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Going to Mississippi College has been one of the best decisions and experiences I have had! The people are so friendly and caring! The staff put in so much effort to ensure your success and well being. Not to mention the warm atmosphere and homie feel you get as soon as you walk on campus. Also very God centered and serving oriented!
I love Ms. College. I was the right choice for me. Everything music is offered which is my major Music Education. I love all the teacher I have or have had to this point. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. I enjoy the activities I participate in and have made many friends.
BEWARE!!! One of the most disappointing experiences I have had with a school that athletically recruited but did not follow through with any of their commitments. A total waste of time and money. Administration and coaches are only for the money and not the student. Cafeteria food is horrible, Dorms are horrible and the town is a ghost town. Don't do it folks! It's a joke.
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I enjoyed the campus, the class especially my criminal justice class especially since the size was very small and the professor was great .
Mississippi College is an excellent Christian university located right outside of Jackson, Mississippi, where the academics are rigorous, the professors know you by name, and each person makes it a point to brighten someone's day. Every person at MC seem that they want to be there and develop deep and meaningful relationships and Christ, not just get a degree as quickly as possible and get a job (although their academic programs are some of the best in the state).
I really like MC's welcoming environment and atmosphere. I would like to see the surrounding area of Clinton to grow.
The people there actually care about if you get a education. The believe in God and that God has a calling for everyone and no matter what point of life that you're at you can always ask and seek for help and God will help you. When you step on to the campus you feel like you're at home. Everyone there greets you and has positive vibes and talks good about the college. There isn't much crime on the campus because everyone there knows how to act and behave like a true adult. The classes are small and its easier for you and the teachers to get to know one another and get on the same page if you need help with anything. The college is great and i believe its my calling from God to attend and receive my degree in Elementary Education.
Mississippi College is truly my home away from home. Not only are the other students genuine and friendly with open arms but the staff is amazing. Not only are the professors always there if you need help with an assignment but they're also there if you're lost and just need someone to talk to. This school is just amazing.
I would like to see More input from advisors on papers turned in so I will know what they are looking for and I can improve my skills.
There standard of education and learning environment. The tuition is affordable. They have excellent instructors and professor.
Mississippi College is a wonderful private institution nestled just west of Jackson, Mississippi. Located in suburbia, it is a safe and small environment. The professors are all top-notch and very helpful, with great Christian witnesses and attitudes. Professor to student ratio is wonderful, and office hours are helpful if needed. Free tutoring is also available! In the future, I would like to see Mississippi College expand and grow. It is a wonderful school.
Before I came to MC, I thought I would hate it but I love it! While the campus is small and there are not a ton of students, I find that I know many people that I see while walking to class, but also see people I do not know. The faculty are great and really care to see your success in school.
Mississippi College is great!! Everyone on campus is genuinely nice and welcoming, and the professors are great about answering student questions. It's easy to get involved in multiple organizations on campus, but one has to be willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to do so. Despite the fun atmosphere, MC isn't very diverse when it comes to its students and campus culture.
The things that I like about Mississippi College is that the buildings are very close to one another, and that there's alot of diversity around the campus.
The school is pretty good, but not for all types of people. There is definitely a certain type of people that fit for the type of school that it is. MC is nice because all the teachers show a genuine interest in whether one succeeds or not. All the students at the school are also incredibly friendly with everyone. The campus is small enough for one to be able to walk to any part of campus in less than 10 minutes. The athletics at MC are pretty bad other than the ping-pong team and the softball team. To improve the school, the school should improve the cafeteria (caf) food and try to organize more things to do in the evenings other than just intramurals. Intramurals is a big part of the night life because there is so little to do outside of the school in the city. All in all, the school is alright but could definitely use improvements.
So far, it has been a great experience here! I am part of a club named Kokoa Men's Service Club (there aren't fraternities or sororities on campus, but I feel clubs and tribes are better). It is a hard college with challenging academics. It has an amazing campus along with great people.
Mississippi College isn't just a place where you go to school. It is a place to call home and find life long friends. MC has the best faculty and staff. As a freshman I was scared moving far away from home, but this place quickly became my home. There's always so much to do and learn. The best part about MC is that it is an alcohol and tobacco free campus.
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I came to Mississippi College as a transfer student. At first it was a bit hard to make friends, but it got better by the time December came around. I would have to say that the academics at MC are way harder than a typical community college. I have been challenged by my professors in ways I never thought possible. I have grown as a person due to the challenges I've had to face. I know that by the time I go into the working field, I am going to be more than prepared to face the challenges my major has prepared me for.
I like MC. The campus is beautiful and the classes aren't that far a walk from each other. I wasn't sure about how much I would like MC, but I consider it home.
Mississippi College has been the highlight of my academic career. The professors not only enlighten us with their knowledge but provide great mentorship. Mississippi College is not just an institution but it is a family.
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