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Once I found this school I instantly fell in love. The schools history and mine are quite similar, seeing as we both have Scottish backgrounds. This school has excited me to finish school like no other university. I can only hope to get admission and pursue the first step of the rest of my life!
Wonderful! The staff gets back to you immediately and the website is nicely put together and easy to maneuver.
Considering the circumstances of the pandemic the school has adjusted really well. The professors do the best they can.
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It is a great school. My department, the theatre department, is great and I see myself learning even more in the future.
I feel like my professors tried their hardest to go above and beyond with online learning, it is difficult and I feel like my two online classes did amazing with how they handled it, and taught the class.
I like how friendly and helpful all of the professors and faculty members are. I would like to the dorms being updated.
If I could give Monmouth 0 stars, I would. This campus is led by racist staff members who do not care one ounce about students of color and LGBT students. They only care about their athletes and their image. The diversity and inclusion board is only there to save face and doesn't actually do anything to help minority students. Not to mention Monmouth does absolutely nothing to combat the very prevalent sexual assault issues on campus. Even when under pressure by alums and current students, their response to these injustices is dismal, to say the least. I have wasted 4.5 years and thousands of dollars for what I can only imagine to be one of the worst college experiences possible. If you are thinking of going here, let me save you the trouble. DON'T.
Monmouth did a terrible job with online learning during the 2020 Fall semester. Professors and higher up staff did not have any regard for student mental health or well-being, only assignments and grades. They were trying to force students living on campus to attend in person classes rather than joining via Zoom when over half of the campus was engaging in unsafe and reckless behavior during a pandemic, putting the entire student body at risk for exposure to Covid-19. Even in the middle of a pandemic and one of the most stressful elections of all time, professors only seemed to care about submitting work on time and going to class. There are a couple good professors here that really do care about students, but sadly that number is heavily outweighed by the ones that don't.
I love the school but when I went to the Scots market and trying to pay for my snacks the cashier gave me a big attitude just because I was paying for it. I really dont know who people think they are! 😡😠
My classes are mostly good. Sometimes some professors are confusing and don't make sense. But most professors are really awesome.
Monmouth College feels like home. Professors and other students make it much easier to find your place on campus. Professors and coaches truly care about the all around well-being of everyone on campus. It can be challenging at times because expectations are high for every student. For legal reasons, this is a lie: MC Scots throws really, really solid parties in the fall.
When COVID-19 hit I was forced to return home and proceed with remote instruction. While it was difficult at times, it was incredibly easy. Professors were gracious and answered questions rather quickly. The only problem was that there were too many different teaching platforms being used. In the future, I imagine they will used a uniform platform. COVID was stressful as heck
There are no online classes at MC, this is a silly required question to fill out and I don't understand it.
Monmouth is small, rural, and extemely expensive for what it is. If you're an average student or an especially high achieving one, do not saddle yourself with years of debt to attend.

Overall, the professors are fine. The administration is less great, and ultimately, it is not a great environment for black students (or others of color) due to a variety of factors like location & rarely having faculty of color.

There are far more cost effective ways to earn your degree without saddling yourself with the debt you'll get from Monmouth.

I graduated from a public university three years after I left MC, immediately got a good job and worked my way through a great career. Staying at MC would have ruined me financially, and I'm glad I got away before it was too late.

There's nothing here you can't get somewhere else. Unless you are well-off, do not do this to yourself.
Professors would utilize Moodle to upload notes and/or answer keys. Additionally, assignments to be completed would typically be posted.
My experience from an academic standpoint was great. I enjoyed my professors, they were easy to locate and open to conversations regarding both the material and my personal life. I really felt like my professors went out of their way to make sure I had all of the tools needed to be successful in my field of study. Being at a small school allowed students to get individual attention. Student tutoring was very helpful as well. However, when it came to mental health, I feel like the college dropped the ball. It was really difficult to get in to see a counselor given that they had to see so many students. Also, I felt like it was really hard to get someone to listen when it became necessary to report a student for being a harm to themselves. They may begin the process of checking up on a student, but I feel like a lot of students end up slipping through the cracks. I also found it difficult to remain in contact with multiple deans after reaching out the first time.
Took my hardest classes online. The professors made it completely manageable and I still learned a lot.
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It is a very welcoming environment and small enough where knowing people isn't a problem and finding professors is made easy.
The school has lots of students who are racist. There is not one professor of color on the whole campus. The wifi goes down every other day and hinders me from doing my work. Our coaches are the worst coaches I have ever had in my life. The water tastes weird and does not even get hot. There is no school spirit. Campus safety harasses students of color. I pay too much money. I have gotten sick from the food multiple times.
If you're looking for a college which provides a liberal arts education, Monmouth College is the best option. Located in the small town Monmouth, Illinois, this college has access to every resource which are required to become a successful student. Along with liberal arts, the STEM department of this college have faculties with high qualifications. Also, Monmouth College supports every student who wants to work on or off campus and provides with lots of support for those who participate in sports. Apart from sports, there is a choir and dance teams which have events atleast 2-3 per semester. If you want to visit the web page, here's the link:
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