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I love everything about Mississippi State, there are some really good people here. The environment is nice, you wouldn't have to worry about no problems here on campus. I wouldn't change nothing about it, I mean why would I . The scenery is ecstatic !
I honestly never thought I would be a bulldog. This school is always active and there is always something to do. This school will make you earn your degree; it's not given. The only issue is that a couple of dorms could really use some help. I do not understand how students can live in Rice and I wish State had more scholarships but they do give a lot of them.
I rate this College 5 stars all the way. My home away from home, MSU is most definitely my first college choice when I graduate from high school.
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this college is definitely homie. everyone is nice, the teachers are great and the food is to die for.
Some majors are more important than others, so there isn't equal respect between professors and students.
Mississippi State is an amazing place to be. The people are incredible. Everyone wants to see you succeed and will work with you to get there. Starkville and the surrounding areas gives Mississippi state it's unique character. The university is engaged with the community and vice versa.
I love Mississippi State University. Everything about the college is extremely nice. The campus, facilities, dorms, teachers, all of it. The city of Starkville is small but fun. It is easy to meet people and the citizens are very nice. The only thing that is not so great about it is nothing. There is not a single thing wrong with this college. The football stadium is great and the atmosphere is amazing.
I like everything about State! I love how they treat freshmen! But I don't like the parking. It's awful and you overpay for a parking pass and there is not where to park.
It is an amazing school. Pretty small town but you will get used to it. It is also a pretty diverse college. People from all over the country come here and even out the country. On campus dorms as of late compare to housing off campus so that also is a plus. The cafeteria is pretty good. There serve breakfast, lunch, dinner all day. They also have restaurants on campus like Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express and Pizza Hut
It is the perfect college campus. School spirit is the best. Campus life is great. Really good student to faculty ratio. Campus is clean and friendly. There is a high level of involvement from everyone on campus.
Mississippi State University is a great school of diversity, but could be changed in many ways. There are organizations on campus that could use a little more color to make minorities feel wanted on campus. Many may think this is not an issue, but I'm a minority and I actually feel this way.
I love the campus. They have a beautiful campus. The teachers are wonderful and the facilities are great! fhwoejbapigpeuhwagdath
I have visited Mississippi State University many times. They always have students and faculty there to help. When I talked to the professors, they amused my decision to attend Mississippi State University more. From what I have researched, the overall campus and academics are extremely impressive.
It is a really good College. the only issue I have with the college is the availability of scholarships for international students. The teachers I have met have been very nice and willing to help. Though I am still a freshman, I know that I can grow and excel in such a school environment. I am originally from Nigeria and my experience in the College has been a great one.
Since coming to MSU in 2014, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. One of my favorite things about this university is the atmosphere on the day before and on game days during football season. It is so energetic and it just gives you this sense of community. Everyone is so friendly on and off campus. All of the professors that I have had so far are extremely helpful and qualified. Something that I would like to see change though is more activities to do on the weekends. Besides eating and throwing and/or going to parties, our choice of activities are pretty limited. Overall, MSU is a great place to go to college. It is full of opportunities and I am very thankful that I decided to go here. It's going to be a sad day whenever I have to part from this place.
Transferring from a community college to Mississippi State was challenging. However, I loved the environment where teachers expected the best from us and were willing to assist whenever needed. I love MyState. It's a great school and I am proud to be a student.
I absolutely love Mississippi State University!!! Best decision of my life!!! I love that the university has traditional cowbells at every home game. President Keemun is by far the best university president I have ever met. He is so approachable and so friendly. The food is great as well.
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Mississippi State was not my first choice but I am so glad I chose this school. It has given me the best experience so far. The teachers are always willing to help, there is plenty of access for food, the school is involved in sports, the campus is beautiful, and you'll always find yourself having fun, if you look for it!
Mississippi State University is an exceptional school. They offer many different majors spread out around beautiful landscaping. The people show great hospitality and the teachers want you to be the best leaders in America. I encourage everyone to educate themselves with the professors that only MSU can offer.
Could have more study programs and make books cheaper since we have to pay for everything else. Teachers need to give out more extra credit and chances for bonus point, school events and activities should be cheaper or at least free because tuition isn't cheap.
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