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Beautiful campus with lots of opportunities to get involved. The professors are generally helpful and always willing to aid students with whatever they need. Campus manages to have a small community feel while still being diverse and interesting. The only challenging part of living on campus is finding a parking spot.
The best thing about MSU is the amazing sense of community. Everyone who attends this school is so open and there’s always something new and fun to do on campus.
They are so open and kind, I feel at home with them. Everyone is welcoming and will to help you out with whatever.
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I love the atmosphere at Missouri State University. It is very culturally diverse. I would like to see it offer a greater variety of majors.
Missouri State is a a very affordable school to attend, especially if you are a Missouri Resident. There are also plenty of opportunities to obtain gainful employment because there are many career fairs and things of that nature. The school isn’t very diverse at all, it’s pretty much white but it’s a place for everyone.
Missouri State University is large school with a small-community feel. The faculty genuinely care about your success, and there are limitless possibilities when it comes to extracurricular activities. Not to mention, it's much more affordable than comparable universities. I love my school and wouldn't have chosen to go anywhere else! GO BEARS!
Missouri State University offers the real college experience in a fun up and coming town. The facilities are amazing and I feel like I never need to leave campus.
Missouri State is an amazing school to attend. The campus is very pretty and while it is large the friendly faces make it seem small. It is a very diverse school with many different opportunities for several areas of study. They are in the process of redoing a couple of buildings and if they turn out anything like Glass Hall it should be great! The only thing I would change would be the way housing is chosen. I got assigned with random roommates my freshman year and it did not turn out so well. I still love the school though!
Missouri State University deserves five stars, maybe even six. I love it here! The people here including both students and professors welcome all with open arms. There's always so much to do and you'll never get bored!
My experience at Missouri State has been excellent thus far. The atmosphere on campus is including. They have three pillars, cultural competence, ethical leadership, and community engagement, that they abide by. They are receptive to comments and concerns and do what they can to change the university and improve it for the students, parents, and staff. They take feedback seriously and are attentive and engaged with the students.
I like how many activities their are and how nice everyone is. People always open the doors, talk to you in class and say thanks to the bus driver. I wish that they could improve their furniture in the sitting areas as they are all ripped up, even of in the student union.
I am currently a senior at Missouri State University and I have very much enjoyed my experience so far. The professors are amazing, the curriculum that is offered is great for the price, and the overall atmosphere on campus is amazing. It provides that big university feel without being overwhelmingly huge. It is a very inclusive atmosphere that provides many activities, clubs, organizations, etc. that attempt to engage students as much as possible during their time here.
Campus is going through construction, I can't wait to see the new buildings and apartments! Most teachers are very friendly and I've met many people here. I enjoyed the diverse community!
Missouri State University provides a plethora of opportunities to its students including recreational, pre-professional, and social activities. We have excellent staff who really care about the students as people, not as numbers. Missouri State University is the second largest university in Missouri, and it has been growing rapidly in recent years. I have loved living in Springfield for the past two years. There are so many opportunities on and off campus. I have also worked on campus for one year with some incredible people who love what they do. I couldn't BEAR being anywhere else!
Missouri State is great value for in-state students. You can attend for less than $50,000, therefor not going way too deep into debt. It's known for it's school of business and theater program. I went through their Media program with a emphasis on film production. While it may not be the top film school, It's definitely a more affordable option in which you still get a quality education.
Missouri State has a beautiful campus that truly has the ability to make you feel at home. The tuition is extremely reasonable for all that’s available. The faculty (for the most part) seem to genuinely care about their students and hope to see them succeed.
Amazing education and student experience for a very reasonable price! I came to MSU out of state for lower prices and better scholarships compared to my home state's tuition rates. I have no regrets!
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As a freshman I have already had a great experience. I joined the newspaper which was the best decision I made and from that have come to enjoy all of the aspects of the school. We have great students, teachers and athletics.
One of the best schools you can attend. The campus is like home and the staff and students are always involved. Academics are a strong part of this campus as well.
The campus was new but in an architectural style which is uninspired, mainly steel and glass. The sports teams are average to good. The local nightlife and restaurants will leave a person wanting.
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