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Overall is great. I would like to see a campus store or eatery added nothing in town is in walking distance. Faculty is very helpful.
My favorite thing about MDCC is the small classes. We get more one on one time with our teachers, than if we attended a university. We have excellent teachers, guidance counselors, and staff. I love being at small college because we get to know each other, which is very helpful in the long one.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time attending Mississippi Delta Community College!
The instructors are super nice and knowledgeable! It's a small community college, so everyone knows everyone.
I couldn't imagine starting my college career off anywhere else. Thank you, MDCC!
Review Mississippi Delta Community College
Missississippi Delta Community College is for anyone who like a small college. Mississippi Delta professors are always willing to help you if you need anything. Everyone at the college are all friendly, it's a good community college if you want to start small before going into a university. So I would recommend this Community college to anyone.
My experience at Mississippi Delta Community College was definitely one to remember. I really love how every staff member is concerned with the well being of the students. The instructors are more than willing to help as long as the students do their part and work hard. The staff members are also open to opinions from the students. The faculty really makes an effort to make sure that each individual's opinion is taken into consideration to help benefit the school. The school is small, but it has a lot to offer. I would like to see another women's residence hall added to the campus. There is only one present as of now which means there are three students to a room. However, the rooms are nicely furnished. Overall, Mississippi Delta Community College is a pretty good school.
Mississippi Delta is an awesome college. They environment is great, the teachers is nice, and the classes is easy. You will definitely have some fun times and some difficult times, but through it all you have to know how to stay focus.
Really good place with a lot of recourses. Smaller than universities so you get the one on one time with instructors that everyone needs occasionally.
The workload is pretty decent depending on the teacher. Some assign more work than others.
My experience at MDCC has been great. Although there aren't many extracurricular activities to engage in the school is very affordable and also is a great start for anyone of any age.
no hassles at this time
im not at that point yet
I have heard students talk about internships but I am not there yet.
I have taken a few course before being accepted to the LPN program it been great so far.
so far it been really good
I never have took any online classes but from what i have heard they are quite fast and the best way to go.
My major is nursing and so far the classes that i have been given are on the right track and is a challenge. I know so far if it is a challenge i am on the right track to success.
My overall experience at MDCC is that there are some of the staff that does care. Then there are the ones that do not care but in all its a small school that has that home feeling.
Review Mississippi Delta Community College
Its been great so far.
i like online classes, because you can set times to when you want to do work
The students like to get the job done.
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