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My experience at Mitchell Technical Institute has been great. I am so glad I choose a Technical school instead of a university back when I was trying to plan for my future. I think a lot of the time Technical schools get looked over by many students when planning of college after high school. At Mitchell Tech, students are immediately dropped into the academics that are related to their career choice. That aspect about Mitchell Tech is something I think is great because right away from the beginning, students are being educated on what they need to know that directly relates to the career they want to build. If I had to choose my secondary schooling all over again, I wouldn't change a single thing and I am very honored to go to Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell South Dakota.
Mitchell Technical Institute is a great place to go to college. The people are very friendly and you don't have to go far to find somebody to help you with something. The staff are all good people who are very helpful. I highly recommend this college.
Mitchell tech is a great school for after you graduate. It may be a boring school with not very much to do, but that is not the reason to attend MTI anyway. If you want to come out of school with little debt and be making great money when you're done with school this is the correct school to enroll at.
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After I realized I was waiting my time, I went to my advisor who insisted that I was in the best school possible. Two weeks after that I had to demand her to help me transfer, she then told me only 3 classes in the entire 2 years would transfer.. I basically did everything I could possibly do myself while they were no help.
I'm sure I will find a good job, just wish I had learned something the past 2 years.
One of my teachers graduated from the same program I am in 5 years ago, and was a first year teacher. He didn't know basic algebra and we the class had to teach him half of the things in our textbook (I'm not joking..). The other instructor did his best with the supplies he had, and was a very respectable guy.
I learned everything the first semester of first year. I am now about to start my last semester and couldn't be happier. The past 2 semesters have been a waste of my time.
To sum it up, this school is terrible. The students either commute so you only see them at school, or drink every night and never do anything productive. The following programs aren't terrible: scada, medical classes, and powerline. If you plan on going for anything else, don't waste your time/money. The people that go here are literally the most uneducated group of people I've ever met. Granted there are people who are an exception, and they will tell you the exact same thing I'm writing here. To sum it up, the majority of guys are tools, and the girls are whores. Go to sdsu
The first year HVAC instructor isn't very great. As in he will tell stories for half of class instead of teaching. The second year instructor is fantastic, he always stays on topic and is an amazing teacher who knows how to get things done.
I love this school the technology is state off the art and I feel like Im getting the best education possible.
School is difficult but I enjoy it overall. I really like the welding labs and projects. My school has extra classes or parts that other technical school don't. Example is in welding they add all of the safety and require books. My school has a more little things then a lot of other technical schools. It's an great school and you can finish college pretty quick.
Mitchell Technical Institute is a great place because of its great campus, the many programs it offers, and the amazing instructors that are here. The campus is a great campus not only because of how close to everything it is, but also because of how easy it makes learning. We are given quality materials and classroom tools to give us the best opportunities. Another reason for MTI's greatness is because of the many programs it offers. It his helping society by providing it with a workforce in many different career fields. Students can go on many career paths ranging from agriculture to welding, and just about any technical skill in between. The main reason that MTI is so great, however, is its amazing faculty and instructors. The instructors truly try to make personal connections with students to help in their education in the best ways. Along with the great instructors, Mitchell Tech has a great faculty in the administration. It is everyone's mission to make sure students are helped.
They do a good job of posting possible job positions on line and around the campus.
The education could be much better, anyone can teach if all you do is put on you tube videos or movies and talk a lot.
They have done a good job at scheduling your classes for the beginning of the week and labs everyday but Fridays so we can leave early for the weekend.
I feel the education could be better, there is a lack of tooling for the labs, the classroom instruction could be improved, and the housing could be much better.
The tuition is low which is great, but I feel the quality of the education could be improved.
Review Mitchell Technical Institute
The instructors do a great job of being helpful, but the administration does not do much for day to day student interaction. This doesn't help students learn about the available resources within the school.
There is not much for diversity around here. Most of everyone is from a small town religious family.
The school I attend has the cheapest tuition in the state of South Dakota, we have helpful advisers to help the financial aid process go smoothly. I believe that the education students are getting here is well worth the price paid.
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