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I find this school to be centrally located in the south bay. There is plenty of parking and I always feel safe on campus. I would recommend this school to anyone with a need for community college.
Mission College is a great school. Although it is a small community college, it is still a nice place to go to. I like how they are upgrading the campus. There are new buildings that they added, which looks very modern. Also, I really like the classes they offer here.
The teachers are pretty nice, and the campus is pretty. However, getting accepted into Mission College isn't something that's going to boost your resume. The campus library is quiet, there are tons of books and computers for students to use. There's also a cafe and a giftshop.
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Mission College may not be for you of you like large class sizes, no diversity, a large campus, no parking, and professors who don't care. Mission College is the opposite. The environment is generally supportive and diverse.
I like that Mission College cares about the student and having the degree that I want to major in. They have tutoring center that you can get help with a difficult subject. The only thing I want to change is the books because they are very expensive to buy and rent. Overall, Mission College is an okay school.
Professors are amazing and patient about there job. Great programs to help all type of students. Great work! Great classes love everything
This is one of the best community colleges you could ever go to. The staff there are very helpful and are always willing to help out. What I like about this college would be that there's a welcome center in which they help you out with any question you might have. They are your go to prior to going anywhere else. They will point you to the correct place and they are friendly. They are affordable and they have newly constructed buildings. I would recommend this college to everyone!
Mission College helps out their students, with counseling, academic transfer, childcare and so much more. There doors are always open to helping any student out.
Mission College was a good experience of my first two years of my college life. Thanks to my counselors I am able to transfer to University of California Santa Cruz. What I liked most from MissionCollege are the multiple resources students are offered. Students have a range of help from academic help to personal help. The faculty at Mission are very helpful and push their students to grow in life and in their education. There are many great aspects at Mission, but there is one improvement Mission can work on. The improvement is to provide more classes on aminal science for future veterinarians. Overall I thought Mission was a great colllege because of the environment and facuilty.
It's ok for a community college. Most of the teachers were so average I preferred to take classes online because it could teach myself better. Everything in this college is basic. But it sucks when the tough classes have very bad teachers. Smart people have gotten C's or worst. One must be prepared to do good in these classes. Otherwise you will fail and not do good. This can be the difference between missing out on your dream school. Be very careful and prepare for the tougher classes.
I am a dual-enrollment high school student at Mission College. Mission College is a community college located in Santa Clara, CA. Overall the location of the school is great, and the campus is easy to navigate. One big plus about Mission is that classes do not fill up as fast as other community colleges in the Bay Area. One big down side about Mission College is that their Math department is quite weak, and thus would not reccomend the school for STEM majors.
I like how Mission College is close to where I live. Mission College is close to restaurants and convenience stores.
Very nice facilities. The staff here are phenomenal. Teachers want you to succeed, and will help you along the way to make sure that you do so.
Mission College is conveniently located in Santa Clara. They are in the process of building and revamping several buildings. The staff and teachers are - for the most part - friendly and knowledgeable. Students are mostly chill and nice as well.
My teacher was not that great. The facilities were beautiful, though, and the library was nice. Most people I know are trying to transfer out, though.
The students here are lovely, everyone walking around with smiles or with friends. That is about where it ends. Though I have had a couple good professors, the majority have not been well. I have had professors tell me and other students that our questions are stupid and pointless. In my first year, I had a major family emergency that prevented me from coming in for the class for a month, and all four of my professors rejected my request to redo the material. The buildings are getting old, and instead of remodeling or fixing the main buildings, the school is building more buildings. Parking was amazing, with an ample amount for all students and staff to use, but the new building took up half of the parking spaces, forcing students to park farther from the buildings and walk a longer distance to get to class. I would not recommend the school to anyone and have expressed my thoughts to all my friends.
Flexibility is great and always able to see classes
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Always easy to get help from peers
Very helpful with transfer center
Big classes, but easy to access professors
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