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Good college, nice professors and always able to help. Always willing to show you how to get your work done well and accurate
Good College got my A.A. there and now employed there. Good teachers, that genuinely care about one another. 2 campus one on the east and west side of town. Overall i would say a good atmosphere for students. Friendly to the public and does community work.
I had the greatest professors and mentors while studying here. As all community colleges are, it is what you make of it. You can float in and float out never doing much besides going to class sometimes and never having fun, or you could take every opportunity possible while getting an amazing experience. MJC allowed me to get ahead of students at 4-years because I took every opportunity possible, with a cheaper price tag.
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I like how helpful the counselors are and how the student help desk is so accessible to students it really helped make things alot easier while applying and registering for classes.
Being a first generation child it was a bit difficult at first but the counselors and teachers were very nice and very helpful. The campus has a very friendly environment.
I love my experience at Modesto Junior College. The professor really help you when you need help. The professor are really helpful and are very clear with their lectures. The campus is every nice and clean environment. The environment is what I liked it the most.
I am disabled and can no longer work so I attend MJC for enrichment. The college and fellow students have been very helpful and supportive as well accepting. I've had several instructors in the Arts department and each one has been engaged and truly cares about their students. They are encouraging and helpful in guiding students in their future endeavors.
What I liked about Modesto Junior College were the professors. They always tried their best to help me in the classroom. It’s not the safest environment but as long as you watch your back your good.
A great way to start your higher education career. The school offers a variety of technical programs, degrees, and levels of classes. Since the first year tuition free the for first-year students it's an affordable choice.
I am excited to go to Modesto Junior college. I want to get into the registered nurse program I will have fun and enjoy. I feel like I am going to feel welcomed and it’s going to be a whole different experience. People get let of help and they are also supported I feel like it’s kind of going to be like leadership like the environment. Something I would like to see change is that there are going to be way more graduating rates and I will make the percentage go up if I get accepted to Modesto Junior college.
Modesto Junior college is in a good area,and the campus is very clean. The people on campus are nice and helpful.
It is very small and very busy and hard to get classes. I think it would be better to organize it more.
Modesto Junior College (MJC) is a good school filled with many resources. Often the professors have office hours if you have any questions regarding the curriculum or your grades. MJC also has programs for free food, child care and financial support.
I definitely like how relaxed the venue is. It’s not too noisy in the library. We have an amazing science department. The professors for anatomy and physiology have some OUTSTANDING backgrounds and are amazing sources of information. We have one of the best Advanced Cadaver programs in California. We get people driving from UC Davis to take our anatomy class because we have the best cadavers. The best part is, our nursing program is not only academically inclined, but affordable. To become a RN with an ADN in 2 years is around $7,000, which is crazy.
I like the professors! They seem to care about my success and career goals. It is important to have resources at school and i feel i have those.
I liked the professors, they are nice and teach well the classes. I like how they are students and health services in both campuses.
I haven’t yet experienced anything that needs to be changed. The past two years I’ve attended I had an amazing experience. Staff is so helpful. Teachers are great they make the class fun they don’t just teach to teach. They connect with the students and help everyone of us. Modesto Junior College is a school you would want to attend they help you get on track and the environment is awesome.
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I very much enjoyed my time at Modesto Junior College. I was able to take many different classes at an affordable price. I learned a lot and I was able to decide what I wanted to do with my life. What makes Modesto Junior College not great is the counselors are not on the same page nor very prepared for all the students. They pretty much look at a book which I could do the same. Also, the school is very impacted and it just makes the experience like a maze and very hard for students to move to a 4 year school.
Many professors are passionate about the subject they teach, and it shows through their students' application of learning and acing the class. In many of the classes I've been in, I enjoy seeing my professor's enthusiasm and love for what they teach, and seeing that passion makes learning not so boring. I used to think that I wasn't that smart, but going to Modesto Junior College made me see what possible potential I had for math and science thanks to the teachers I've had these past semesters.
Modesto professor are really down to earth and they love connecting with their students. the campus life is special all the staff members are very helpful and kind. i have not dealt with a mean or rude soul at all since i have been here. The students that go to this college are very kind and helpful they really love connecting with each other. i love that this campus has resources such as food banks and help centers for students to do there assignments.
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