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At Mitchell College I instantly felt welcomed. The stuff is amazing and always willing to help out when you need it.
I love the small classes. Professors are great. I love that they are always updating the school. New locker rooms, new sports fields coming, new drama building coming.
its a home away from home. they welcome me with open arms. right now being a incoming freshmen i really dont know what they need to change
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Great small college in a charming small town. Excellent teachers and students are well rounded and smart. Great place to invest in your education. lots of clubs and activities.
I love the private beach. I am in love with the campus appearance. It is so beautiful. The college has a Bentson Learning Center. This center can help me because the center helps people with disabilities with their classwork and grades. I have Autism so I know this can help me with my grades and classwork. Most importantly, this school is located in New London. New London is like another home to me. My grandfather's (from my mother side) people came from there. I am half Native American and I am from the Eastern Pequot Tribe. ftw
Academics are good, but a small campus for social life. Awesome location right on the beach. Small classes, one on one help from professors or tutors. In distnce to local areas and major casinos .
campus safety is very good at being there
they are willing to do anything for us.
alumni's come in and work at practice with us.
People are really nice. A lot to do.
not really involved in this.
Very thankful for the facilities and opportunities.
Mitchell College was the right choice for me.
It could be a lot better.
They could be better equipped and add a swimming pool.
This school has a very good ed program and i like the small class sizes.
The program itself is great, the school is very small
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There is a program for special needs students and sometimes they are put in classes which makes it slow pace
I love the environment and how i can get help anytime i need it
So far, my overall experience at school has been pretty great. As a freshman in college surrounded by people I don't know and doing work more advanced than high school, I'm getting the hang of things. I go to Mitchell College and it's a pretty small community which I like. It's easier to get to know people and I feel safer in a small group. The professors are nice and helpful when it comes to school work and answering questions. Also, because it's a small school, I've found my way around campus easily and haven't gotten lost... yet.
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