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The school has some of the greatest teachers and staff. Its a nice environment, the school comes together as a family. if you don't understand something its always a way to get help
My experience at MVSU was fun and step towards me building a future for myself. The teacher's where role models and go out there way to help their students. They recognize your hard work. What I will change is the cafeteria and dorms room.
I've felt very welcomed my first year attending. The environment was very nice. I plan to attend in the fall.
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Being an international student, experience so far has been amazing. Everybody, students and teachers, are extremely helpful in every problem
I love Mississippi Valley State University! My major is computer science and they had a great program this past summer. Once i came to school in the fall they gave me a scholarship. There is tutoring for almost everything and they are always willing to help you exceed in the classrooms.
I'm blessed to be in such College where all the teachers, professors, and instructors are helpful in every way I need.
It's a small university but everyone is family there. It's like going to a black family cookout everyday. Academic are good the teachers are there when you need them.
If you want a small, simple or quiet life, then you might want to consider Valley. Located is a small rural area, the institution gives you the opportunity to discover your inner self. But that discovery will also be made over eating terrible cafeteria food XD. The financial aid office is filled with amateurs and rude people. The school as an entity is below standard but the Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences department there is awesome!!!
It was a great experience and a challenging live on the fact that we live in dorms and no place to go when school closed
Great School! And there are so many events and activities to attend. But if you are the type that likes to be alone,no worries (the library is the best place)
I would like to go to this college because I have experienced all or most of my family members going their. What I like about this college is that they have al ot of things in stores for me and and my family.
Mississippi Valley State University is a very close-knit type of university. It's one of the smaller colleges in the Delta. Most professors look out for their students and make sure that they are understanding the classes. Some innovations could be made to the laundry room, and the cafeteria food. The new gym has several new innovations with a great weight room. Some of the staff comes off as rude (i.e.: financial aid office). If you are looking for a small university to attend but still be exposed to new things, Mississippi Valley State University is the place to be.
The experience here at MVSU is great, I am a college athlete and I have a G.P.A. of 3.43. As a school I feel as if we need more resources and I am a junior without any financial aid help except FASFA.
Valley is a great school both socially and academically. The professors are very friendly and willing to help in any way to help you to receive your degree. There are always things to on campus as well. The weather is always god as it only gets cold around winter time.
I'm a fan supporter for my college. Let's go Delta Devils!!
Mississipi Valley State University is my wonderful school, it is an honor for me to attend this college. When ever I had a problem/problems pertaining to school I would go to my advisor to talk and resolve different issues. I felt as if I was talking to my parents and that meant a lot to me in making a decision/decisions.
I love all of my courses. My smallest class is 12.
Review Mississippi Valley State University
Everyone wants you to succeed.
The campus police are always riding around.
In my dorm, someone cleans like every two days.
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