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Great school with diverse student life, tons of different clubs or groups or teams to join. Sports are a little lacking and the classes can definitely get stressful especially since some professors aren't the best at teaching but most professors are willing and ready to help you further if you attend their office hours. LEAD sessions are also available for most courses and their are a lot of student resources. A social life is also easily attainable here.
Great campus! Easy to navigate, friendly students, always something to do and an even balance of focus on studies and making sure we get out and take breaks to clear our head from all that studying! This is a great school for future great leaders in their field!
This university has an incredibly strong sense of community. It's a safe environment with strong academics. It's a fun and rewarding college to attend and I would highly recommend applying! Miners Dig Deeper!!!
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Everyone on campus makes you feel welcome. There are several student groups you can join. Because of the diversity of students, and the many groups, there are always activities happening on campus. The classes are challenging, but there are several outlets to get help if you are struggling in a class. The campus has a job fair twice a year. This job fair is geared specifically for their graduates and is a wonderful opportunity to find a career.
The professors are all very helpful and open to questions. The campus is very beautiful and easy to get around.
Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Missouri S&T thus far. There are many resources on campus that are available to assist in course work. I have taken advantage of the student success center, lead sessions, and PLC (physics learning center). These programs have had a tremendous impact on my academics. Missouri S&T also has great staff that is willing to help students in all ways possible. My teachers have always been available for one on one help with course work. There are also many organizations on campus, I believe that there is something for everyone at Missouri S&T.
I really like the school atmosphere at S&T. The one thing I would change is for there to be more parking available. I feel as though the school grew so fast in population that the parking was not able to keep up.
The academics at this school are superior, and there are plenty of tutoring resources, but they are lacking in quality. If one is looking to get involved on campus, there are academic design teams that are constantly working and having fun experience; If you attend here, i highly recommend joining one
Can't be beat as an engineering school if you live in Missouri. You'll be making the equivalent of 3 years tuition with engineers starting pay. It's in a red state, and the southern part of it as well, so unfortunately the campus is largely white males, but there is a spattering of other cultures, it has a decent Indian presence and many of the professors are middle eastern. It's a large party school if you're into that, especially around St. Pats. If you're more of a museum and indoor entertainment sort of person, the local area doesn't have much to offer. However if you enjoy nature, there are many awesome places to explore. The food is like, fine. Could be better but I'm grateful for what I'm given here. Dorms are expensive move off campus or into a greek house/CCF ASAP unless you want to try to be an RA.
It's a demanding school. I have ADD and have found , through trial and error that I can manage getting involved in up to 2 campus organizations outside of classwork before my grades begin suffering as a result. It's not uncommon for people to attend 5 to 6 years before graduating with a bachelor's degree, because engineering school isn't easy. There's not much variety with regards to campus dining and dining is located in remote sections of the campus. Students receive university email notifications every so often, 1 or 2 a semester, of female students that are sexually molested on and sometimes off campus in the Rolla area. The professors in higher up degree related classes are great and truly care about students. The gen ed professors for classes like Chem, Calc, Physics, etc range between awesome and couldn't care less about you. It just depends on the instructor you get.
I love everything about this school. The teachers are great and the students are amazing. The class sizes aren't terrible and the teachers are willing to work with you if you need help.
The professors at S&T really care about helping their students learn.
The students and professors are extremely accepting of people of different backgrounds.
Missouri S&T is conscious of drug safety and treats it seriously.
Difficult courses that will challenge you. Professors are always there to help.
School has the biggest career fair with the best companies. Employers know how good of a college this is and how prepared the students are for the job.
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
Lots of resources to use
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Some of the kindest people on campus
Lots of people who are all genuinely nice. Professors are good and care about student success.
Living in the dorms led me to meet some of my best friends that weren't even on my floor. The dining downstairs at TJ was great for lunch and dinner.
  • 7 months ago
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