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I'm in love with Monmouth. The small class sizes make closeness with your professors the rule and not the exception. They know and care about you as long as you make yourself worth caring about. The political science department has been an amazing home for me, and the small campus community has been the same.
Monmouth allows you to get a great well rounded education, allowing you to be involved in multiple organizations on campus all while mainining a great GPA!
The school is very good. The professors care a lot about their students and how well they do. It is a liberal arts college meaning that they focus on teaching the students the importance of learning multiple subjects rather than having expertise in only one area. The school has the Integrated Studies course that everyone is required to take. Freshmen take "Introduction to Liberal Arts," sophomores take "Global Perspectives," juniors take "Reflections," and seniors take a course on "Citizenship." These courses help the students become aware of their communities and get them involved in helping to make the world a more welcoming and overall a better place. Because the school is in a very small town, it is not as diverse as other schools closer to the cities and big towns. However, everyone is welcoming and very helpful. They emphasize the importance of helping one another and the professors are excellent in helping their students achieve and reach their highest potential.
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I am a currently a freshman at Monmouth College. I went to a small high school so this small college is just for me. The campus is extremely diverse and our class sizes are small which means more personal attention and help. The campus is beautiful, especially in the fall.
I have just completed my freshman year at monmouth college and I've got to admit, it was pretty good. Being an international student, I didn't know what to expect when I got here. It was a new environment, new culture, new people and different beliefs. Fortunately, Monmouth College is a place I can think of as home because that's how I've been treated since i got here. The community is wonderful, beautiful campus and the faculty and the students are just great. There's a lot of thing to be involved in on campus, and all these groups are welcoming. The academic programs offered at the college are taught by professionals who strive to connect with their students in every way they could.
Also, the college is quite diverse, with a good number of latino and African American students, along with international students.
I like that Monmouth College is a clean safe campus. The only thing I would change is for them to be more helpful in finding scholarships for their students.
I love this website. It has been supper helpful in finding scholarships. that has been the most difficult thing so far and i'm glad this website makes things much easier for me. especially after all those college applications i just finished submitting.
Monmouth College is a hidden gem in Illinois. As soon as one steps on campus, they fall in love with there surroundings. Maybe be it's the calm one feels in the campus' environment, or maybe it's the caring faculty members who makes this college so great. One can really envision themselves having an amazing time as a future student at Monmouth.
Great alumni network i hope to exploit
the campus is quite secure
The frats are really cool and not like the movies.
I have had a wonderful experience so far.
The athletics at my School are very hard, but couches make extra time for job working students.
This is my first year of College. I was very excite to meet new people.
I don't really have an opinion on this. I'm not sure yet how prevalent greek life is on my two year campus. I don't intend to go greek even when I transfer to my four year.
We haven't started practices yet, so I can't really speak to this yet. Our facility seems nice and adequate. Locker room leaves a lot to be desired
I haven't really been attending long enough to fully rate my school, but it seems okay so far. I'm really happy to be involved in team sports for that involvement, and enjoy meeting new people.
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The students and staff are so nice and are willing to assist you with anything if you ever need it.I would choose it again because I love the camaraderie and closeness of this school. Also, the teachers are very driven to make sure we succeed
Housing is typically well done. The rule enforcement is a bit too much at times. It's a college environment - students should be allowed to party at will... like college students. If you're under 21, there's not much to enjoy. Most parents would be pleased about their party policies, students - nope. Otherwise, pretty cool.
It's lacking in the diversity department. The only Fraternity that really covers that spectrum is Mu Lambda Rho. Generally decent though.
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