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From my visiting the school, I can see that there is a lot of people who are willing to be invested in the school not only in academics but in sports, getting acquainted with everyone, and just overall having a good time.
Coming here was the best decision I ever made! It is a nice little university where students are people rather than numbers and the professors are able to have one on one will all their students outside of class. The atmosphere here is amazing! The only thing that this place could use is some remodeling on the older dorm/housing establishments to make the college look more presentable. Other than that, Missouri Valley College is the best place to go if you are an athlete or someone who is considering a fine arts major!
I love just about everything about the school. Education is definitely a number one at the school. Tutors are available when needed. Athletes are very well taken care of. We do community service at the school. I met great friends. Professors are very informative. it feels like a home away from home.
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Well my experience in Missouri was great for my first time being away from home. Don't think their are any changes to be made.
My experience at Missouri Valley College is awesome. Being an incoming freshman coming from Texas it was hard to do that transition. But when I stepped foot on campus and started going to class the professors helped me so much. The professors were convienent and available and guided me to become successful in they're class. The atmosphere is great, everyone is kind and sweet and always has a smile on they're face no matter what time of the day it was. All the activities on campus were so fun and the community is very involved and we help the community a lot. I even joined a church and the church came to pick me and my teammates up and they became my second parents from home & they also helped me when I became really sick. Even home sick. I rate Missouri Valley College beyond the stars. If you're looking for a small college town, quiet,loving, with awesome spirit Missouri Valley College is the college to go to! I love it!
Very small town, so if you are wanting to go to college to party, MO Valley isn't your choice. If you are going to college to get a degree, this is a pretty good college. The professors are always there for you and are able to work with you whenever is possible. The classes are small (less than 30) and almost everyone is either in a sport and/or from a different country, so it is highly diversed.
Small, some teachers care. Food is terrible most days, not much school support for sports. Not much to do in the area accept got to mcdonalds at 11pm. Party scene non existent.
I loved the size of the campus as well the friendliness as soon as you step foot campus. The admissions office made me feel welcome and enthused that I was interested in attending. The professors are incredibly accommodating and truly want their students to succeed. Being an athletics centered school the teachers are willing to work around those schedules. Even if you are not understanding the subject material teachers and faculty are understanding and willing to go out of their way to ensure that you do understand. Because it is a private college it is a bit more on the pricer side and that can be worrisome and stressful. The diversity on this small campus is truly incredible, we have people from all over the world attending and playing sports. The campus is a bit aged and therefore the dorms are as well unfortunately but the academic buildings are even older and it gives them an architecturally aged beauty.
M favorite part about Missouri Valley USB the size of the school. It's real small so you can really make that's connection with your professors and fellow students. The classes have about 20/25 students in them so you basically know everyone. And the teachers are so welcoming.
My experience here at moval has been great so far. I call it a very small school with very big opportunities. The diversity here at Missouri Valley is among the most that I have ever witnessed. The teachers and professors are serious about the education of every student here. The staff are very welcoming. They accept you for who you are and focuses their attention on helping students excell. The environment is healthy overall. I feel safe here for the most part. Of course negative things tend to happen but that's expected at almost any post-secondary establishment. Missouri Valley is also big on sports recruiting. This is a wonderful place to progress as an athlete and show competitiveness at the NAIA level. If you are on search for a small or private college in the Midwest, I would recommend Missouri Valley College to be one your top options to choose from. Valley Will Roll!
Missouri Valley College is a good college if you're looking for a more personal school. We're a private college that has roughly two-thousand students in attendance. The professors actually care about your success, and you're more than just a number. There are also a lot of things that you can do on campus. I would like to see the college update their athletic facilities, however. I also would like to see them pay for player packs of athletes like other colleges do.
So far I cant complain to much. I really enjoy the school. The best part about the school is the athletics. there are roughly 1500 students and 1300 of those students are athletes. The environment is really relaxing and I haven't met anyone I don't get along with. Missouri valley is overall a great place so far.
I love the school environment and class sizes, teachers usually know your names
Everyonce in awhile you see campus police drive around other than that i have not seen them.
class sizes are small, some teachers care and some do not. Courses are not widely expanded.
I am not really sure.
sharing showers are not the best but it is doable and living on the third floor is awful
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I am not in Greek but I would like to be and I think it would be very enjoyable.
For being a sports college alot of students are here because of sports scholorships our fan support is poor our school spirit is poor and not many people show up to the games.
For being a small town school it is pretty good, being unique every school has its tradtions for being a privete school I think some of the dorms and buildings could be updated.
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