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I will always love Stanford for the memories and the people I have met. Stanford, in many ways, is amazing--sunny all the time and a campus out of a magazine. What's special about attending an "elite" institution is the number of opportunities available--funding for projects, opportunities to travel for free, opportunities for publication, opportunities to work with leaders in your field and more. If you're looking for opportunity, you will find it at Stanford. What sucks about Stanford is probably what sucks at any other private institution in the country: change is slow, it seems like administrators don't care what students think or want, the financial aid department can ruin your day, there are a ton entitled white, rich kids here who pretend like they're not entitled, white rich kids. STEM will always have more opportunities than other fields; the influence of Silicon valley is prevalent.
Huge Mix of People – The age range of the mostly-female population at Mitchell's goes from right out of high school to women in their late 40's. Its a very wide range of people. Though my experience has been mostly pleasant, some days being in a room full of women for 8 hours can be challenging. There is gossiping, the age gaps between students will show. As long as you keep focused, there shouldn't be any issues.
Pricey but Worth It. The education I'm getting is worth the money. The process by which I applied for and was issued financial aid was easy, and the administrator's at Mitchell's were available at all times and incredibly helpful with any question that I had (and I had many).
Though the tuition seems pretty steep for a one year program, the education and tools you receive will be extremely valuable upon graduating, and I have no doubt that I will be able to pay off my loans in a timely fashion.
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This school does a lot to prepare the students for life and a career after school. They have a lot of job postings, etc that are constantly being updated and we are always informed of them. They have classes for getting your resume set up, salon representatives are often visiting the school and giving demonstrations, etc.
Happy With Choice – I like my school. Instructors are helpful and knowledgeable.
Wish there was more instruction on unique coloring, etc. but continuing education throughout my career will be important as well. Overall its a great school.
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