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Montana State university is a wonderful school. It has a beautiful campus, town, and surrounding area. They provide a great education and community.
Their admissions office was very helpful and nice. Although I will not begin attending school there until fall 2019, the campus is beautiful and students are nice.
Campus is such a great place to learn and to get to know people. Everone here is very friendly and a blast to be around. All of my professors are very understanding and interesting to learn from as well. Overall MSU is just a great place to be 😊.
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The campus was very welcoming and bloomed with prosperous and dedicated students. The scenery of the campus further stablished the intimate and beautiful nature of the school.
Montana State University is a very nice school, with the fact that they are always looking for ways to make their school better. They created webinars that help people stay connected with the school even when they can not be there. They also have very good undergraduate research opportunities, which are beneficial to getting a better learning experience.
MSU is great for people were love the outdoors! I am from Montana and I have always loved coming to Bozeman for activities that include all ages. There is always something to do in this town and the college is great. I never struggle to get enough help and socialize with others.
Montana State University has a beautiful, well-kept campus. The dining halls are exceptional. They have a wide range of majors and minors offered. The only thing I wish that was improved was Student Services.
The campus is beautiful and the amenities are great!'s just VERY expensive compared to in-state tuition and you have to pay for EVERYTHING even if you don't use it all. There also isn't much to do in town unless you want to gradually spend all of your money. It's also very cold, ALL the time. It's March now and the sun is finally out again, although it is still less than 20 degrees.
MSU has expanded it's programs and now has a 2 year workforce program, called Gallatin College. MSU has also expanded it's campus of new buildings, new degrees and has really stepped up it's Engineering program. MSU has always been known for their Nursing program and the campus is relaxing with it's stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, easy to navigate through.
Montana State University has been a positive experience as far as academics and student life! If I could change anything I would like to see more generic scholarships offered to students who are not in athletics or on an academic scholarship. Overall, the school offers nearly everything a student could want in a university setting: clubs, student engagement, great dining halls, living communities, and a beautiful surrounding area great for summer and winter activities. With a wide range of majors and minors offered students can customize their education or follow a plan made by the university. The campus only takes roughly 10 minutes to cross but there is space for everyone to do their own activities--small but spacious.
I loved my time at MSU. Not the most competitive program, but a great base for me to learn critical skills and do research. Now I am attending Johns Hopkins, and that would not be possible without my professors from MSU. I also got married and started a ton of out door hobbies while here.
Great University, especially for engineering and biology students. Something that needs to be addressed is the parking situation on campus is struggling to keep up with the University growth.
It is a beautiful campus with excellent teaching staff. Big enough, but not too big. You have plenty of recreation with hiking and fishing in the spring and summer and skiing just 15 miles away at Bridger Bowl. Not to mention that you are also close to Big Sky Skiing Resort. There is a great downtown scene and campus is always thriving with something to do. Bozeman is a wonderful town and Montana State University has a lot to offer, academic and recreationally.
Montana State I a wonderful college to attend. With the view of the mountains in every direction you will always see beautiful things. The people in Bozeman are super nice and there is always something to do in and around town.
I love the close proximity to mountains since I love to go snowboarding. The atmosphere around campus is the best that I've experienced compared to other ones I have visited.
Great community with a lot of great people. This campus has a lot of opportunities for people who enjoy interacting and getting themselves out there to try new things. The class space isn't too big but also isn't too small. Housing opportunities vary and can fit anyone's needs and wants.
I love the atmosphere of respect at MSU. The vibe of respecting the environment and each other is truly what sets MSU apart. Students hold doors open for each other, I can walk away from my laptop in the library knowing no one will steal it. Furthermore, the academics are rigorous, with an emphasis on lifestyle balance. Students come to MSU to excel in academics and play outdoors on the weekends. MSU holds a special place in my heart as my second home.
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There are so many activities to do when you're not in class and so many cool aspects of the campus. There's a duck pond, soccer fields, and it's right across from the Museum of the Rockies! Then in the Brick Breeden Field House there are rodeos, basketball games, indoor track meets, and really cool bands that come into town for concerts like Imagine Dragons!
I love going to MSU! It's a great campus with an outdoorsy community dedicated to the success of the students
I love the campus, community, and classes. For a relatively small university, it has many opportunities!
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