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It all was supposed to be in person and it is now online. I hate online classes and the curriculum is very wordy.
Difficult getting financial aid and help with financial aid. Trying to get loans etc has been stressful
In my years of attending MCC the counselors and professors care about student success. They really do seek ways to help the students to be successful.
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I love the online version of college. It fits well with my schedule and the platform is so easy to navigate.
Very nice campus, i take online classes at the moment due to COVID-19 but my husband goes to the campus two days a week. Very clean, accessible, offers tutoring.
Currently taking a chemistry class and a biology class, easy online learning, though labs can be difficult if they aren't the virtual lab, i had to do a few zoom labs with biology and alot of people were confused
Don't go to the nursing program here if you're not a independent learner, you'll regret it. Leadership (june weiss) is a really mean and bad leader, can't take criticism. If you're not prepared to succeed independently, don't go here.
Rushed program horrible exam questions, assign so much homework and its worth only 5% of your grade.
The classes are high, and the student success centre is always willing to help, although more careers should be added to improve diversity.
Classes are well organized and the professors are always there to help students with assignments. Some classes can be difficult and can give a lot of assignments but if you pace yourself and balance out your schedule the work becomes easier.
Mohave Community College is a good place to start off with before going to a university. Clubs are starting to drift because of people’s political views and not focusing on what is best for the college. There is no sports teams as of yet. Food is all from vending machines. Tuition is good if you are in state. Instructors are very up front and will help you in any way they can. It is a very good place to start overall.
This college has friendly counselors and many excellent programs to choose from. This college exhibits a student success attitude and will help in every way for a student to achieve their goals. This college also has many diverse activities for the students as well as their families. I had a positive experience each and every semester.
In many of my courses I have had a wonderful experience from some really great professors who seem to really care for my success.
Although the student advisers are not on the same page and often there is miscommunication on program requirements, the overall staff and experience is good. There is almost always someone available for tutoring also.
Mohave Community College provides me with excellent resources to do my best with my education. They offer not only academic support but also mental/emotional support. I enjoy the small classes because of the individual help I can get from my professors. I also feel as if I am saving a lot of money attending a community college.
Mohave Community College has provided me with a better education than other community colleges I have attended. During my first semester, the amount of attention the faculty provides the students is superb. The classes are not overcrowded with students, which allows you to actually get help in classes. My overall favorite amenity would be the student success center. Teachers are there throughout the day to provide help when facing challenges in your classes.
It's a small community college located in an affordable city that offers numerous classes cheaper than a university. Nursing department is great and flexible allowing you to work and complete your education
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Very affordable compared to universities
Offers transfer programs to students who want to further their degrees at a university
Small class sizes
it is easy to access to the surrounding community. the city is easy to live in due to the size of population. one of the only complaints is that they they don't have any sports teams. at least ive never seen any there. I feel like that if they did have sports not so many people would have to leave their hometown to go to school for sports. other than that it is a great school for starting your career in life. it is easy to find jobs in this town that the college helps with.
Overall I had a wonderful time at the Bullhead City campus but there were some administration, librarian, and teacher changes which made me disconnect to them because they weren't as out going as the previous staff.
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