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Modesto Junior College is a beautiful place to attend. Great buildings and classrooms. It feels like if you are at home
First of all, the only downside about the college is I was expecting more out of the educational portion while attending. The staff is very invested in their students which is phenomenal and great for proper student involvement. However, the majority of students who attend MJC seem to be lacking the devotion to getting a higher education and tend to complain about the work that the staff gives. Other than the lack in motivation by the students, the staff offers great support systems and the school does everything in their power to motivate students. The clubs along with ASMJC are also phenomenal and give students an amazing outreach to their busy stressful lives. Furthermore, the sports are a great source of exercise for students and are prided for their successful wins. Overall, my experience here at MJC is good, however I was expecting more regarding my education because I feel high school was harder than my semesters here.
This is an accredited community college that offers a variety of majors, including opportunities to complete online degrees. It's a very affordable option. Something MJC may be able to improve on is the availability of counseling and financial aid officers for students. Sometimes it can be difficult to get help within a week's time (during peak business times).
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I love being a student at MJC. Most of the instructors are very nice and always want to help you. Being an online student full-time is convenient, but they also have awesome on-campus courses I've been wanting to take.
This is a good school. Only been there one semester but it's smooth sailing. Just look up your professors before registering for a class.
I really like how much the professors care about their students. I feel that the surveys the students take at the end of the semester should impact the teachers to make the changes necessary to be better teachers.
This is my first semerster at Modesto Junior College after taking a semester break. Both of the campuses are nice, however the East Campus could use a bit of remoldeling or renovation because it is a little outdated.
Modesto Junior College is a great alternative to taking general Ed at a 4 year. Classes are a bit impacted but if you get good grades your priority for registration gets a nice boost.
My experience at MJC was good. I did Track my first year and I loved it, it was nice getting to meet people through sports and have benefits out of it. The only thing I have to say negative about this school is their counselors they aren't all on board and they will tell you different things. I wish I wold have known more in order to graduate sooner. Its a good school though.
It's a good school if you are looking to transfer out from a two year college to four year. The professors, for the most part, are pretty good. There's not much a party scene or housing but students tend to commute to the campus.
This school has amazing professors who will take the time to get to know their students, this makes the school enjoyable.
I think the counselors are extremely helpful! I can't say there isn't anything I'd change about this school
The way I have made my education here at Modesto Junior College memorable is that I have made each opportunity to keep up on my school work on going. The learning center is a huge benefit to all students at all times. Free math tutoring all day every day throughout the week. All sorts of other tutors are there to help you in whatever you need. The counselors are spot on if you know what your major is but if not then they kinda are as good as you are just by yourself through finding the right college for you and what classes you should take to transfer with an AA. All in all the MJC life is not half bad. The on campus food isn’t the best but most Wednesday’s you get free lunch like subway and other great food for free!
I am a freshman at Modesto Junior College and so far from the looks of it, it is a really beautiful campus. Teachers/professors are very clear on what they say and do depending on who you get. The only down side is the parking, parking here is terrible, but the school is in a nice area both east and west campus so parking elsewhere isn't muich of a problem.
pretty typical community college. I don't know whats wrong with professors or deans but usually, for most needed classes as General Chem or Trig there will be 100 students on waitlist and instructors won't add even one single person.
Modesto Junior College is a great place to start your higher education, then to transfer. Not only is it great, but it also saves you some money. I enjoy this campus because the staff, professors, and services are very helpful and want their students to succeed. I don't feel as if anything needs to be changed, because I have not encountered any problems at this college. With that said, I hope this helps any soon to be college students decide on where to go, good lucky!
I am having an amazing experience with this school. The academic environment is very enriching to your education and the staff is kind and helpful
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Modesto Junior College is great place to start your education. Especially, if you are like me, who has been out of school for 15 years. At first I was scared of returning back to school But, after talking to my professors about how I felt, they only encouraged me to keep going. Since Ive started school its getting easier to understand my classes and my purpose of being in school. I would totally recommend this school to anyone!
MJC is a great college with great professors! Wanted to stay closer to home to save money and I don't regret it a bit. Not to mention the beautiful campus they are constantly working to improve.
I liked that there is a bunch of other types of people that are all here trying to get a better education.
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