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I would change nothing about MiraCosta College. I have been there for 3 years and they have been great. The staff are wonderful and passionate in their study. The campus is beautiful as well, my favorite part being the spectacular ocean view.
MiraCosta allowed me to experience diversity and transformation in an educational environment that cultivated empathy and acceptance. I learned how to think critically and apply new thinking patterns to my world outside of school. I have so much love for my experience at this college.
I love almost every class I have taken here. Everybody who works here is great and really wants to help you excel in what you do.
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The teachers are all very good at their job. Campus is nice, quiet, and clean. However, their website and student/administration communication needs a lot of work.
I went to MiraCosta College before transferring to SDSU. I enjoyed the professors and most classes. The vet center was terrible basically gave me wrong information every time I went in there.
After attending three different community colleges, I found a school that cared about its students and their future and would help them in any means necessary to achieve their goals. every staff member is cheerful, which then gets passed along the students who help spread that all over the amazing beautiful beach view campus. Sadly my time has come to leave this campus to transfer, but I know I will be back in the near future to help students as it has helped me.
This college is a great community college for anyone who wants to transfer to a UC or CSU school. It is perfect for recent high school graduates, working students, or returning students. The campus and local area is amazing, and the academics there are great as well.
I like mira costa because, of how open ir seems and how it gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do without pressuring you into a major you don't want.
This college has helped me out with everything I have needed, fast response to questions, very helpful, respectful, great knowledge as to whats expected of me. I very much like and appreciate this college
I am currently a student at MiraCosta. The campus is beautiful, the professors are amazing, and a great variety of courses is offered each semester, including summer. The Honors Scholar Program has allowed me to thrive there and I have met so many kind and supportive people. MiraCosta allows me to build a strong network with peers and faculty and has made me incredibly passionate about my studies.
MiraCosta has been my favorite place I've studied at. I'm graduating this year and sad to have to go. I'm gonna miss the great teachers, staff and resources MiraCosta provides.
I think that the campus is beautiful and the professors are dedicated to helping their students excel. The school also has many resources available to students of different backgrounds enabling them to further their college careers. If I had to improve the campus, it would be to enhance the level of security as well as create more parking for students. Overall, this is an amazing community college.
All of my professors are great and knowledgeable. The campus is very nice and pleasant to be on and always clean. Small class sizes really help with the education process.
The quality of the teachers at Mira Costa college is amazing! I took prerequisites here for my graduate program and I loved my professors. I felt that I received just as great of an education as my undergrad bachelor's degree. And not to mention the affordability.
What I liked about MiraCosta College is the class sizes weren't abundant, and the teachers are awesome. You can always get help and if your not familiar with the campus like I wasn't, don't be aftraid to ask around. The students are super friendly and have no problem pointing you in the right direction! Also, there SURF system is great and makes it easy to register for classes

Thanks MiraCosta! See you in spring term,
Leah Berglund
I took a couple classes through Mira Costa while still being in High School. Great experience! There are plenty of resources, and every faculty member wants you to succeed. However, the students are not the most motivated, or friendly necessarily. Some are, but many are just there to get by and don't care about getting to know you. Of course, it's not the fault of the school- just a note on the atmosphere. I had a great experience and actually did get to know a couple people.
MiraCosta is an outstanding community college. I have been attending since the fall of 2013 and have been completely satisfied with the school. The counselors are always willing to help as well as insightful to any question presented to them. And I have always been happy with the quality of professors i have. I am very happy I chose MiraCosta as my school.
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This school has been very convenient I transferred here and was nervous that I was going to have to start all over but they accepted my transferred credit and every thing worked out fine
I prefer online classes because I can work on my own and usually at my own pace. The discussion boards are usually very interactive and the teacher is available every time we need them
Not from personal experience but I know people who were able to go to the career center and get some post grad opportunities
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