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Mississippi College is a great school to attend. It is not that big, so having a connection with professors will not be hard. It’s a great atmosphere and tons of friendly people.
Honestly, it's not the most fun college, but you meet great people there. The education is great and I found all my professors to be quality. Social life is... different because it does have a high school vibe. Clinton does kind of suck, but there is some stuff do, you just have to get creative. I use to hate the Cafe food, until I moved off campus, then i missed it oddly enough. Get you a good group of friends you'll have a good time at MC. Plus, they are adding onto the school every year.
My experience at Mississippi College when I visit the college on preview day it was very pleasing. If you like a Christian religious environment that is best place to go. The campus is very beautiful place!
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Mississippi College is an excellent school. The school is friendly and welcoming. When people arrive to the college, they immediately feel at home. The professors at Mississippi College are personable and look out for the student's best interest. The education system at Mississippi College is wonderful. They set students up for the real world. When graduated, Mississippi College students leave having both a great education and a family.
MC is a place where you really grow as a person and find out who you are. I have absolutely loved my experience here anf the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime. The teachers are beyond amazing and the classes are incredible.
The atmosphere is so great. It's a wonderful place to learn and grow. I've made some of my very best friends at this school. The education I received was top-notch.
I transferred to MC from a local community college. For me, it was an easy choice. MC has a great reputation academically, the student to faculty ratio is low, and Clinton is a nice town that’s not too big and not too small.

I received both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Social Sciences in Administration of Justice from MC. Dr. Harry Porter, director of the Administration of Justice program, has developed a great program that prepares students for careers in law enforcement, government, the court system and investigations. The curriculum is very thorough. Also, there are outside speakers who contribute to the overall learning experience. And again, the low student to faculty ratio ensures that you get the time with your professor that you need. I highly recommend MC.
All students seem joyous to be here.
Instructors want to help you understand/learn and are happy to give extra help if needed.
Mississippi College is a great college that is home to a variety of students. It is a smaller campus but it’s a great environment. The teachers really care about each student and how they learn.
I had to transfer from here because MC is just meh. Diversity is there, but inclusion isn't. Unless you're white or a conservative person of color, you're not heard. And where it is diverse, respectability politics will hold POC back. The Caf isn't that bad. "Challenge" is their favorite word; it's hilarious at some point. I was in the sunken place or something. It's for kids who were sheltered by their parents. And, the location sucks. You'd have to go to Jackson for your normal, college kid activities. This is proven in Welcome Week when they go to freakin' State St. for an event. The knockoff Greeks (tribes/clubs) is built for popular high school students who want the thrill of being in the "it" crowd. The regular organizations are cool. If you aren't in the tribes/clubs, you won't have that much of a social life. I remember having one black man preach at Chapel, so it's very white. The music is like hipster music for Christians which gets tired for those who don't know the songs.
Worst Christian school ever! They do not try to help you! Worst experience ever! Very low down! I did everything they told me to do and just because the semester ended before o could get my official transcript to them! The unofficial wasn’t enough!
I've been attending MC for two years and am beginning my third. So far my experience has been great and I hope it continues. However, I would like to see more diversity on campus and that the campus and faculty would be more accepting to all types of people.
Equestrian Program is not at the level it should be. Coaching is terrible. Minimal support staff. Outdoor Program director knows nothing about horses. Coach is even worse. Not a competitive place to grow, learn, compete, and win.
Such an amazing school!! It is small, which makes it easy to get around campus. Most professors are awesome and really want to see their students secceed. Dorms are okay, and the food is eh, but bearable. Clubs and Tribes are amazing and very worth your time, so definitely try to get involved in those. I would recommend it to anybody.
Going to Mississippi College has been one of the best decisions and experiences I have had! The people are so friendly and caring! The staff put in so much effort to ensure your success and well being. Not to mention the warm atmosphere and homie feel you get as soon as you walk on campus. Also very God centered and serving oriented!
I love Ms. College. I was the right choice for me. Everything music is offered which is my major Music Education. I love all the teacher I have or have had to this point. They are very professional and knowledgeable about the subject they teach. I enjoy the activities I participate in and have made many friends.
BEWARE!!! One of the most disappointing experiences I have had with a school that athletically recruited but did not follow through with any of their commitments. A total waste of time and money. Administration and coaches are only for the money and not the student. Cafeteria food is horrible, Dorms are horrible and the town is a ghost town. Don't do it folks! It's a joke.
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I enjoyed the campus, the class especially my criminal justice class especially since the size was very small and the professor was great .
Mississippi College is an excellent Christian university located right outside of Jackson, Mississippi, where the academics are rigorous, the professors know you by name, and each person makes it a point to brighten someone's day. Every person at MC seem that they want to be there and develop deep and meaningful relationships and Christ, not just get a degree as quickly as possible and get a job (although their academic programs are some of the best in the state).
I really like MC's welcoming environment and atmosphere. I would like to see the surrounding area of Clinton to grow.
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