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Missouri State is overall a great school. They offer many undergraduate programs as well as master's. All around very nice faculty and great efforts from professors in teaching.
Huge campus that has a lot of fun and interesting students and teachers. Would recommend Missouri State University.
Overall not a bad school for undergrad but you could sleepwalk through some of the gen eds with how the teachers softball their course work. Little effort to keep students engaged or have challenging discussions.
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Classes were challenging, but not impossible. Great extracurricular activities. clean and beautiful campus. Many opportunities to meet new people.
I've really enjoyed my time at MSU, the online classes have been good and anyone that is considering Art or Design will have access to a lot of great teachers and facilities that are downtown and away from the main campus chaos. The free shuttles are very abundant and help you get around quickly. It can be difficult to get to classes that are far away from each other, so plan accordingly or you will be late.
MO State is an upcoming compeitive University that allows its students to get involved while feeling at home.
I love the variety of classes and majors in Missouri State University. They make an attempt to appeal to a wide variety of people. However, I would make parking more available throughout campus.
I loved the beautiful campus and there truly was a sense of community. I did not like the pressure to choose a major as soon as possible and finish in 4 years. I personally was not ready to choose a career and my adviser was not accepting of that. The parking is also terrible and other students do not keep the dorms clean.
The school pride the student body has is amazing. All of my professors have been very helpful. The campus is beautiful and the programs here are amazing.
what i like most about Missouri state university is that everyone here is genuinely nice. The professors care and always willing to help their students when they need it, the hall directors are always available to assist with whatever you may need, even the janitors and shuttle drivers care and are always smiling. i have felt like i belonged here since the day i toured campus, 2 years before i was actually a student here.
There is a great selection of online programs to take. The academic advisers work well with anyone who is coming in as new or as a transfer, like myself.
I like that it's a bigger university but doesn't feel like. There are many student organizations to join as well.
My experience with Missouri State University has been good. I like the class sizes and how buildings are easy to find for classes.
Missouri State is all about the students. The fact that they will do whatever they can to provide a quality education without stealing the student's money is everything. Even with the cut to funding, they are still making tuition and fees as low as possible. The atmosphere is great! The faculty and staff are all there to help us with anything and everything. The teachers all emphasize the fact that they WANT us to ask question's and meet with them when we are having trouble arendnd they all do so much t make sure everyone is comfortable with doing so. I had always heard amazing things about MSU and now that I am here, I can say that it is one of the best decisions I could possibly make for my education and career.
I love the Art and Design Department. It is the best you can get in Missouri for any college that is not solely an art college. Everything on the main campus is so close together too. Walking across campus is not a problem.
Missouri State is a very diverse and cultured campus, I love the people and my professors. The party scene does seem to be a bit out of control. But other than that I don't regret going here at all.
I love the atmosphere of this college! It's a big college but the organizations and professors help give it a more personal, small-college, feel. I love my school so much and I wouldn't want to anywhere else! The theatre department is amazing too!
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It is a beautiful campus where everything is easy to access. I am only a freshman and I already know where just about every department and building is located and my advisor made sure of that.
I've never seen so many people fully satisfied with their school before. MSU really feels like home!
I did not enjoy my time at Missouri State. However I do think that enjoyment varies greatly from person to person.

It's a very lovely campus with a lot of great amenities.

Academically, I would say it is just okay. I don't really feel like I learned a lot but what I did learn has stuck pretty well.

I majored in something that is highly valued in the current job market and am currently struggling to find employment, so I can only imagine it is even worse for someone with a "less valued" major.

My biggest problem is that I never felt like I belonged there. I even did everything that everyone always tells you to do to make friends in college - I joined several different student organizations, I left my dorm room door open, I went to campus events, and I still made it through college with very few friends. In my personal experience, the student population here is very unwelcoming.

Overall, I didn't like Missouri State but it definitely could have been worse.
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