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Missouri Western State University Reviews

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Missouri Western is a great school and I'm so happy I chose to attend. The professors really care about the students, and there are so many resources for students as well. There are always fun social events happening on and off campus, and it's really easy to get involved. There are multiple organizations which make it easy to meet friends. There are also several job opportunities on campus. I really feel at home at Missouri Western.
Quiet. Party scene is mostly off campus hosted by the BSU. Dorms are crap, with Griffon and Scanlon falling apart with those being the newest dorms.
Love how open they are for helping students. The dorms are amazing and staff is always so helpful and they have so many workstudy options.
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did a college tour and the campus is AWESOME. The tour leaders were great and explained everything in great detail
My first semester classes were not scheduled correctly and due to being a first semester student there was no way I knew if they were right. They piled on classes I didn’t need and classes I should’ve waited to take in a year. I like the professors in the classes I’m taking, but feel I could’ve done better with different classes.
It has a smaller sized campus which is a plus for me. I like my option to be a commuter for my first year. Parents weekend was not worth the energy. It could be improved.
I like how Missouri Western State is an hour away from home, not too close, but also not too far away. I love how inexpensive it is to attend.
The campus is beautiful. The buildings that lectures are held in are in very clean shape with a modern look. There are always events going on, and something for everyone to enjoy.
The professors are all very hands-on and willing to help students succeed! I lost my mother while in school and everyone was very supportive in helping me to reach my goals!
The only thing I would like to see improved is more evenly distributed funding for the Fine Arts programs. Having a portion of the revenue from the new Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp is wonderful but additions to the building and more adequate space between Music and Art would be nice.
I love going to Missouri Western. It is a very laid back school with a lot of clubs and organizations to choose from to find out which ones are the best for you. If I could change anything I would let students be able to do laundry for free or be able to swipe their ID and add the charges to their student accounts.
I liked that the student were able to ride the bus for free and that they also provided bus maps to know where and the when the bus will be.
The school is a good school and I have good experience so far. I have good time learning and do not have too much stress.
Missouri Western is honestly the biggest small college you will go to. It has vast opportunities and activities, both academic and social, while keeping class sizes small. This allows you to become closer with your professors and fellow students.
Small school, good student to teacher class ratios. You are really able to get to know your professors. However, I find there to be a big difference between courses that are taught by different teachers. Obviously, all teachers have their unique aspects, but it should not be so that the material is totally different depending on the teacher, for the same course. I find some students end up having numerous assignments, while others in a different professor's class has hardly any assignments.
I am a freshman just finishing my second semester. I declared my English major and was welcomed with gusto by the department! Teachers really care.
Traditional University geared toward traditional student. Students are treated equally but not enough night courses or online courses for the non-traditional student.
Tuition through the dual-credit program was very manageable, but communication between the university, the students, and the high schools was definitely lacking.
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It was easy to apply and register and get financial aid. Everyone was very helpful. I like the campus it's not too spread out and close to the stadiums also.
Missouri Western State University is a good university. You have a lot of opportunities and a lot of great people to meet with a lot of new majors to detect . It's all about what you make it. The dorms and food are pretty bad but your there for one thing and that's education so it isn't that bad .
I love everything about Missouri Western State University I honestly did not think I could afford college. Missouri Western made that possible for me . I love how diverse the school is and how everyone has tons for school spirit. Missouri Western State University gave me chances I couldn't even dream about. I am the first chief justice of Student Government Association Missouri Western has ever seen and I couldn't have achieved this goal without the help and support of my fellow constituents at my school. I would love to see Missouri Western grow in enrollment that is a change I have been wanting to see. I hope I am chosen for this scholarship! Thanks for your time.
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