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I love MSU. MSU is a great school and a great environment to be in. I also enjoy that everything is close to the school, especially, my family. I will greatly choose this school again if I had to choose a college to go to. I can't wait to adventure out into the world. There was a lot of things that I saw and experienced.
Missouri State is very accepting if you get involved. There are so many things to do on campus as well!
I loved absolutely everything! There is always something going on on campus to go to, and Missouri State offers so many free tools like the library and the rec center. I have met so many new people and made so many friends. My very first college semester couldn't have gone better. I was willing to put in the work, so my teachers were willing to help. Everywhere you look on campus, there are people from all different backgrounds. I've been to football games and hockey games and they were both so much fun, I can't wait to watch some other sports. I am so glad I chose Missouri State University and my life would be so different if I wouldn't have!
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Missouri State University is a place that takes students and shapes them into individuals that aspire to make change around them and excel in areas they are passionate about. It allows growth for each individual and provides countless academic options for each student and their interests. I have found clubs I am interested in that also allows me to get the first hand experience that is crucial when it comes time to find a career when my degree in finished. The staff at Missouri State University makes me feel safe and comfortable to express concerns and simply ask questions. I couldn't imagine myself at any other university and I will sad to leave when the time comes.
I love the diversity of the campus and the willingness to help that the professors all possess. Living in springfield has been a huge change but the people of the school make it really easy to not get lost.
Great school! Beautiful campus! Great teachers! I have had a wonderful experience here! I would recommend it to anyone. The college of business just got a remodel and is very up to date with technology. It includes multiple study rooms for groups to be able to work on group projects in which is wonderful!
This college allowed me the flexibility of being able to work full time and be a full time online student. The college is friendly and allows you to get the degree you want in the time you want to get in done in.
The atmosphere at Missouri State is exactly what I've been looking for. It is a casual environment with people who respect each other and have a great amount of pride for their school. The sports program is outstanding and greatly underrated.
I have not yet started attending Missouri State. I plan to start in the Fall 2019. When I did my first visit in March 2018, I was impressed with every aspect. I knew in just a little bit of time that this would be the college I wanted to attend. I was able to meet with the head of the music department and also got to play with the orchestra. I love the tight knit community and all the opportunities and clubs MSU has to offer.
I like how open the campus is. It is relatively easy to get around! All of the professors are super helpful and friendly and all my peers have been super encouraging and friendly as well.
I went on a tour of Missouri State and really liked the campus. However, I had a couple of meetings scheduled in regards to my major and both of them got cancelled without notice. The first one I had scheduled with was with an admissions advisor and he was out of town and the lady I met with instead didn’t seem to know much of anything. And the second was with someone specifically for my major. I arrived about 10 minutes early. Explained that I was a perspective student and where the email said my meeting was supposed to be held with no word of who it was supposed to be with. Confused they took me in there and someone would show up soon since I was early. Meeting time rolls around and someone else came in there and said there was a different scheduled meeting and had no clue what I was talking about. So if you want organization you should look elsewhere.
Missouri State University has been like a family from the very first day. Everyone here has pride in our university and supports each other, from sports to the amazing band that we have here.
Missouri State University is a great school. This should be high on anyone's list in Missouri if looking to further their education in at university.
I have not been enrolled as a student at Missouri State University, since I am only a Senior in High school. However, I have been on a college visit and spoken with students and professors at this school. The campus is very nice, it is not too big, but not too small. I also really like the bear bus they have that can pick you up and drop you off at designated locations, it is very handy. MSU has also made efforts for safety, which is something I am very happy about. I can't wait to start school at Missouri State University Fall of 2019!
Missouri State is a great college. It is in Southwest Missouri, so students from rural areas all around often come, but it is also not far from major cities like St. Louis. The tuition costs are the best around for a quality degree.
Missouri State is awesome to do online college through! I have been enrolled in a few MSU online classes and they are very easy to work with. The classes are made to help you learn. My friend attends school here and has helped me with rating the food and environment.
Missouri State is a very diverse school with students from all over the world. O have made friends with people from around the world and it has helped me appreciate other cultures as well as mine. One thing that can be improved is the spaces for parking. There are not enough spaces for students to park and it is sometimes stressful looking for somewhere to park.
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I enjoyed the friends I made and the memories created. The surrounding neighborhoods are not the best but it was still fun. The parties were crazy, the teachers were great and the rec center is amazing.
I love MSU because of the atmosphere, the education and the friendships that I've made here! The amount of attention to detail that professors have here and the material that is being taught is all material that is current and relevant not out dated.
I went to visit before I applied and the school wants you to be there! I got accepted this summer and will be attending Fall of 2019. The food is good, the criminology program is GREAT, dorms are really nice, and the campus is SO pretty! The school and school groups put together a very fun welcome weekend along with little fun stress reliever events during the year. This school is to help you get your education but also having a great time in college.
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