It took TWO WEEKS to get a reply from anyone. After the summer sessions when trying to pay bill, I was told after I received confirmation of my payment that they did not receive money and I was yet again directed to a million different people to get everything sorted out. If you're planning on take summer courses, DO NOT come here!
Montclair State University has so many great things to offer. There are many resources for academic assistance, and although it is mostly a commuter school, there's always something to do on campus; you just have to go and look for it. They value your mental and emotional health and have many programs for that.
I liked that Montclair State University offered Art Education specifically. It was often a very difficult place to commute to given that you'd typically spend 30 minutes trying to find parking. Older buildings on campus were quite beautiful. It's a very cold and windy campus due to its location. I enjoyed that it had a diner on campus. I felt as though the Art department could have offered more diverse opportunities.
Overall very good school however food is not that great and all freshman dorms have communal restrooms
I am only a first year student so I have not experienced much, however I can speak on my love of the actual campus vibe and the racial diversity of the school. Also the outstanding amount of things that there is to do on a daily basis. Professors so far have been about average, most if not all of them have other primary jobs so they do not try very hard when it comes to teaching or forming relationships with students.
I truly love the campus at Montclair State University. I love how they host many events to try to form a community within the students. One thing that I would like to see change however is the parking. As a commuter, I spend hours looking for parking and sometimes I am forced to skip or be late to some of my classes.
Ive been a few times with friends and the first time was with a school group the first time wasn't that interesting because we didn't really see the business parts or their computer programming Parts cuz it was still in construction but when I went with a friend this summer it was very good and friendly
I like how supportive the staff and counselors are. I also think there is good student life and activities and clubs to join. I would change some of the teachers that I had because they did not really teach.
My college experience at Montclair State has been wonderful so far. I am going to be a senior in the fall of 2019 and I feel that I could definitely share a lot about my experience as a commuter and a resident. First, I would say that it is important to get involved in clubs to keep yourself busy but of course make sure you can manage your school work first. Second, make sure to utilize the resources that are provided to you on campus such as, the writing center, tutoring, library, health center, and many more. Third, If you are a commuter I would say get to school earlier because parking at Montclair is quite a headache but don't worry you will get use to it. I do have a lot more to talk about Montclair but I feel that I have covered the most important and relevant information you need to know in order to finish at Montclair satisfied! Hope this helps :)
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I like they dont just focus on academics they focus on student social and being part of the community and get to one other.
I love how open MSU is to students. I feel more safe there than I was at William Paterson. They have great programs, great activities and just overall a great environment.
The professors I had met over my past 4 years were amazing, they truly want to help you and guide you to a great future. Things I would like to see change is more scholarships to be offered or more help to be given to those like myself who are not fully able to afford school.
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