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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College was an excellent community college that really helps students in succeeding in their goals. Very helpful teachers and learning lab facility staff that assists students in their studies, and are available around the clock via email. Only problem that one will encounter is with the Canvas website programming and downage times.
I have toured this school & it was the perfect experience. The staff made me feel at home. I felt like that was where I needed to be. Everything was what I expected. I love the campus & environment.
I love the amount of Freedom I have on campus without being overwhelmed like I would at a university. There are plenty of friendly faces, and there's always activities going on that I enjoy
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I love Mississippi Gulf Coast in Perkinston, Ms. I recently transferred from Mississippi College, MGC is much more affordable and classes offered are light work. MGC has great athletic programs. Two things I would change is the dinning plan and including a teach and field team. Other than that, the campus is beautiful!!!
I like the flexible schedules and I love the instructors. They help teach you while allowing you to think freely outside of the box, and the staff is very friendly.
For being my first year of college, my experience was amazing. The teachers at MGCCC are one of the best in the community college's world to me.
I love that MGCCC's professors are very hands on. They make sure that each student understands the material. The professors even make students feel comfortable to come and talk to them about anything. The learning lab on campus benefits me tremendously. The staff there is always friendly and respectful. The librarians are the best at helping with research papers. The cafeteria is very poor. Most of the time the food is very poor. Luckily, Perkinston is close by Wiggins and Gulfport to give one more food options. The student center can have more things to do for students on their off time. Andrews dorm can us various of updates. MGCCC can use more parking spaces for those who live on campus. MGCCC can also use for student activities, clubs, and scholarship opportunities.
We have no sports team at the JC location. I would like it if there was a sports team here and more things to do on campus at the JC (Gautier) location, like there is at the JD location.
It was a great school. It was a great place to meet new people. You meet alot of new people that will become lifelong friends. The professors are very knowledgeable and it's a very safe campus.
MGCCC is a wonderful starting place to begin anyone's college experience. The staff is extremely kind and helpful, and the teachers are amazing. Due to classes being smaller in student numbers, those who attend can truly connect with their professors and this creates a great atmosphere for learning. There are a wide selection of courses and a variety of degrees. As a bonus, the Jackson County campus even has an obstacle course and kayaking open to students.
Hospitality is really good. There are helpful employees. The teachers are excellent, and they truly aim to help students succeed!
I love Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College; the professors are amazing and they are always there for their students. I feel very safe attending MGCCC because they have a campus police department; who is always there. MGCCC goes the extra mile to get their students involve with the campus. MGCCC does not just offer full semester classes but they also offer half semester classes, weekend classes night classes, and many more options. The food is AMAZING! I would recommend MGCCC to anybody because it is a great school.
Awesome staff that cares truly about students and do any and everything that they can do to help! Lovely school!
MGCCC has nice, homey campus you won't be able to find in other community colleges. With it being one of the top ranked community colleges in the nation, its no surprise that my experience was almost perfect. One would struggle to not find something to do on campus with all the sporting and club events constantly going on. Plus, it is also one of the only community colleges in the state of Mississippi that offers visitation to students.
My experience at MGCCC has been very average. The college is located in a small town called Perkinston Mississippi, where there is absolutely nothing to do. There is another small town named Wiggins that has decent food for the students to get a bite to eat but nothing for them to have fun. You have to drive 20 minutes up the road to Gulfport just to go to a movie or shop. Some things I would like to see change are the food in the cafeteria and the athletic department. They claim to have a great department and the stats show it, but there are some behind the scenes things that people are not aware of that need to change. It would be great if the school could have some different restaurant options around the campus but keep the price the same. We already over pay for food that isn’t the best.
The college overall tries to answer all your questions and is very helpful and has given me a good experience so far.
I liked how everyone was welcoming and how everyone makes everyone feel comfortable. I would change nothing .
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MGCCC became a turning point in my life. It brought a dead-end job to a future moving full speed ahead. When I didn’t think I could, I proved myself wrong. What a journey!
Mississippi Gulf Community College is a good start in the direction into putting your foot into the college experience. The college has a very warm welcome and the people there are very nice.
If you want to stay local, it is a great choice to further your education. It is just great all the way around. Great teachers...great campus and great education.
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