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After taking summer courses at the college, I am very happy to say it was a great experience. They layout of the campus is beautiful and the new dorms are a great addition to the campus.
I attended Mississippi State University as a freshman. Although it was a little overwhelming to go from a graduating class of 34 to big classes, I adjusted very well. In fact, I can truly say that attending MSU was the right choice for me. I made many new friends, got involved in many activities, and learned a lot from my classes. I recommend MSU to any high school graduate or transferring junior college student. Go DAWGS!
I absolutely love Mississippi State! It's a wonderful college to attend. I'm a Finance major and it takes a lot of hard work and deducation. There are so many opportunities and organizations available here. I'm currently in an organization called IDEAL women and it's full of phenomenal women. This campus is full of life and we're always looking for someone new to be apart of th bulldog family! Go bulldogs!
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Mississippi State is the best school in the south. All the people are extremely nice and friendly. Most of the buildings are very nice, one or two need to be remodeled. Overall, there isn't anything major I would complain about.
Mississippi State is a fantastic school. I would say they do put a little more into the athletics than they do students. For instance, they expect students to donate to the athletic fund and move their cars during athletic events to make room for the visitors. Overall, I love attending here!
I love Mississippi State University because of all the love and support a student can get from everyone there. There are many resources for students to go to. All professors, advisers, and counselors are available daily. The campus itself is so gorgeous and well taken care of. In my 2 years of being there, I can officially call MSU my home where I am safe and loved.
Mississippi State has a beautiful campus and a wonderful staff. The only downside I would have to say is the staff is not very knowledgeable on procedures for other departments. It can seem like a treasure hunt to get the information you need sometimes.
the campus is beautiful and the student life is absolutely fantastic. there is no shortage of extracurricular activties.
Mississippi State University is clearly the best university in the state of Mississippi. The relationship you will make with people from different races and cultures will be memorable for a lifetime. The only thing I would say Mississippi State University should change is the cost of attendance. LOL!!!
Great school im glad i made the decision to enroll here. The campus is really big which is a plus because you have a lot to do.
MSU has some of the best administration and their faculty and staff are always willing to help students with their plans for the future. I would suggest any of their campus locations for any student that wants a truly quality education.
I had a hard time adjusting at MSU, but now that I am older and more integrated into the community, I enjoy it. It is not a lively campus, and is a difficult place to just happen upon friends. The smoking ban is a bust.
I love everything about Mississippi State, there are some really good people here. The environment is nice, you wouldn't have to worry about no problems here on campus. I wouldn't change nothing about it, I mean why would I . The scenery is ecstatic !
I honestly never thought I would be a bulldog. This school is always active and there is always something to do. This school will make you earn your degree; it's not given. The only issue is that a couple of dorms could really use some help. I do not understand how students can live in Rice and I wish State had more scholarships but they do give a lot of them.
I rate this College 5 stars all the way. My home away from home, MSU is most definitely my first college choice when I graduate from high school.
this college is definitely homie. everyone is nice, the teachers are great and the food is to die for.
Some majors are more important than others, so there isn't equal respect between professors and students.
Review Mississippi State University
Mississippi State is an amazing place to be. The people are incredible. Everyone wants to see you succeed and will work with you to get there. Starkville and the surrounding areas gives Mississippi state it's unique character. The university is engaged with the community and vice versa.
I love Mississippi State University. Everything about the college is extremely nice. The campus, facilities, dorms, teachers, all of it. The city of Starkville is small but fun. It is easy to meet people and the citizens are very nice. The only thing that is not so great about it is nothing. There is not a single thing wrong with this college. The football stadium is great and the atmosphere is amazing.
I like everything about State! I love how they treat freshmen! But I don't like the parking. It's awful and you overpay for a parking pass and there is not where to park.
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