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Very personable! Great professors and always willing to help. Great educational experience! Good tutoring and flexible schedules.
Montcalm Community College is an excellent college. The teachers are very helping. The tutor's are very nice and all the staff is very welcoming and helpfull.
It's fun! The professors are nice. The student body it's self is great! they work really great with people they don't even know. The professors really stress it on the students to get out there and get to know more people and do more activities.
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The college is a very small community college that really takes the time to focus on the student's success. It offers many options if you are struggling in a class and wants you to do your absolute best.
There were great ratings, great professors, free tutoring, and friendly faces. There are a few things I would change, maybe a more eco-friendly environment. There should also be trash cans placed along the various side walks.
Montcalm Community College is a very rewarding college. They are very friendly, and the staff is willing to assist you in any way you may need. They have on-campus job opportunities, which are convenient when you take classes there. It's all around a great place to be.
I love the small campus. The instructors are amazing. The people are friendly. It's a very peaceful place to study.
They help us get ready for out classes and help enroll so we know what we are doing. They give you a choice on what time you want your classes. They also have a place to cool off and study.
I had a previous degree when I started at MCC. It was easy to transfer those credits to MCC. Also, I have discussed transferring my credits to another university after I finish the nursing program and all of the credits from MCC should transfer to that 4 year university.
I have not had very good experiences with online classes. One online class I took had a ton of homework and something was due almost everyday of the week. The other online class I took the professor was not very easy to get ahold of when you had questions regarding the material. When asked a question she would tell you that you needed to go get help from a tutor.
After I finish the nursing program at MCC I plan to get a job working as an RN. While working I plan to transfer the credits from MCC to Ferris State University in order to get a BSN degree. Everyone has been super helpful in all of this and the counselor has been exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable in what classes will transfer and which ones I should take.
I love the small class sizes. I find it easier to get to know individuals in my classes as well as ask questions when I don't understand something.
The staff is very helpful in finding job opportunities and internships.
I think that the professors are very approachable. The work load is acceptable. There is not much in the way of facilities because the campus is so small.
Small classes make it easier to get help. The counselor is also very nice and approachable.
We had a lot of assignments that were due online so we used the colleges web a lot. It was easy to assess and use to turn assignments in.
I started out with having classes in the afternoon. It was great so that I could work during the day. My teacher made it so if I had an assignment due late or if I was sick she expanded the time to turn in the assignment.
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We do have a career center at Montcalm Community College. It's really good of what I heard. It has nursing, welding, criminal justice, auto mechanic and so much more.
I had only one instructor during my school time. She specializes in Corrections and runs all of the major courses for being a Correction officer. montcal Communtiy College I heard was the best for law enforcement training in the state.
We had almost thirty people in my class starting out. Their is a need for correction officers in our state.
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