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Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Reviews

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MGCCC is a great community college. They offer so many different opportunities for their students and strive to help everyone earn their success. The faculty members are very helpful and are great and teaching their subjects. The students are always sociable and open-minded to all the diverse individuals that are apart of the MGCCC student body. I can say that this school is a no judgment zone for sure. For the most part, students are always upbeat and positive about their classes and enjoy taking part in this college.
I LOVE OUR NEW BUILDING! All of my professors are wonderful teachers. I'm not to quaint with the online e-books. I have to print all of my test and class work as if I have a book in front of me. It is just something about paper and high lighting for me to learn.
This was an amazing school. The clubs that they offered were fantastic, and they make it so easy to get involved. All the teachers at this college want every student to succeed and they help in every way to see it happen.
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This local community college has offered me the same amazing opportunities as a major university at a cheaper cost. I have grow tremendously in many ways since I enrolled last year. I have become more confident and involved in clubs and my classes. I recommend Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to students that want to stay close to home and save money.
i liked that the classes are a lot smaller so the teachers have a better interaction with the students. As well as the online classes use canvas and the website makes it easier to understand how the task needs to be done. Also the campus is beautiful and well maintained and litter free.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is a great start for starting a career. MGCCC has a great environment. The college provides students individual help, and the instructors gives help when needed.
The majority of the professors are AMAZING! There are plenty of resources available to help you when needed and everyone I local so there is a strong sense of belonging.
The Professors and Faculty are amazing! I enjoy it so much that it seems like I never want to leave. They make sure that the students are involved and ready to achieve anything. My experience so far has been the best!
I love the teachers, the students, and the environment. The school itself is just a wonderful experience. I was very nervous at first to go to a "new" school but after the first day of my freshman year, I was so relieved that it was so laid back and chill. It helped with my nervous feelings. I love MGCCC!!
I am a new student at MGCCC. I will be starting my first round of classes in the fall of 2018. I do not yet have an opinion on the classes and instructors, but the admissions and financial aid staff have been very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this school based on that alone. If the rest of my schooling goes as smoothly as the admissions and enrollment process, I am in for a smooth journey.
I love MGCCC, especially the Jefferson Davis campus. The enrollment staff are excellent and very welcoming. I'm very excited to be enrolled with this college and cannot wait to receive my Associates in Science from this school.
I enjoyed MGCCC and all the campus life. I would have liked it better if it had a shuttle going from the College to the local Walmart because there are no nearby stores.
Overall great school. Staff is eager and ready to assist in anything you may need. Curriculum is easy to arrange around your schedule.
Many different campuses to choose from. Great instructors who work with you to better your future. Unbelievable opportunities with their technical programs.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College was an excellent community college that really helps students in succeeding in their goals. Very helpful teachers and learning lab facility staff that assists students in their studies, and are available around the clock via email. Only problem that one will encounter is with the Canvas website programming and downage times.
I have toured this school & it was the perfect experience. The staff made me feel at home. I felt like that was where I needed to be. Everything was what I expected. I love the campus & environment.
I love the amount of Freedom I have on campus without being overwhelmed like I would at a university. There are plenty of friendly faces, and there's always activities going on that I enjoy
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I love Mississippi Gulf Coast in Perkinston, Ms. I recently transferred from Mississippi College, MGC is much more affordable and classes offered are light work. MGC has great athletic programs. Two things I would change is the dinning plan and including a teach and field team. Other than that, the campus is beautiful!!!
I like the flexible schedules and I love the instructors. They help teach you while allowing you to think freely outside of the box, and the staff is very friendly.
For being my first year of college, my experience was amazing. The teachers at MGCCC are one of the best in the community college's world to me.
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