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I like the professors! They seem to care about my success and career goals. It is important to have resources at school and i feel i have those.
I liked the professors, they are nice and teach well the classes. I like how they are students and health services in both campuses.
I haven’t yet experienced anything that needs to be changed. The past two years I’ve attended I had an amazing experience. Staff is so helpful. Teachers are great they make the class fun they don’t just teach to teach. They connect with the students and help everyone of us. Modesto Junior College is a school you would want to attend they help you get on track and the environment is awesome.
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I very much enjoyed my time at Modesto Junior College. I was able to take many different classes at an affordable price. I learned a lot and I was able to decide what I wanted to do with my life. What makes Modesto Junior College not great is the counselors are not on the same page nor very prepared for all the students. They pretty much look at a book which I could do the same. Also, the school is very impacted and it just makes the experience like a maze and very hard for students to move to a 4 year school.
Many professors are passionate about the subject they teach, and it shows through their students' application of learning and acing the class. In many of the classes I've been in, I enjoy seeing my professor's enthusiasm and love for what they teach, and seeing that passion makes learning not so boring. I used to think that I wasn't that smart, but going to Modesto Junior College made me see what possible potential I had for math and science thanks to the teachers I've had these past semesters.
Modesto professor are really down to earth and they love connecting with their students. the campus life is special all the staff members are very helpful and kind. i have not dealt with a mean or rude soul at all since i have been here. The students that go to this college are very kind and helpful they really love connecting with each other. i love that this campus has resources such as food banks and help centers for students to do there assignments.
My experiences at Modesto Junior College are all great because I made them that way, no matter where you go to college it is what you make it. However, they could use a few more math classes to accommodate the students.
I have attended Modesto Junior College steady for 4 years. I know its is a 2 year school, yet I changed my major a few times, but thats why I decided to go there! In the last 6 years, I have seen Modesto Junior college grown and become a place I was proud to attend. With newly remodeled buildings and state of the art facilities, I was happy to sign up for the next semester. The instructors I had were often very good, having only a few that I disliked.
Modesto Junior College has professors that care about you. If you need aid with where you're headed with your degree, there are people there who can help/advise you- that is the only reason I give 3 stars. The college campus needs improvements in security. Cars get broken into almost weekly, and students getting mugged/harassed by homeless people has been ongoing. MJC has two campuses, and East Campus needs more renovating, specifically Founders Halls' building's. Classrooms in Founders Halls sometimes have tech like overheads and screen projectors and speakers to be faulty and interfere with the class. Thankfully they have shown they have made some improvements. There is more parking space for students, they have made bus rides between both campuses free as long as you have your student ID. I rate Modesto Junior College a 3/5 and I hope with more improvements to its campus and security I can rate it higher soon.
The classes and instructors are great. I would like to see better and more affordable housing for students. Not all of us get help with finances and can't afford housing in this area. Pretty centrally located and close to freeway and lots of food. Modesto is known for its meth community and huge homeless population.
I love it here! Great environment and even better opportunities. The academics here are very helpful and I am truly blessed to be attending here.
The professors I have had have been really approachable for any questions and/or concerns. The campus is very nice, East is an old campus with new construction and many upgrades and West campus is beautiful. Both are easy to get to from the freeway. The cost is relatively inexpensive for the quality of instruction.
Modesto junior college has excellent resources and an easily accessible campus. I would like to see more parking space and better traffic control.
This campus is very friendly and helpful to every major out there. I really enjoy going to this school.
It is a great junior college, with a newly built second campus featuring high tech chemistry and biology classrooms. They have really built it into one of the best JC in California. It is also connected to the Fire Academy allowing students to get free EMT/Fire training.
Modesto Junior College is a beautiful place to attend. Great buildings and classrooms. It feels like if you are at home
First of all, the only downside about the college is I was expecting more out of the educational portion while attending. The staff is very invested in their students which is phenomenal and great for proper student involvement. However, the majority of students who attend MJC seem to be lacking the devotion to getting a higher education and tend to complain about the work that the staff gives. Other than the lack in motivation by the students, the staff offers great support systems and the school does everything in their power to motivate students. The clubs along with ASMJC are also phenomenal and give students an amazing outreach to their busy stressful lives. Furthermore, the sports are a great source of exercise for students and are prided for their successful wins. Overall, my experience here at MJC is good, however I was expecting more regarding my education because I feel high school was harder than my semesters here.
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This is an accredited community college that offers a variety of majors, including opportunities to complete online degrees. It's a very affordable option. Something MJC may be able to improve on is the availability of counseling and financial aid officers for students. Sometimes it can be difficult to get help within a week's time (during peak business times).
I love being a student at MJC. Most of the instructors are very nice and always want to help you. Being an online student full-time is convenient, but they also have awesome on-campus courses I've been wanting to take.
This is a good school. Only been there one semester but it's smooth sailing. Just look up your professors before registering for a class.
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