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Missouri State University - West Plains Reviews

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I’m not a good learner online I prefer going in class but it’s different for everyone but so far my experience is average
Very helpful when it comes to homework very good student life and excellent resources such as the rec center the civics and the library, the professors are all willing to help you excel to earn your degree!!!
My experience at Missouri State was fun, but not the best. I enjoyed the people, the schedules, and being close to home. I didn't enjoy the professors who counted me absent in the classes when I was there every time, except for when I was sick or had to travel. Some others failed me in my classes for no reason, I did my homework, took notes, and payed attention. My outlook on Missouri State University - West Plains is, they have their favorites. If your last name is one they don't know, or if you haven't put money into their college, they won't do much to help you. I also applied for the financial aid, they told me they had it all taken care of and I would not have to pay a dime for my first and second semesters, I received a letter saying I had to pay all of the dues by a certain time. I contacted the college and let them know I received letter. They did nothing about it, after they told me it was all payed for.
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My online experience was average. I liked taking the online courses, but you needed access to a computer at least every other day. The classes were really fun, and helped me learn better. I would print off my homework, take it home, and do it when I had access to the internet when I had harder classes. the professors were fun to work with they would help you every chance they would get.
The professors and staff go out of their way to ensure that students receive the most out of their college experience.
The transition to online classes due to COVID-19 went a LOT smoother than I expected, with very few teachers stepping up and providing the same level of instruction as we received face-to-face.
I honestly feel like taking courses online is a lot easier than what most people make it out to be, but then again it all depends on who is taking it.
It could do better with teachers, but it can also do better with scheduling. I feel like it could be a lot more stable if they put more online.
MU-WP is a very good school for either an inexpensive associate's degree, a place to go for 2 years before moving on to a 4-year university, or simply to obtain college duel credit. The classes offered are enjoyable and relatively inexpensive to take. The campus itself is not the greatest when it comes to the housing, but the classrooms and other buildings are well maintained and up to date. Overall, it's a great campus for specific kinds of people. All I can recommend them to do is improve the housing somewhat.
The professors are generally speaking nice but the culture and the overall " feel" of the area I found not to be inviting especially if you were not born or grew up in this area.
Missouri State University - West Plains is a great campus with administrators and teachers that seem to truly care about their students. I was a student there for two semesters and did my duel credit classes through this campus while I was in high school. I would highly recommend other students to go to this university.
It’s an awesome school for people who still have lives outside of school and need to balance school life and work. It’s a nice size and has amazing professors.
Was nice for dual enrolling, but I would not have attended if I were to have graduated high school before attending. It is an inexpensive option, though! Most of the faculty is super nice, understanding, and will work with their students.
Missouri State West Plains has become my second home. Everything about being on campus and in classes is a great experience. The professors are very helpful and always strive to make sure we do our best. The campus itself is very homey and offers lots of places to study, hang out, and be social. It's programs are very well organized and orderly. The dorm life is very enjoyable, being a dorm student myself. I enjoy the study rooms and the room set up. I am proud to call myself a student here and would recommend all freshmen to start here.
I enjoy many of my professors from this school and have developed good relationships with a few for future references in academia. The level of rigor of the school isnt super hard but not super easy either. It is a good in between and starting school that I recommend people in my area especially attend the college to better not only their education but their lives and the quality of them.
The instructors are great. Staff are okay. Need more jobs on campus. Needs to not be a dry campus lol.
I'm a duel credit student here and frankly, it's not THAT bad. A lot of people say its not worth the money but my professors are all very engaging and nice and when I toured the campus I loved it. I don't plan on staying here, but really it's a good college. Diversity isn't huge here, but we're not a diverse community so that makes sense. As for the food? AMAZING. So many great choices.
And the campus and dorms are really great!
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Missouri State University- West Plains offers a wide array of degrees and fantastic professors to lead them. The advising corps is always fantastic and will do anything in their ability to help a student succeed. The campus encourages students to get on-campus jobs and the jobs are fantastic. The campus is relatively cheap and you cannot spend more money then you will make by getting a degree. The campus has a wide array of diversity from ethnicity to culture with students from all over the country and globe. The campus is well maintained by the grounds keeping staff. I have yet to have a professor who has not been willing to help me with any issues. The community is overwhelmingly supportive of the campus and it's students. The first week of campus is always full of amazing activities for students to take part of ans other activities are carried out through the semester. If you don't enjoy your time at this campus, you didn't properly immerse yourself.
Great Campus! The professors are all great and the help on campus is phenomenal. I recommend anyone looking to go to a two year school to attend here, the experiences have been nothing but great.
The people are very friendly and you can go into any building and they will help you find what you are looking for. The campus is absolutely beautiful. There are so many different people that you can meet, from all over the world.
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