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Montana State University - Billings College of Technology Reviews

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Great return on investment. The school is focused on helping students make money from the degree they seek.
great having the hospitals along with our program
very understandable professors take time with each student
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Every one is very helpful and supportive
I got a lot of help from my instructors. I had trouble in a couple classes but the instructors helped me out and it helps to always be there because they know you're a hard worker.
Some of the staff members are very rude to say the least. The cafeteria is nothing special and is way overpriced. Most of the time the school computers will take 5 minutes to log you in and sometimes 10 which wastes my time. I find that some professors don't seem to care that much about helping students outside of class. I am still contemplating on whether to transfer because this school is lousy.
Everything seems to be easily accessible.
Wireless networks all suck. It's bull crap that we have to pay to print with the absurd amount that we pay for tuition and housing.
It's been fine. Nothing extremely notable to speak of.
Gary Edwards lets us know about job opportunities at the beginning of every class.
Some of the professors are great. Others not so much. Same goes for classes.
Everyone on my floor is really antisocial. A lot of people on campus seem to think that they're better than everyone else because they play sports or something like that.
I don't really know what to say here. It's just a school.
The cost is to be expected. Everyone in the business office is very friendly and things always go smoothly.
This is a very beautiful college. I would not change a thing about it. The student center is also very supportive and makes you feel comfortable asking for help with anything.
This is the very best part for me!! I could not believe the flexibility of this college. It has made the transition from high school to college effortless. I feel as comfortable, if not more comfortable than I did in high school.
If you don't have a personal computer, no worries!! This campus has many computers on campus to accommodate any students needs. They are also very reliable.
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This school is a melting pot for many different ethnic groups. I, not being very social person before I came here, have been able to meet new people and branch out.
The best part about going to this college I believe is, that you don't feel like it's a burden. I feel excited to wake up every morning knowing that I get to go to this college.
I would most definitely choose this school over and over again do to it's great faculty, flexibility, great support center and ease of access to books, food, etc. It's definitely the greatest total experience.
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