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Missouri State is great value for in-state students. You can attend for less than $50,000, therefor not going way too deep into debt. It's known for it's school of business and theater program. I went through their Media program with a emphasis on film production. While it may not be the top film school, It's definitely a more affordable option in which you still get a quality education.
Missouri State has a beautiful campus that truly has the ability to make you feel at home. The tuition is extremely reasonable for all that’s available. The faculty (for the most part) seem to genuinely care about their students and hope to see them succeed.
Amazing education and student experience for a very reasonable price! I came to MSU out of state for lower prices and better scholarships compared to my home state's tuition rates. I have no regrets!
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As a freshman I have already had a great experience. I joined the newspaper which was the best decision I made and from that have come to enjoy all of the aspects of the school. We have great students, teachers and athletics.
One of the best schools you can attend. The campus is like home and the staff and students are always involved. Academics are a strong part of this campus as well.
The campus was new but in an architectural style which is uninspired, mainly steel and glass. The sports teams are average to good. The local nightlife and restaurants will leave a person wanting.
I like how when a transfer student (like me) enters into Missouri State University, it is all about the education, degree, and the dream. Missouri State does everything they can to make the desire for the specific degree or program to come to life and make the dream a reality.
Missouri State University is a large university with a small university feel. Even in the larger lecture halls, there are resources so the education still feels individual. They truly want you to succeed.
The campus is so easy to navigate and the students and advisors are so friendly! I plan on attending in the fall of 2019! I have been there for multiple occasions stemming from Band Leadership Camp to FBLA State!
I have had phenomenal experience at Missouri State working on my Psychology Major. I have only had one Psychology professor that wasn't awesome and I think he was just burnt out and teaching and really needs to retire. The rest of the psychology staff I have had the pleasure of taking a course with were all helpful and concerned about the student achieving a good grade and actually understand the material. I have been extremely disappointed with the majority of the science course professors. I don't feel like they are really concerned with teaching the material on levels for all ranges of students whether they are taking the course for a major for for a minor.
I enjoyed my time at MSU very much! I experienced a wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds that I had not previously been exposed to and it truly helped me to grown and open my mind to world views.
I like Missouri State a lot. The campus, student life, and atmosphere of the school is everything I wanted when looking for a university. The classes aren't very hard and the tuition is affordable. If I could change something about this school, it would probably be the location. Springfield Missouri has a fair amount of crime, I've been broken into more than once. Other than that I give it five stars.
Missouri State's campus is gorgeous and not too big but not too small either. The professor's are helpful and the students are always willing to help as well.
I enjoyed the friendly environment and modern equipment which Missouri State University provided. I would like to see more programs for affordable dorm housing in exchange for work study hours.
The campus is wonderful, and the facilities are really nice! My favorite thing about the campus is that it is a 15 minute walk from each side of the campus. The student atmosphere is wonderful, and there really is a tight knit community that is built into everyday life.
Most of staff are friendly and helpful. Has a diverse campus and plenty of things to do. Love MSU!! Bear Up!!
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Some good professors, some terrible ones. Depends on the class. Good atmosphere. I like my advisor though she could have given me a better heads up about the load of my classes.
I have enjoyed my time at Missouri state university so far. My professors have been excellent. Really my only issue is with the safety of the campus. I don't feel like I can walk alone at night on campus.
The professors are knowledgeable and accessable, there are many interesting programs and lots of ways to get involved on campus and in the community.
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