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I loved my undergraduate experience at Molloy College. What I loved most about it was the small class size so we got individualized attention from our professors. I always felt safe on campus.
Staff is beyond helpful. They really try everything possible to guide students in the right direction. intimate classrooms make it easier to learn and interact with one another.
Molloy College is great because it helped me grow mentally. Having been here for a few months now, I can say that I'm more independent. I've met great people and professors that only want to see you succeed. Other schools don't have the same atmosphere that molloy provides.
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Molloy College offers small class sizes so your professors get to know you. They have made improvements for campus life. It is a beautiful campus with state of the art new nursing equipment.
more variation of class times, a lot of classes are right in the middle of the day, early morning would be better
The faculty truly cares and about helping the students care. The faculty responds frequently and very quickly to students' inquiries. The environment is very pleasant and like a positive community.
I like that it is a smaller school because the professor get to know their students and it is easy to talk to them and get help.
I love my major (graphic design) and the entire art department. Everyone at Molloy is friendly we all love going to this school. There are many opportunities to do charity work, meet new people and really feel like you belong here. The school small so all the professors know you personally.
Very small, boring, and white. It is safe but thats because its so boring, and nobody wants to stay on campus.Too expensive, in my opinion for a school that has 4 buildings. The food stinks, the "cafeteria" is a joke. The professors are full of themselves. The Nursing program is tough, and they wean out the weak and those who will fail the NCLEX, they want people to pass so they get more money from the state, just facts. They don't care about you, you're just a number to them. If you want a real college experience apply to a SUNY or Hofstra. Apply here to make your parents happy, but go and have some real fun at Hofstra, SUNY, Colgate, or Union. You'll thank me later.
Good, small college for nursing. I am really happy I chose this school to attend nursing school. Good professors
Molloy is an amazing college. The student life is great, the education is amazing, and there are tons of opportunities. However it is a private school so it is expensive!
After attending Accepted Students Day, my view of Molloy College changed completely. The campus was gorgeous and all the staff and ambassadors were so welcoming. The academic excellence and rewards of going to Molloy are outstanding.
The nursing program is great. We started clinical sophomore year and this exposed us to patient care early in our education. The professors were also very attentive to the students needs.
The smallness is nice. The administration is not very helpful and core classes are boring. CAP21 is amazing though and that alone makes the school worth every penny.
I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for the amazing people of Molloy College, especially the Dominican Sisters and Fathers. I would not trade my time there for anything.
Molloy is a great college. The professors take a very big interest in all their students passing. The labs are small class so that the professors can focus their students to insure that the students truly understand the material.
They are a great school both academically and athletically. Party scene though needs a little work. Other than that I greatly recommend this school for further incoming freshman.
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When I started college, I thought it will be fun and make new friends. In Molloy College, everybody do not socialize with others. I spent my first semester alone, only with a few friends. In my sophmore year, I made a lot of friends. I just put myself out there. The school spirit is not exciting and I wish the school could motivate the students to enjoy themselves. More events should be held in the school.
I love Molloy because it’s a very close and personal experience. The professors are great and actually invest the time to help you if you need it. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming which can be great if you’re a freshman or transfer student. I wouldn’t change a thing about Molloy.
This is my first semester at Molloy College and I never though I would have ever feel so empowered and driven to be the best I can be. Molloy gives you all the help you need and everyone is willing to led a hand. I couldn't be more happier with the decision I made to come here.
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