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Missouri State University - West Plains Reviews

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Great Campus! The professors are all great and the help on campus is phenomenal. I recommend anyone looking to go to a two year school to attend here, the experiences have been nothing but great.
The people are very friendly and you can go into any building and they will help you find what you are looking for. The campus is absolutely beautiful. There are so many different people that you can meet, from all over the world.
Missouri State University- West Plains is an excellent college to attend for your first two years. I would recommend this college because of the cost of tuition and the dedicated staff and educators. The one thing I wish to change at the university there to be more classes offered and more activities or organizations for students to join.
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I have learned so much during my first semester at Missouri State University - West Plains. The professors want you to succeed and are helpful. All classes are within walking distance from the dorms. They have plenty of free fun events for the students. The dorms are comfortable. The food isn't the best but you get 20 meals a week on the meal plan. You get full advantage of using your A+ at Missouri State - West Plains and everything transfers to Missouri State in Springfield.
Missouri State - West Plains is an amazing school. I could not ask for better teachers or staff members. They truly focus on your success. I love the way the classes are small in quantity because it gives you more one on one time with the teacher. Most of the teachers will meet with you outside of class if you need help or just to sit with the teacher and do your homework. It is a great college and i would recommend it to anyone.
I love that all the professors are so caring and make sure that you are doing the best that you can and are always willing to help you succeed.
I received my Associates of Arts in General Studies through Missouri State West Plains. Overall, I'm satisfied with the education that I received, though I think there were several things the college could improve on. The campus severely lacked parking spaces. If you didn't arrive ridiculously early, or you had an afternoon class, you were not going to find a spot to park. The teachers, while some were excellent, seemed uninterested in what they were doing and made no effort to communicate with their students. Other teachers refused to stay on topic, which is fine when your tests are based on books and coursework, but not good if they gave tests specifically on lectures, and didn't actually give the lecture. It's a good school for kids fresh out of high school, like I was, but I will not be returning here to pursue my Bachelor's degree.
the on site classes and teachers are great. the online classes are pretty good also. overall its an awesome school to go to.
The years that I have been at MSU West Plains have been great. The instructors and staff are there for you and will help you whenever you need it.
Boring. All there is on campus is basketball or volleyball related. The athletes even get special treatment. Nice and cozy with small class sizes, but not fun at all.
I loved visiting MSU-West Plains. I liked the small campus feel. I am looking at attending a smaller school because there is more one on one with the teacher and student. One thing that I would like to see change at the school is for there to be more to do for the students. Maybe something like a student union center.
It's okay so far l, it has been only the first week of college so there's going to be more expectations and more challenging things to overcome so I'll have to see.
They are great. They're not bad.
The professors I have are wonderful. They show that they love what they do and they embrace it! I love how they get into it like someone would get into character on a movie or television show.
They have a lot of degrees you can get in this school but for me personally they have nothing here I want I'm just trying to get my general studies out of the way.
The certain subjects would depend like the math I'm taking right now I already know how to do I'm a little disappointed that I'm not in college algebra because I did all the requirements in high school and my plan was to do college algebra and now I'm not in it
So far I am enrolled in the university and I have to say it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The teachers know what they're doing and they get involved with the subject and are very articulate
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The class sizes are small making for a very intimate feel in the classes. The teachers all seem very much for the students. They all want the best for their students and it shows
Their is a program offered that allows students to travel to China for a semester for extremely cheap. This is such a great opportunity because I'm hoping to acquire a degree that will involve traveling. The experience will really help my chances.
Workload is heavy but appropriate.
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