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Minnesota State University, Mankato Reviews

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I really like the atmosphere of Mankato. At all the sporting events, the crowd is wild! I also enjoy the set up of the campus. It is perfect. I am glad I chose Mankato, even if it is 5 hours from home. I really enjoy the food in the dining hall, and all my professors have been fantastic. Also, the CA's in my dorm have been very helpful to me.
So far I have been very satisfied with my experience at Minnesota State University Mankato. Although I didn't expect it, the smaller size in classrooms offers an easier way to communicate with other students and professors to get a better understanding of the material. I have taken advantage of this opportunity many times to get a better understanding of the material. The diversity at MNSU also allows many students to interact and learn from one another in such cases where they may not have ever had the chance too. Interacting with different students allows each of them to gain a different perspective than what they came into the college with.
I really enjoy the campus and how easy it is to get around. All of the professors are willing to help any student that is having a hard time.
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The selections they have for classes ranges greatly, which makes in easy to find something everyone would enjoy. This school always has an event going on for a student to attend, which makes meeting people a lot easier.
I like how it's not that huge of a school, that it is easy to meet new people here and there is always activities going on.
I really enjoy all that the school has to offer in terms of extracurriculars. There’s always intramural sports you can do with teams, and there’s a huge gym and rock climbing wall. There’s always stuff in the student center going on as well. There’s plenty of organizations and clubs to get involved with, as well as Greek life, which I am part of. Being in a fraternity has completely changed my college experience for the better and I don’t regret coming to his great school one bit!
The online education program is a convenient avenue for me to obtain my Master's degree. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, available, and I feel prepared for my advanced career in Education.
The first time I walked through the campus over the summer, I didn't know where I was going to go; Mankato wasn't even one of my top choices at the time. However, after the tour and all of the information they threw at me it was one of my top three schools.
The campus is new and up to date. All the buildings are clean and well taken care of. There are also lots of different places for student to eat on campus including the new and improved state of the art dining center.
I am a Theatre Design/Technology major at Minnesota State University and I have found that every professor is very nice and that they want to help. The cost of the university is not too expensive and there is a great atmosphere. There are a lot of friendly people and there is always an activity going on.
Minnesota State University, Mankato is a great college. I love the campus area and the town of Mankato. The college is a very diverse college which brings many different points of views. The professors are all very knowledgeable and helpful. The university is very good for non-traditional students like myself with a great veteran community.
I really like how students are able to be so connected with the professors. This allowed for me to easily seek help whenever it was needed. I also felt very fortunate that all of my college classes from high school transferred over very nicely which wouldn't have been the case for some of my other college choices. One thing I would like to see change is the opportunity for scholarships from the college. Compared to other state universities in Minnesota, Mankato gave substantially lower amounts for the same credentials.
Though, I am still new to the campus, I have enjoyed every moment on campus. The staff is always helpful and willing, the students are fun and lively people. The campus has great academic resources and wide variety of student help centers.
Its a small campus. The other students here can be friendly. All of the professors that I've had in 3 semesters have been friendly and have all helped me out quite a bit. The library has great resources. The on-campus dining hall kind of sucks and the menu doesn't really change much.
The school is culturally diverse and offers a wide range of academic support for international students. It meets the needs of the students and keeps the accurate imfrastructure for the easy learning of students. In all, they have the welfare of the students at heart.
I love the campus and food. I love how close the residential halls are. I love how it’s close to a good neighborhood. I like that it’s close to home. I would change some of the residential halls.
I absolutely love Mankato State because it is the entire package! Great academics, campus, people, and price! I love it!
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I love this college! The campus is beautiful. It is a bigger school, but still has a sense of community. People are so nice here!
What I really like about this college because if the big diversity. Its not just one race its multiple race and you won't feel uncomfortable. The professors are not bad some cane be nice some can be a little mean but if you just talk to them about what you need help on or understanding on the topic of class or homework they will help you. The safety here is nice there is security guard all over the place so you won't feel like your in danger. The parties down here are crazy i'm not a party person but I had been to one party and it was okay it can get crazy in seconds. The town down here is really nice even though Mankato ain't a big down you can still go around town see new stores and national parks that you never been before. I would recommenced coming her for a 4 year you will get the experience of being a college student.
My experience was good and i like the university because of its diversity which promotes awareness and open minds among students.
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