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overall experience at this school was great, loved the instructors and the friendly staff. The fact that they were willing to let me make my own schedule was a huge part in my attending here.
I loved the class sizes here, most of the instructors are great! I only wish the classes went more intensive
I think they could have some type of an outreach program with salons for students
Review Model College of Hair Design
the student body is very diverse at this school, always meeting new and interesting people.
The financial aid process was super easy and the the financial aid director is always very friendly and willing to try and help.
this school offers a business class as part of the curriculum which prepares you for the job seeking ahead.
When I started at this school I had a great student to teacher ratio, 8:1. which to me was such a huge bonus. Class registration was very easy and quick.
This school offers a ton of major specific instruction.
the instructors and staff are very friendly and informative, and always willing to answer questions and work with you. They offer flexible schedules that you can customize for you! The school also offers housing located right next to the college, which is very convenient for those that need it. Overall I am very glad I chose this school over the others I had looked into.
Signing up for school was simple, and receiving aid for some finances was taken care of for me. Everything you need is right there for you; Its up to the student to utilize the tools and opportunities in front of them.
There's more opportunities than I can list, but the quality of learning and the experience I've received means more and more to me each day.
Everything molds together fairly well; as for assignments, online courses, projects everything is very manageable and schedules are available to fit the students needs. The staff will work with you and discuss options for achieving the requirement while dealing with any inconveniences that might effect your education. For example, changing jobs, or moving, or take a leave for family; nothing can hold you back from a education, but yourself.
I came to this school 2,000+ miles away from home; most have been welcoming. However, I attend here for school, and that's what my focus is on.
Honestly enjoyed using the study tools available to me through my online course; and felt it was easier to understand and retain the knowledge without feeling pressured and overloaded before moving on to a new chapter or assignment. I always had the ability to go back and review; or spend more time on something I was having a more difficult time understanding.
The experience I received here is more than learning the skills portrayed in a book; but understanding and achieving that practiced skill to the best of my abilities.
Cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technician; my school offers extend classes in each of the areas of study.
Although there is a little bit of everything. The school is nearby many resources! I've rarely had any issue with obtaining access to resources.
Review Model College of Hair Design
The theory classes really help to expand our learning along with the hands on training
the students work together in class and on the salon floor we help each other out
I pretty much picked my schedule with the schools hours
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