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I absolutely love Mankato State because it is the entire package! Great academics, campus, people, and price! I love it!
I love this college! The campus is beautiful. It is a bigger school, but still has a sense of community. People are so nice here!
What I really like about this college because if the big diversity. Its not just one race its multiple race and you won't feel uncomfortable. The professors are not bad some cane be nice some can be a little mean but if you just talk to them about what you need help on or understanding on the topic of class or homework they will help you. The safety here is nice there is security guard all over the place so you won't feel like your in danger. The parties down here are crazy i'm not a party person but I had been to one party and it was okay it can get crazy in seconds. The town down here is really nice even though Mankato ain't a big down you can still go around town see new stores and national parks that you never been before. I would recommenced coming her for a 4 year you will get the experience of being a college student.
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My experience was good and i like the university because of its diversity which promotes awareness and open minds among students.
I love all my classes and teachers. I feel challenged but not in over my head. The LGBT center on campus is seriously the best place ever. I only wish they offered more majors.
When I first started at Minnesota State University, Mankato I didn't plan to stay. Ii wanted to finish my general education requirements and then transfer out. One of the first business courses that I took was a business preparation course and through it I was able to meet some of the faculty and staff. I now have three faculty and staff members that I consider mentors and they have provided me with opportunity after opportunity to pull myself out of my comfort zone and strengthen my skillset. I'd love to see more students take advantage of all the University has to offer!
I attended MNSU for both undergrad and my master in Clinical Psychology. I found the education to be high quality. Instructors are willing to invest in you if you show you are motivated.
I loved Minnesota State University, Mankato because it is such a diverse institution and every single student I met was helpful and ready to learn. The professors wanted to help the students learn and to succeed. The campus is also very beautiful and full of different cultures. The city of Mankato is flourishing with shops and restaurants close enough to the campus that you could walk to most of them.
I spent 5 years at Minnesota State University, Mankato and earned two degrees. I cannot say enough great things about the staff in the Health and Science Department as well as Campus Recreation. Everyone wants you to succeed and encourages you to strive to be the best version of yourself by providing learning and growth opportunities.
I liked how diverse it was and how the academics and student social life mixed just enough. Also they have lots of opportunities for kids to engage in the community while still focusing on school work. The campus was very pretty and friendly.
I love Minnesota State University because it is close to home. The campus is also very close to many amenities such as grocery and department stores. The student life is alos very fun, there is always something going on.
Going to Minnesota State University, Mankato is a good experience. I enjoy the campus and the diversity alone is worth the investment.
It is a very good school with a lot of choices. Sometimes the campus can bee overwhelming, but it's not bad once you get used to it. The housing in the area is super expensive, so most students need loans to help cover rent. The professors are mostly friendly and work with you to succeed as long as you ask for help in time. If a class is already over and you contest the grade, it is vey difficult.
The school is a great size. The campus is small enough that you can get everywhere you need to go and they have great student activities.
The campus is very modern and updated. The classes available are good for my major. The staff are friendly and answered all of my questions.
Campus is safe and small so its easy to walk. Professors are friendly and are always able to contact with questions.
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nothing, take classes online. do not have much to say about the campus. instructors and staff are very helpful and understand that Nursing students have a very hectic life.
Amazing environment!! Super welcoming. Staff is also amazing. They care about your success in their class. Beautiful campus.
I started my aviation degree this spring at MNSU Mankato, I am enjoying the school and the courses, and I am looking forward to future classes and earning my degree at this school!
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