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This is my first year of school I can honestly say it’s been a wonderful time since I been there but it’s been cut short by this virus. I would like to see more activities on campus to do on the weekends for the students who stays over the weekends. Overall I love it and the environment just wish it was more to do on campus.
My experience at Mississippi Delta Community College is "so-so" I am appreciative of the little help they do give, but if I could change something it would be the fact that with online courses, you have to come in person to take your final and midterm exam. I kind of feel like that defeats the whole purpose of studying online, my work schedule due to me working at a casino does not permit me to be eligible at the given times they would like for me to take my exams. In addition, it is sometimes hard to get advisors, on the phone. Not sure why, but it brings on unwanted stress, especially when you are trying to discuss very important information!
I love MDCC. I attend the Greenville Location at Greenville Higher Education. Center. I love the advisors and student life there. I am apart of the Student Government Association. I would like for more classes to be offered on campus as the main campus.
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I absolutely love everything about it! The people you meet and staff are wonderful and try to help you every way they can.
The culinary program was awesome. In my second year we went on a cruise. Got to cater weddings and special school events.
I love this school. The professors here makes it easy for returning adults to further their education.
I like the diversity at MDCC and their teaching style. If I could change one thing about this school it would be to offer students who doesn't not receive financial assistance the option for a loan.
I'm a transfer student here at MDCC. So far my overall experience has been a 6 out of 10. The school is overall great but there can be small minor problems they could work on. Minor problem such as better advising and posting deadlines. Just overall keeping students updated on important stuff. It was a lot I was not aware of when I transferred.
I love My college I can do it from home and I learn reading information on my own. The on campus experience is great the teachers are great. The security guard will help you if they can they can.
Mississippi Delta Community College help students to understand the importants of school work. The professors here take their time with each student to make sure they are all on task.
Mississippi Delta CC is a small school in the heart of Moorhead, MS. However, it is filled with some of the most kind-hearted folks I have ever met. I only gave 4/5 stars because the food could be a little tastier!
Mississippi Delta has instructors who care. The environment is very comfortable and you can learn without distractions. You can talk to your teachers and they will insure that you understand the material that is taught. They make sure the students are their main priority.
Mississippi Delta Comm College is known for Applied Science (Nursing, Dentistry). I’m a recent graduate and I had trouble paying for school. They were so unprofessional with handling telling me about my situation that I have to pay out of pocket for school. Everything else about the school is amazing. The teachers are incredible. I just wish they would have let me known sooner and I could have gotten my business taken care of in a timely matter.
I haven't attended just yet, but just the registration process as a transfer was pretty smooth and easy compared to the school I transferred from. I can't wait to start my school year!
I have truly enjoyed my first semester at Mississippi Delta Community College. When I’m at school it feels like I’m at home! The instructors are very understanding and caring. The only thing I would love to see changed at school is our computer lab!
Overall, my experience at Mississippi Delta Community College has been a positive one. The small-scale classroom environment makes it very easy to get one-on-one help from professors, and the school is extremely affordable for those who are not ready for a 4-year university. However, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to offering more fun events for students throughout the school year.
Mississippi Delta Community College is in a small city. Around campus, everyone knows everyone. Teachers are willing to help with anything you need.
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it has great classes very easy and manageable for anyone. this school has made my transition into college a great adventure. im excelling in all of my classes and plan to continue to do so in my future semesters.
The thing I like most about Mississippi Delta Community College is that the professors here really work with you. They go above and beyond their call of duty. If its something you don't understand they take the time to explain it to you. They just don't refer you to student services.
Mississippi Delta Community College is an interesting college that offers many exceptional programs. The instructors are patient and will work with you whenever you need their assistance
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