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It was awesome. I felt like I was surrounded by great people and a staff that was extremely supportive and helped push me to strive for the better.
This school was extremely helpful to me. They have an amazing group of advisors who helped me achieve my academic goals. The professors are not only attentive to their classmates but genuinely care for their students. Many of my professors were also well-educated on their subject of teaching which made learning enjoyable and easier to comprehend. Aside from this, they provided funds to help me pursue further economically and towards my daughters daycare. The staff there are personable and have been so gracious in helping me. Upon attending this college, something I really appreciated was the awareness that the school desired it’s students to have regarding its tutoring center, library, MIND center, and the options they provide to obtain a steady school schedule. This school has most definitely prepared me for future higher education. I truly feel like I’m the past two years I have attended this college, that all my questions or doubts have been answered or met.
Mitchell community college has been a wonderful start to my educational path. The advisors are always very helpful and friendly. Every teacher I've in the past year I've loved. They are very supportive and truly care about their sutdents inside the classroom and out.
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Pretty good for a community college, but unfortunately, the student services employees are extremely hit or miss. During my first year, I was wrongly advised, to the point of almost being set back an entire year. I had to take several extra classes that ended up being worthless to my degree based on employee and adviser incompetence. This story, unfortunately, I've heard countless times by several of my peers.
As for the education itself, I've had both extremely positive and negative experiences. Some of the teachers are very motivated, professional, and scholarly. I have genuinely benefited from several classes at Mitchell, even more so than I feel I would have benefited from a university. However, there are also some teachers that care little for their students, purposely grade harshly, and are overall very apathetic towards education.
I like that Mitchell is local and inexpensive. I Also like that the classes are small. Even though it is a smaller school there is always events happening on campus.
I gave Mitchell Community College a 4 out of 5 starts because I've had my problems with the school but it is also a great school to go to.
This spring, I will graduate from Mitchell Community College with an Associates of Arts degree. Attending Mitchell gave me the opportunity to explore my interests, identify my academic passions, and really start planning what I want my life to look like post-college. Due to my time in community college, I feel particularly prepared and well suited for transferring to a new institution. I have had the chance to mature, gain a stronger sense of my opinions, and identify what I really want out of life--all while fulfilling my general education requirements. Being exposed to so many different students at different stages in their lives and careers has been an invaluable experience. Because of this, I know I will bring my own unique perspectives to my future classes.
Mitchell Community College has made the student community feel welcomed. The professors and staff at Mitchell make the students feel safe and has given the opportunity for students to have a voice. Starting at a community college before immediately going to a university after graduating high school may have been the best decision that I have ever made. Mitchell Community College has helped me realize who and what I want to be in the future. The professors are reasonable and help you reach the best of your ability. For that, I am thankful that I got to have my school experience at Mitchell Community College.
MCC goes above and beyond to help me resolve an issue that was preventing me from attending one of their classes. I had already paid for the class but in my error, I was dropped. SCC did not have to help me resolve this issue but they value what is best for their students.
With the help of the school administration, academic instructors, and an awesome academic advisor , the issue was resolved and I was able to participate in the program.
The campus is always clean and many of the teachers are helpful and kind. MCC is always improving the campus in little ways and they are constantly adding new classes.
I have been attending mitchell community college for about year now and it is a typical community college. There isn't a whole lot going on.
About what I expected from a community college. This school is substantially easier than my high school.
Good school but the professors lack communication to students.
Nursing instructors are not always nice or even professional.
The nursing program is extremely biased. They select who they will help succeed and who they will pick on to make quit, transfer or fail because of the unnecessary stress they place on the student.
Great school and is a great choice
Great. Everyone is there to help
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I love online better, I'm a single mom so I can do my homework when I'm free
Had a rough teacher last semester
It's new this year, smaller class sizes
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