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What i personally liked about Minnesota West is that the communication was a success and that also the people that work there and attend a program that i am in which is called Blue-To-Brown Program it has it's ups and downs but it's a very manageable program for many people who may think college can't be that you study at a different school which may be a 2-Year college to transfer to a college you'll like to be involved in as a first generation student. Another thing that i find very interesting is that the program that is provided has many reasons or someone that wants or do attend to continue in what they want in life also how they want to go about it as being a first generation college student or also just taking a big step into life and going from there to make the life you want easier and more into the college field.
Instructors are extremely friendly and are willing to work with you 1 on 1. Staff is friendly and helpful.
At Minnesota West Community & Technical College there are various campuses that students can attend. I am currently attending the Luverne campus which offers majors that are primary healthcare based. The campus are filled with awesome professors that are willing to work with the students base on their needs. The classes are very engaging and direct which is what I love about this school. The only downside that I would have to say about the Luverne campus is that there are barely any clubs or organization that doesn't require you to go to the Worthington campus.
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I have been going to Minnesota West for 3 semesters now. Part time as I have a full time job which is in the same town as the college.
I take all online classes for an associates degree in Business.
I really enjoy all of the classes I have taken and the professors I have been working with have been more then helpful and attentive.
I do wish there were more interaction as far as group activities or discussions as it helps to understand some of the material a little more.
Taking online helps me be flexible between work and classes.
Overall online classes are good.
Not sure of my different options for transferring credits.
It was a bit overwhelming but figured it out.
The advisors and front desk staff are helpful.
Some of my syllabi weren't current
I take online class but the help desk is always willing to help but I don't always feel welcome with the teachers
its very friendly and the teacher are wiling to help if you needed..
Very maintainable class schedules are manageable for every student, especially for the athletes, because the athletes stay busy here at MW keeps them busy outside of sports and the help and motivation is very appreciable
I like the online courses here feels like you are in a actual classroom. Very east to maintain professors communication is very good with every course I've taken online so far definitely can be helpful for any student that just sometimes needs to lower their workload
I get my money's worth. I love the class sizes here at MW very easy to focus here in any class, no distractions what so ever. Very nice technology access for teachers for us students. Teachers here are willing to help you inside the classroom and outside the classroom
lots of the staff here at MW are very considerate when it comes to referring a student or helping them get a internship or job. That's one of the most valuable things here at MW if you are a good student and are serious about a career they will put in good word for you to help with your future
Teachers are very helpful due to small class sizes there's no way any student will get caught lacking behind and not performing well in class. Very detail material is presented for you in every class and the teachers will be more than likely to help you so you can learn more and earn a good grade
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School size of students is close to 4,000 thousand kids, and the staff here does a amazing job with helping students with anything they need, professors, advisers, and etc are very helpful and stay on top of things they work very fast and leave you with no worries
All of my credits transferred.
Can do it on my schedule
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