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The College of Education is fantastic. I has wonderful professors and feel prepared to start my teaching career. Wonderful atmosphere!
For being a student who chose to go straight from high school to a four-year university, the transition was not hard. The school makes it easy for students to get involved, make new friends EVERYDAY, and also opens opportunities for students everyday.
Great campus and diverse social community. Challenging classes with knowledgeable faculty. Safe and welcoming atmosphere. Great dining options. Safe walking campus. Sports programs are top notch.
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Mississippi State University is a wonderful institution. Faculty and staff are amazing. The academics can be difficult however it can be worked out. I love the student's drive and energy to continue to put forth their best effort into their coursework. There's no other place I rather be than at MSU.
Mississippi State is a great school! My recommendation: make friends early and get involved! Not everyone has to go "Greek", but do get involved in some of the other clubs offered! My experience has been great so far!
Mississippi State is definitely the perfect college for me. I have been a State fan for my entire life, and it is a wonderful and life-changing experience. I’ll definitely reccommend my friends to come here.
Mississippi State is such a wonderful place, and I could not have chosen a better school. The teachers are really helpful and interested in seeing their students succeed, and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. I would absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone.
A very diverse college atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. Along with a great learning environment Mississippi State is a wonderful place to spend your college career.
I think that Mississippi University has a great Nursing Program and has everything you need, and like if you love athletics, or academics.
I love everything about MSU. Coming from a small high school forced a small social life. At MSU I’m able to go out and get involved. I love the whole idea of being a full time college student.
Mississippi State University is one of the best schools around! The educators are dedicated to helping the students reach their goals. The curriculum was rigorous, and I really feel prepared on my job. The campus is beautiful and the football games are very lively! Overall, I love Mississippi State University!
The Mississippi State experience is unlike any other. Everyone here is like family and it's a great atmosphere for pretty much every backround.
Mississippi State University is by far one of the best college I have encountered. I love their environment and the overall vibe the campus gives off. The people there are always friendly and they are always smiling. It is also a diverse group of people which makes the experience there even better. The campus itself is huge and spacious. Its beautiful architecture of the many different buildings there is always a site to see. One of the most important things I love about Mississippi State is all of their different fields for engineering. Also, I love all of their athletic fields especially softball since I plan to play there one day.
Mississippi State University is very welcoming to freshmen. It has plenty of opportunities to get involved, great student services, a large variety of interesting and educational classes, and generally caring professors. However, it could use more cafeterias and slightly better food.
Mississippi State is truly the home away from home. It has given me memories that can last a lifetime and an education I am so thankful for. No matter where you come from, MSU always has a place for everyone and clubs and activities to ensure everyone has the best experience.
I love the people! Faculty, staff, and students are all so friendly!
The only thing that I think could change is parking. It's not efficient at all.
I am an upcoming freshman at Mississippi State University and from orientation, the fall tour, and the academic insight I have learned that you are treated like family. Everyone will try to talk to you and help you out with what ever you need. I have talked to some of the professors and they are extremely nice and will spend their time to help you as long as you help them by completing their work and studying!!!
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Mississippi State is a welcoming university. They have students from all over the world. The community is helpful and welcoming. The older dorms need some updates but are very economical. The professors and administration care about the success of their students and make study groups available.
My first Year at Mississippi State was a good year. While Starkville might not have a lot to do, the Campus itself is almost never boring. You can walk around and see the impressive buildings, go hang with friends on the Drill field, go Cheer on your bulldogs in Football, Basketball (what streak UCONN?), Baseball, etc. Cowbells are always welcome!
Mississippi State University is very welcoming and friendly! Starkville is a great location for anyone looking for a warm, family-like small town!
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