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Facilities are decent, campus itself is picturesque, however faculty and staff are, on the whole, snobbish, elitist, and generally seem too self-concerned to actively engage students in a productive way. If you're a fan of standard education (that is, lots of busy-work for standard degree(s) with varying job security), then you can certainly find what you're looking for here. If you think that this school, with a continually rising tuition thanks to needless (nearly forlorn) increases to funding for the football program, is a place to capture and older, truer sense of university education, however, be prepared to doggedly harass professors for any insight and generally fight an uphill battle (or simply find another school).
I think that they have a n amazing campus full of great opportunities and activities. Saint Joseph is a bright town with awesome shops, restaurants and atmosphere.
If you're looking to party or not show up to class, I wouldn't bother. If you're willing to walk a good distance to classes and are really here to get your degree, you aren't going to find anywhere cheaper really. Reslife has some issues but not for lack of trying. Most professors are very available and the school offers plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus. There are lots of opportunities for on campus jobs.
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Everyone I have spoken with has been very nice and friendly. They are very helpful with my schedule.
Missouri Western is a really great college. The professors are sociable and genuinely would like to see their students succeed. There is a tutoring center that's free to students and everyone there is always helpful in whatever subject you need.
Although I was skeptical at first, I thoroughly enjoy MoWo more than my last college. It's a fun and friendly little school, and all of the staff is incredibly helpful.
I attended Missouri Western State University during the fall semester of 2006. It is one of the most beautiful, green campuses in Missouri. Class sizes are small and the professors will gladly see students one-on-one. St. Joseph is a wonderful city with many things to do!
The campus as a whole is very welcoming. They give you several fun and free opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. The campus is just the right size to be able to walk anywhere in 10 minutes or less. There are several fun clubs and organizations to join on campus. The tuition is reasonably priced and the classes are challenging, but still give you enough free time to have a great college experience.
I liked that the professors were helpful. When I had a question or needed help they were very kind in helping by guiding me towards the right resources.
what I like about Missouri Western State University is there is a lot of resources and help that is on this campus. Also the jobs on campus is very helpful and works well with your class schedules. the only thing that I kind of dislike about the college is there isn't much for blacks to be involved in like clubs or if they do the cubs are unorganized.
Missouri Western is a great place to be at. Being an international student here is amazing. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly towards us!
Everyone was very helpful. The campus was really clean and I really enjoyed it. The class rooms were a good size, the food was AMAZING! I really liked the dorms because they were pretty decent sized and very clean.
Missouri Western is a great school for nursing and engineering majors. I am currently majoring in construction engineering technology. I will state that to be successful at this school it is important to get as much on the job experience as possible. Missouri Western has plenty of opportunities for internships and does a great job handling financial aid. I do not live on campus however from visiting the dorms I know they are very well kept. My friends say they are expensive and most will be moving out into apartments. If you plan on partying every weekend I would not suggest Missouri Western. I have witnessed a ton of people leave other colleges and come to Missouri Western because this college focuses on academics heavily. Missouri Western does have neighboring colleges that have many parties per semester. I met many people in my career field that are very successful and have many nurses in my family who have all went through Missouri Western.
Nice class sizes allow you to know your classmates. Great teachers willing to give extra help when needed. Free tutors and gyms are very nice.
Before I rip into this CRAP college, I will say that the scholarship opportunity they gave me was too good to pass up... that being said, I wish I were in a billion dollars of debt at ANY other school rather than on a full ride academic scholarship here. The city of St Joseph is disgusting. It smells bad here and has very limited opportunities to offer anyone, let alone 18 year old kids.
It's my second semester of my senior year and I am taking 13 credit hours, three of which are coming from a different university. I fought for three weeks w financial aid and the registrar’s office but STILL received an email alerting me that my meal card privileges and on-campus "money" would be suspended if I didn't respond to an email in three days. Three days! And I’m enrolled in 13 hours!
I have so many other things but I'm limiting my rant for now...
Missouri Western is a very unique place. With its 100% acceptance rate, you come across a plethora of individuals who aren't quite set on the college path, yet. I came to Missouri Western because they rewarded me decent scholarships in result of my good high school grades and ACT score, but better yet, Missouri Western's tuition is the 4th lowest in the state of Missouri (right below Northwest, Harris Stowe, and Missouri Southern). So far, all of my professors have been great at what they do. They are very informative, motivated, and supportive. Campus is small, but you can easily walk from the residence halls to the furthest building on campus in just 10 minutes. St. Joseph is a bit outdated, so I tend to stick to campus; it's not all that bad, there is always something to do on campus or in the residence halls, so just be creative. You can make the most of any college experience by putting yourself out there. Go Griffs!
Teachers really get to know you, and most of them care about your success! However like most anywhere you go there are a few teachers who don't care if you fail or not. The community is Great, you will always find a friend in class!!!
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This is my second year at this school and so far I've had great experiences academically and socially. The classes that I have taken so far have all been challenging, interesting, and extremely helpful in preparing me for nursing school (starting in fall 2017). Other than the one and only English class I took, (I got my first ever C in this class) I have really enjoyed the teaching styles at this school.
Last year, I was on the cheer team here which provided me with a great social life and lifelong friends. I loved being involved and getting to know other athletes. This year, with my classes getting harder and harder, I decided not to cheer. I still however have the amazing friends I had made last year and still feel involved with the school.
I like this institute because a lot of professors here are helpful and very nice. But overall study environment is low and it's a small college in a small town, not too much fun during spare time.
Missouri Western is a fantastic, low budget school with phenomenal faculty members and a beautiful, green campus. Not a day goes by that I'm not glad to be at this university.
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