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This school has very good science and fine arts departments. Most all of the teachers are super friendly and work with each student individually to help them achieve success.
MoBap is an excellent place to attend college if you're looking for a private Christian school. However, MoBap is not that affordable for me. Tuition costs about $13-14k a SEMESTER. However, the students are friendly and warm. A benefit of MoBap is that they have more than one location, and on their main campus, they have a coffee shop. Professors are amazing at what they do, but other resources like Records, Public Safety, and Financial Aid are not so great. Public Safety loves to ticket cars, regardless what your excuse is. Records Office doesn't really have a clue how to run things, and the Financial Aid Office does nothing in your best interest to help you get any sort of aid to help pay for tuition. Because the campus is extremely nice and landscaped, and the professors and students are more than kind, and there are dorms and brand new apartments on campus, I'd give MoBap a 4/5.
Professors are very personable, small class sizes, and a family atmosphere. Everyone works together to make sure each student has an individualized education and succeeds.
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Missouri Baptist University is a wonderful institution with caring, hands-on professors! There are many tools provided to be successful in your studies, and the professors are willing to help anyone that is struggling. This university provides good quality education and sets students up for success upon graduation!
Missouri Baptist University is beautiful campus! The campus feels new a modern. The students and faculty are very friendly! The professors care about their students and how they do in their classes.
The teachers really care about your education at Missouri Baptist University. There are always multiple people ready to help if you ever have concerns about academics, technology, financial aid, and more.
I like that the professors really care about the students and are very kind to each and every student. When I am struggling in a class, the professor is not afraid to help me out when asked, even when I am not easy to help. The people here are also very real. It is easy to get involved and meet new people.
I absolutely love Missouri Baptist. It is the perfect school for me. The students here are so nice. The teachers and staff here are so nice and helpful. There are always different activities going on to get involved in. It's overall just really great. The only thing I don't like is the cost.
I was a commuter to the college, because of this i had to park in a parking lot furthest away from the buildings. Its about a 5-10 minute walk. Professors are not difficult to talk to and the amount of work is well balanced.
I love how it is obvious that MBU is a Christ-centered environment. However, I did have a few problems with professors giving the students access to a homework assignment in a timely fashion. Overall great school.
I like the small class sizes. It allows one to gain more one on one with the professor. Also, I like the people that go to the school. All of the people are extremely polite and caring.
I enjoyed the small campus feel because it felt like a community, and that we bonded like a family. Also, I like the fact that it was a private school, so the students were very secured, and there athletics were top notch for NAIA division.
Missouri Baptist University is the best college there can be. There is nothing that could disappoint anyone on this campus. The day I toured it I knew that is where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. This place is the best!
Missouri Baptist University is a great school. The staff and professors are always willing to assist you with whatever you need. The president and his wife are involved in all aspects of the school, and are available anytime you may need them. The campus is small, but full of activity.
Missouri Baptist University provides an academically-stimulating, warm-welcoming, Christian based learning environment where students encompass the ability to express themselves and grow as individuals. At Missouri Baptist University, I am surrounded by great people, including students and professors, and have come across great educational opportunities. I would recommend Missouri Baptist University to prospective Christian or non-Christian students who are looking to expand their education in an encouraging, inspiring environment.
I love the environment and the professors in my field. I appreciate and admire their expertise and knowledge. In general, the people at MBU are caring, and as a student, I receive a much more personal education. Also the Christian ministry and Christian community on campus is welcoming and a real blessing. I have certainly grown here.
Missouri Baptist University is friendly and inviting for college students. The instructors are very friendly and willing to help students succeed as much as possible. Instructors are very knowledgeable about the material they are teaching and genuinely care about the success of their students. Overall, great college and great experience.
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I love Missouri Baptist University. Very friendly atmosphere. Professors are great and caring. Staff here, other than professors, are also great. Coaches are so caring and teammates are excellent. Well deserved 5 stars from me.
I love MoBap. It's a college with an intimate academic atmosphere, professors who care and will go out of their way to help a student succeed, and countless opportunities to grow and excel in a wide variety of aspects of life.
The professors are great, most seem to care genuinely about the success of their students. Some of the courses such as survey of computing are outdated and unneeded in the world today.
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