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Minot State University is an awesome university with a small, close knit classrooms and a fun, interactive college activities. I really recommend people to check this place out!
The staff and students at Minot state university are very nice and welcoming. They prepare and build students for a bright future through their various counseling, tutoring and mentoring programs. There are also many activities and clubs for students to join, in the school. The academic system is very good. There also a lot of students from various part of the world. The campus and it's food is very good.
Personally I chose Minot State because I'm from here and had family things going on. The faculty is great and the programs are nice, but the food SUCKS.
Review Minot State University
Minot State, I believe, is a fairly good school with lots of diversity and campus itself is beautiful. Dorms at Minot State are all Co-Ed so not the bet in my opinion. Food's not that great but it gets you through, and not a lot of parties.
I saw a flyer saying they were having a feed for everyone to eat.
The Native American Cultural Center is very helpful. I would not be in school if it wasn't for the help that I received from them. Annette Mennem, the director, helped point me in all the right directions.
It is really professional and nice, especially for a D2 school
I really like the Minot state university!
I am able to participate in activities without the drug/alcohol being an issue. I don't drink or do drugs and I am very involved in student life
blue lights and security available
Some instructors are better than others. There are some classes where I feel I haven't learned anything
The residence halls need to be updated
I am enjoying my college experience. Some classes/instructors are better than others
Plenty of escorts if needed
Easy to get into and flourish.
I think people graduate from this program with good prospects
So far I've gotten what I've needed out of my return to school.
Review Minot State University
I don't know much about this, as I've only been back on campus for a bit.
I haven't lived on campus since I first attended nearly 15 years ago. Since returning I see many more facilities, but I live off-campus.
I came back as a non-traditional student, and haven't had any interaction with frats or sororities.
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