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Missouri University of Science & Technology Reviews

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A good university with pretty meh surroundings. Don't come if an urban setting is a must for you; Rolla is a pretty small town.
I went to visit Missouri S&T and I had an amazing time. There were lots of opportunities for me to meet the staff and lots of information for me to learn inn one day but my tour guide summed it up for me. I got to see how everyone lived and how nice everyone was.
The campus was very pretty and the housing was very nice and well kept. The school also offers tons of opportunities to get involved with clubs and sports and it has many career opportunities to get you into the working world.
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Visiting the campus was an amazing experience. I feel that the institution fits me best as a prospective engineering student.
I'm a first year at Missouri S&T and I absolutely love it. I've met so many cool people here and this school isn't completely full of socially awkward like so many people stereotype it to be. All of the faculty here really want you to succeed and there seem to be endless opportunities to help you academically and with a search for career opportunities. There are so many resources to help you succeed and get you on the right path. In addition to this, there are a lot of clubs and activities to get involved with, whether you want a career oriented club like a design team or a club just to have fun, like swing dancing or rock climbing.
I've heard that it gets better when you become an upperclassman, but for those looking to start here instead of transferring in: BEWARE of weeding classes. Example: Nearly every major has to take general chemistry. There was one professor who taught 3 classes of 400 students per semester for that class. Atrocious. The highest class average grade for the quarterly tests was 48% and the lowest was 18%. This was not curved. Goodbye GPA dependent scholarships.
Missouri University of Science and Technology has one of the top ten engineering programs in the nation. The instructors are very knowledgable and want to ensure the success of the students once they have graduated from their program of study.
The university has done a fantastic job preparing the incoming freshmen. Professors have been available for questions and eager to help. Orientation was thorough. When starting school students are confident and prepared.
It is a great school where you can really learn a lot, and meet a lot of awesome people. The town is not awesome, but give it some time and you will grow to love it.
It is a difficult school but overall a very good school, the community is nice and helpful and I have had no issues so far unless they were my own fault.
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Missouri S&T is an excellent school. It gets a lot of flack for being a tough school, but it's not only hard, but it's also a really good school with great programs. The professors, TA's and other administrators will help you succeed and help you pass. The coursework is hard, but every student is given all the tools necessary to succeed here. The campus is really nice too! Small and easy to navigate, the campus is both cool and charming.
The campus is smaller but the degree programs are amazing and recognized nationally. I have loved my time there, and it's really easy to find a group that you fit in with.
I am a student-athlete and the professors are very accommodating for competition as well as the coach being accommodating for exams and internship opportunities.
I am currently an incoming freshman, but for the times that I have been down there, I have been talking to many of the students, professors, and locals about the town and the school itself. I have stayed in a fraternity house for a weekend and enjoyed every part of the town, school, and living space.
I went here my freshman year of college and transferred. Although the school offers great opportunities to the students who succeed there, I felt as though none of the teachers cared about their student's success. Freshman year the university tries to weed out their students through hard classes, where the majority of students fail out.
Very intense college that requires a lot of work and effort into your academics. Beautiful campus and so many different clubs to join.
I love this school. The years I have been here have been some of the best of my life. Despite there being hard spots and downhills and setbacks, I have made great friends, had good times, enjoyed new experiences, learned so much and become closer to my family. This campus has done a great job preparing me for adult society and joining the work force. Before I came, I had no idea what to do with my life. Now, I think I know what I want in my future.
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Very nice facilities, friendly staff, good location, good quality of education. Good for students who would like good education at a great relative cost.
MST has very good academics. I would like to see more diversity amongst the student body and food offered at Havener.
I think that the classes are really hard. However, Greek Life is really fun, and I am making some wonderful memories with my Fraternity Brothers. The campus facilities are also very helpful.
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