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What I didn't like about Monroe County Community College was that there wasn't a big diversity in the school and no one really cared to talk to people it was boring.
I very well like the class and campus size. I have felt comfortable the past two years here with the staff and overall college campus.
Monroe County Community college has a very nice campus with plenty of parking available. There are extension programs available at the campus from several major Michigan University's. Centrally located in Monroe County Michigan, there are no dorms available for students to stay in, and the food in the food court is acceptable at best. The staff is very friendly, with the academics providing a respectable challenge for those individuals seeking the basic college experience. I attended the college for a total of 5 years in the Middle College Program, which is great for those students wishing to advance to a larger college. It gave me valuable experience and I look forward to working on my advanced degree. All in all the cost was very reasonable, with quality education.
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Monroe CCC provided with a college experience while living off of campus. The teachers possessed a sincere interest in education and always had time to support students. Beautiful campus.
I really enjoy attending Monroe County Community College. I was never the type that wanted to go away to college right away so this school was a great opportunity for me. I enjoy the school, the professors are pretty good from the ones I've had. The only change I wish to see is sports. I wish they had sports teams to get the students more involved with each other.
I believe this is an underrated college. Monroe has a plethora of knowledgeable professors and staff. I have met some of the best teachers i have ever had at this school. It feels like the majority of them genuinely care about you, and if you pass. I have had multiple teachers i would love to have in higher level classes at universities. The entire college is clean, and nice, and i recommend it to anyone.
Monroe County Community College has a very wide range of classes that suit your academic interest. The professors are flexible and the staff are kind and helpful. However, the physical state of the buildings are not in top shape.
The on ground instructors are great but some of the online instructors could be better. I love the Whitman Center. The financial aid department is difficult to work with. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to get started at a community college and transfer.
This school was close to home and a great commute. The school was small and I felt that all my needs were met and the teachers were personable.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at MCCC. It has been the perfect place for my first two years of college. I enjoy that I have the chance to get to know my professors well. At MCCC I feel like more than just a number to the staff. My transition from high school to college went so smoothly and I think that is due to the fact that MCCC is academically challenging, but also a great stepping stone into the college life. One thing that I would love to see more of a variety of classes offered at the Whitman Center, other then that I have been extremely satisfied with my time at the community college.
Monroe County Community College is an excellent college! The professors are so personable, and because it's a smaller college, it's much easier to be involved with the campus community. The academics are great, and just because it's a smaller school, it doesn't get enough credit. The faculty are all very friendly, and so helpful. The only negative experience I have had was with the financial aid office. There were a few errors with my account, but they were fixed shortly after I confronted them on it. Overall, I would recommend MCCC to anyone! It's the perfect school to start out at before transferring to a University.
I think that community college is a great place to start college. It saves money, helps students pinpoint exactly what they want to study, allowing them to change their minds and prepares them for employment or furthering their education.
Monroe County Community College has amazing teachers. Every teacher that I have had is amazing, caring and helpful, almost like a high school teacher. The campus is very nice and it has many new buildings. One of my favorite teachers are Dr. Sabo, who is the political science teacher. They also have a writing center, where you can get free help from amazing students. They help you write papers.
I love Monroe Community College, the professors are amazing and very understanding, they help you when you need help. There is also a lot of student activity they have plenty of clubs for you to join and always have some sort of activity for the students to come and enjoy
I've had to have school work with my work schedule and counselors did a great deal of helping with that.
I haven't experienced post grad
I have learned so much here and actually know what major I want to go into just by how good one of my professors taught the material.
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Everything on campus is easy to find and every employee is respectful from the public safety guards to the people who make our food.
I am in liberal arts so it gives me all the basic classes I need to make me a overall better and more intelligent person.
I absolutely love my school. There are people of all ages here and very diverse. The classrooms are small and feel like a second family.
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