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Molloy College is a great school, if you aren't looking to go far away from home and interested in a little college. The academics are good especially if you want to become a nurse. You will get to know plenty of people. They are all so friendly.
So far I am having a great experience at Molloy. I have met many amazing people including the faculty who are supportive and here for us. I love our campus size. It is really efficient for making it to class after class in a short amount of time. There are always activities going on on campus so it is a fun place to be at if you have time.
I've been at Molloy College for almost a year now and I must say, I have nothing but good things to say. The school feels like a family friendly school. This is because all the students and faculty are so friendly and easy going people. the atmosphere is clean, cool, and relaxing. theirs always a place to hang with friends in the 2 cafeteria locations and classes are walking 5 min or less walking distant. think I made a great choice in deciding to go to Molloy.
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Molloy is a private Catholic College located in Rockville Centre Long Island.There are very nice dorms but the school is convenient to commute to by car or train.The campus is small and very beautiful.All the buildings and classrooms are very well maintained.There are numerous majors to choose from.The enrollment is small and class size is small with a very low ratio of student to professor.They are dedicated and very knowledgeable as well as friendly and helpful.
Molloy has a very professional theatre and hosts many productions and concerts.It is a beautiful venue and the shows are always great.Molloy offers many clubs and sports team to participate in.
Kiplingers Magazine gave Molloy a very favorable rating labeling it "the best bang for your buck".I certainly feel that way too and I am enjoying everyday at Molloy.Be sure to include us in your college search.
Molloy College is a small yet challenging school. It's curriculum is very unique and challenging. The small classroom size makes easier for teachers to reach out to students and have a real student-teacher relationship. The campus is incredibly safe and clean and people are extraordinarily nice.
I am currently attending Molloy College to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. This school and the program in general have been absolutely fantastic. Every step of the way someone is available to help you. The professors that I have had so far have been great and I have obtained more knowledge in one semester than I thought possible. The way that the nursing program at Molloy is set up is beneficial to the learning process of the student. The courses are set up to build off of previous knowledge obtained by courses taken the semester before. This allows the student to understand the base of the topic entering the course and have the ability to comprehend information on a more detailed and complicated level. I have seen a considerable growth in myself as a student and healthcare professional because of my journey in Molloy colleges nursing program and I am excited to see where this journey continues to take me.
I entered Molloy College right when Social Media was at its peak. The school shifted their focus on their online identity more than their academic benefits in which I wished it originally focused on. Being in the Communication Department, we were never shown for our hard work so instead we were used for our equipment and unacknowledged skills and talents.
Molloy is a great school with wonderful academics. If you are looking for an affordable private college; then think of molloy college. However, there is no party at all in the school.
The professors are excellent for the most part. High value education at a low cost. Overall, I had a great experience at Molloy.
I feel real safe on campus!
It was a great experience transferring to this school
I really like the professors I have had so far. I feel like it's difficult to locate a place on campus where I can get my questions answered. I get more help calling the school and over the phone. There is easy access to professors and counsellors otherwise using email, phone and office visits. Many of the students are hard working and very determined to graduate and work. It provides a competitive environment and encourages me to try harder. It's very expensive but just as expensive as other private schools in the area. I feel like I am getting my money's worth with the small classes and a great school environment.
The career center is available to help students figure out the best career path for themselves. However, I personally have not used this program.
Professors are all excellent and dedicated. The small class sizes allows a more interactive relationship between professors and students. There is a wide range of courses to choose from and even if a class is full, it is not fully impossible to take that class.
Public safety is constantly driving around campus making sure that everyone is safe. They even ride their bikes around campus in the nice weather, and can often be seen walking through the buildings. I always feel safe here.
Does not apply to me.
Molloy meets the criteria for a perfect school in all different aspects. Everyone at the school is friendly, welcoming, caring, and supportive. All of the professors are extremely dedicated and make the learning experience enjoyable. Professors go out of their way to make sure students succeed. Since the class sizes at Molloy College are so small, professors are able to form relationships with the students and interact one-on-one with them.
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I am always getting emails from my student solution center informing me that there is a job opportunity informing my major wether its an intern ship or a full job. I find that so helpful in the long run. Also, i know a lot of Molloy alumni say in touch with Molloy and help out with a lot of programs. If you ever have any questions about career opportunities or wanting to find a job, you could always count on student solution or the career services at Molloy college.
My overall experience at Molloy college has been phenomenal. I am so blessed to have ended up here. Theres countless of opportunities for me. Also, the experience wouldn't be as great if it wasn't for the people that attend Molloy. I have met great people that have changed my life drastically. Those people push me to do my very best wether its a professor, friend, or peer. Everyones sincere and has a great heart. I have learned so much from only attending a year there and I can not wait where else Molloy will take me. The only negative part about Molloy is that it is very expensive and is going to be hard to continue to go there because of the high price. Other than that, the campus is always clean, theres always something to do, always a place to study at and theres aways a helping hand if you need it. The courses I have taken so far have been life changing. Such great information comes out of them. The class size is perfect for my learning ability because the class sizes are very small which makes it easier to get to know your professor. Its hard to say a bad thing about this school.
Public safety does a great job of keeping Molloy safe. There is little to no issues on campus. No sexual assaults, physical assaults or anything along those lines have ever happened as I been there. Theres always a place to go if you ever feel unsafe. Theres also these buttons around campus you can push if you ever feel unsafe. But feeling unsafe is never a feeling when your at Molloy College.
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