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Misericordia University is a beautiful campus with professors who truly care about their students. It has small class sizes and it feels like home.
Misericordia is a small private college. The campus is a small contained campus. Class sizes are small and the campus community is close knit. All the professors are extremely helpful and are willing to go the extra mile for their students.
Very safe. Nice community. Great student teacher ratio. Great scholarships. Beautiful campus. Some fantastic professors
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The University haa great health Science programs, but that's about it.There is nothing to do around the campus and it's ruled by all the athletes .
This school is a scam. Lower than average academics, and the Chistian values they preach to incoming freshman are false. Yes, they’ll hold a door for you, but that’s it. They recruit very good student athletes out of HS with high SAT scores and GPA, make written GUARANTEES of roster spots, then cut you. It leaves you with a choice - stick it out and lose the best 4 years of experience of your life, but keep your scholarship, or transfer and lose your scholarship. There is absolutely NOTHING to do outside of sports at this College. RUN, don’t walk, away from these scamsters. Even when I transferred, the attitudes I got from the administration was hard to fathom. RUN.
I have visited misericordia many times, and every time I am pleasantly surprised with the extremely nice people I find and meet. I always have the best time. Everything is overall great. There is not much to do around though. But Wilkes Barre is close by.
Students and faculty are extremely nice, and caring. As an athlete and an occupational therapy major, I think the school was a pretty good fit for me. The downsides of the school include awful food and little social life. That said it is what you make of it. The school is great for health science majors, and the campus is small and homey, you won't have to walk over 10 minutes to get anywhere
Overall Misericordia is a wonderful university. The students are nice and friendly. The professors actually care about your future. They are always available for office hours. The class sizes are small so you get to form a relationship with your teachers.
I am getting an excellent education. I am an Occupational Therapy major, and i have learned a lot about the field. I also get my masters degree in five years rather than six years. Another benefit is the fact that i do not have to apply at graduate schools. Misercordia University is the school to go to if you are interested in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Speech.
I love the importance of learning. The Health science programs are amazing!! My teachers have been so helpful with the transition from high school to college.
Misericordia University is a great campus that provides students with numerous opportunities. There is friendly and helpful faculty and staff everywhere you look.
Great experience at this school. Welcomed me in with open arms and worked with me every step of the way. This university is small and very family oriented. They treat you like their son or daughter and always make sure you're on track. No changes needed.
I love the faculty, the small campus feel, being on a sports team but still seeing the importance of academics to all the coaches and administration.
The professors are great and always looking to help (especially occupational therapy professors). Campus is pretty but the weather is terrible so it makes everything miserable. Freshman cannot have cars on campus, but many of them bring them anyway, which makes our bad parking even worse. If you are looking for school where parties are good and frequent, Mis should be past on your list. Most weekends there aren't parties, sometimes Saturday nights, but police are always on the prowl. Most people here are either here for sports or health programs, and if they aren't it's probably because they didn't get into their top choice schools and are just settling- I don't think anyone actually enjoys it here. The food is so bad, the dining hall has a four week rotation of bad stuff, so everything is so repetitive and it gets gross really quickly, but they are good with people with different diets (vegan, dairy/gluten free, etc).
Everyone is very nice and will always hold the door open for you even if your half way across campus.
The professors were attentive and cared about my education. Area lacked entertainment activities. Five year Occupational Therapy program was very valuable to me and important in advancing my career.
The school was absolutely gorgeous. The campus was very clean. The staff answered all my questions and more.
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As long as you're friendly with sports' teams who live in houses, no one really throws parties
The campus is small so no where to hide underage drinking until you can live off-campus
Since health careers are well-known at this school, the workload is horrendous.
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