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There is nothing to do in Rolla but, the school is good and St. Pat's is wild. Plus, the career fair is the best in the country.
Hidden treasure! Feel truly blessed my son is attending M S&T. My other son said I don't know why people state in Rolla there nothing to do... the college has great design teams and the alumni are incredible in support. You go to school to learn, get experience- design teams, internships, build relationships with professors and people with like minds, learning to work together to change the world. from Northern California... the home of the tech world.
Last year, I went to a summer camp at MS&T, and it was amazing! All the professors I had a chance to talk to were very nice and genuinely seemed to care about the students they taught. During this camp I had the opportunity to check out the campus and really get a feel for the college. I was pleasantly surprised! The food was pretty good, the dorms were great, and the students were friendly and helpful.
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The campus is quiet, the town is quiet, which helps because the academics are very challenging. The Career Fairs are very encouraging and the staff are helpful when it comes to career placement.
Missouri University of Science and Technology is a great school for many different types of majors or minors. The students are willing to work together to solve problems and get jobs done. They have hard work ethics and they are driven towards their cause. The campus has many options for food, as well as various places around town.
The school is very tough academically, but there are plenty of resources to help with student success. Employers recognize this fact, and hire students from this university very quickly. The university hosts the best job fair in the UM system and students from Mizzou come here for jobs. The residence halls are nice compared to other universities, I personally haven’t seen others, but my father said that just the TJ res hall was nicer than the regular dorms at UCM. I enjoy my time here, but it is a lot of work.
This school is one of the best to earn an engineering scholarship from. The school does a great job on preparing you for life after college. There are two amazing career fairs that the school hosts where a big majority of our students receive jobs, internships, or co-ops. I only wish there were a bit more to do around Rolla.
I am an incoming freshman and I am very excited to begin my experience here. I have heard that it is much easier to come out of the this school with a steady and stable job you will love.
Overall very good school. Academics are placed first and it's the way a school should be. The school is fairly cheap and has a lot offer.
Missouri S&T is a wonderful college. The professors are there to help you as much as possible and the L.E.A.D. sessions are extremely useful. There are so many different organizations and activities going on.
Great education, great campus activities, and great return on investment. Greek Life is awesome, but GDI is huge too. Be ready to study, but don't think we don't have fun because of it!
This schook is very challenging expensive for out of state unless you can get stellar grades all four years but its worth it given the reputation of the school and the job outlook for most of the majors.
I liked the education and difficulty level at Missouri S&T. It's very challenging and it pushes you hard. But the school makes sure you succeed. I would like to see the gender gap close a little at this school, however. There aren't a lot of girls at this school, which is sad, but the number is slowly growing with each year.
I love the people here and the supportive atmosphere. Yes, the classes are challenging. However, I know that an education from this school will take me far in life.
I appreciate the focus and aid that the teachers provide in advancing my education. I cannot, as of yet, find anything that I would change about the university.
Great school that will set you up for a successful career. Our career office is incredible and has numerous events that will put you in front if employers. Plenty of stuff to-do as well even for a small town.
It is a great and challenging school which will either help you learn or realize you may not be made of the right stuff for the area you've chosen. Most professors are willing to help to see you succeed.
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I went to visit the campus earlier this summer and was impressed by the amount of push their was on taking it easy as compared to what I'm used to which is study or fail. I am looking forward to going there should I get accepted.
Overall, it is a great school. The classes are difficult, but you will learn a lot. There is not a lot to do here, so the only reason you come is for school. The opportunities are great.
I visited S&T and I thought it was an amazing school. The people were really nice and the atmosphere felt really comforting. The campus overall was really nice but it is a little small. The food is good and pretty average for what you will find on a college campus. The housing options are okay. The student has the option of either living community style in an older building or living in apartment style living with three other students.
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