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Mississippi Valley State University Reviews

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They are a very good school. With good teachers and nice and friendly kids on campus. They really care about their students here .
I love the admission recruiters. I feel so comforable and connected to the university. I feel like I fix in and I belong to Mississippi Valley State University.
It’s friendly.! It’s very sociable.! And what I like to see change.! Is better food and kids need something to do.!
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Mississippi valley state university has gave me an excellent experience that has allowed me to achieve great opportunities.
MVSU is the place to be. The campus is absolutely beautiful and it has so much to offer. The students consist of a diverse culoof people. The campus offers many organizations to become a part of, The staff is very accommodating and the cost is within range of other colleges
I am a student now at Mississippi Valley State University. The campus life is great. I’ve never had any problems while attending the university. The professors are very helpful in any way. There personalities are very uplifting.
I love that the University has small class sizes. Students have a better interaction with professors. I'd really like the school's cafeteria to upgrade though.
My first experience at the Mississippi Valley State University was an great experience. The professor make sure you understand everything they’re going over and makes sure you have it before you leave the class. The professor can be strict sometimes but you just got to go in there and handle your business and get out.
Mississippi Valley State University offers many academic opportunities despite it being located in a rural area. However, there are many improvements that are necessary to make the campus function more efficiently. (Buildings, Faculty, Communication between departments,etc.)
Overall, Mississippi Valley State is a great school. The classes are small, so that helps students and professors relationships grow. The people are very nice and helpful. The only change would be the dorms and the living conditions for the students. The food is good on most days, and the other days it could be better. They always insure that the students are safe before anything. They have very nice southern hospitality. The classes aren't designed for you to fail and the faculty will always make sure you're ahead and in class on time.
What I love about Mississippi Valley State University are the academic courses that they offer. The teaches are willing to work with you any time you do not understand something. One thing that I do not like are some of the dorms and their condition. Some dorms are not clean have dirty walls and just do not look presentable.
As an Alumni, Mississippi Valley provided me opportunity to be in a diverse yet close net social and educational environment that is conducive to exceptional teaching. My overall experience was great. I earned my degree in psychology and went on to pursue a masters in Educational psychology. I was encouraged by the professors to continue my education. They were willing to work with the students whatever the task may be,that gave me confidence. After graduating , I was able to obtain a job in my chosen field in less than 3 months. The campus is located in the delta, therefore it is a lot of space to roam and enjoy. Mississippi Valley has great band that are known for classical and showmanship. It is one of the youngest historically black
colleges in Mississippi.
Well I'm still a student currently, but everything is pretty good just the food is not too decent for most people. I recommend this school because it's affordable and it does not have a huge student capacity which is good for only one reason: being too crowded in classroom and also it's more peaceful. The thing about lack of students is lack of activities people may be interested in and which makes it kind of dull. The main is that we have a local college where there not much people in the city which makes it easier to drive, the only problem there are a lack of stores on campus and off campus so student could have a wider variety on what they want. These are my thoughts as an existing student there.
Everything is good. The environment is boring but thats because the school is located inthe country. Athletics at MVSU is something that you would want to be apart of simply because it’ll make your experience much better. Academic wise the teachers are here willing to help you pass and find what you want to do in life. Overall college i about how you look at it, it is also a good thing to get away from home and see what the world has to offer thats one of my reasons for coming to this school.
The teachers in the math depatment and the education department are very nice professor who help the students succeed
As a student of Mississippi Valley State University I like how diversified the Institution is. There is so many different types of races here. I also like the faculty and staff. They is always on stand by to help or Aid you.
I really like the amount of support you get from the professors and staff. They want you to succeed and in doing so they help you set up the best plan for you. The people are friendly and welcoming. The sports here have quite a rank in SWAC accomplishments, especially the softball. Overall it's a great atmosphere to succeed in school.
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It really is a home away from home. U might get homesick, but there are many other activities to support your boredom. Classes are about communication between you and the professors. Trust me, there are tutors that are willing to help you. A closed mouth don't get feed.
My time here at the valley was pretty good. Campus is very small so there isn't much to do. However, if you want go to a college with the least amount of distraction, then valley is the place for you. Valley is very small. Everything is right around you. The dorms are not the best. The teacher on campus are unrelenting. Some of them would pile work on top of work and expect you to finish at a specific date. There are friendly teachers here on campus that would want to help you in every way possible on becoming the best of the best. There are also some teachers that'll just pass you with ease.
Mississippi Valley State University is an outstanding school. You will get the one on one attention need. The teacher to student ratio is awesome. Everyone is so nice. The environment is very cozy and it gives you that since of home. The staff is nice. The students are respectful and friendly. The atomosphere overall is loving. Everyone looks out for on another. You will make lots of new friends. The campus is a nice size. Not too big but not too small, Just right. Game night and homecoming are very exciting times. Thats when you get to see the professors and student relax and have a lot of fun as the watch the football teams and bands battle for the win. I would recommend Mississippi Valley State University to everyone.
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