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Going to Minnesota State University, Mankato is a good experience. I enjoy the campus and the diversity alone is worth the investment.
It is a very good school with a lot of choices. Sometimes the campus can bee overwhelming, but it's not bad once you get used to it. The housing in the area is super expensive, so most students need loans to help cover rent. The professors are mostly friendly and work with you to succeed as long as you ask for help in time. If a class is already over and you contest the grade, it is vey difficult.
The school is a great size. The campus is small enough that you can get everywhere you need to go and they have great student activities.
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The campus is very modern and updated. The classes available are good for my major. The staff are friendly and answered all of my questions.
Campus is safe and small so its easy to walk. Professors are friendly and are always able to contact with questions.
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nothing, take classes online. do not have much to say about the campus. instructors and staff are very helpful and understand that Nursing students have a very hectic life.
Amazing environment!! Super welcoming. Staff is also amazing. They care about your success in their class. Beautiful campus.
I started my aviation degree this spring at MNSU Mankato, I am enjoying the school and the courses, and I am looking forward to future classes and earning my degree at this school!
The school could always improve on some things around the campus. There are little issues, but overall it is a good school.
They work hard to continue to provide new buildings, resources, and equipment for students. The campus is always clean. The professors genuinely care about student success. I would like for the courses to be a bit more difficult.
I really enjoy the academics and professors at Minnesota State University. The courses definitely give you the knowledge and material you need to succeed further on. The professors are very intelligent and are always willing to answer your questions or discuss things with you. The campus itself is kept clean and the dorms are relatively nice, depending on what residence hall you get. Also, the dining hall was just completed in January and offers plenty of good options. There are also plenty of ways to get involved on campus, such as by joining a student group, intramural or club sport, or attending church on campus. Overall, this is a pretty well-rounded school and has lots of great amenities.
Minnesota State University is a really nice and welcoming campus, filled with caring professors and staff. While the students can be a bit rowdy at times, most of them are incredibly dedicated and hardworking. The extra curricular activities on campus are also impressive, featuring multiple bands, orchestras, theaters, and clubs to choose from.
My Freshman Seminar professor called this university the "sleeping campus". The university is near home and during the weekend students go back home so campus is really quiet. I live an hour and 30 minutes away from the university so home isn't that far away as from a friend who lives 8 hours from home. You will always have something to do, from dog therapy to watching the newest movies to bowling and pool. There's always something on campus for you to do. Me, being a person of color find that the ethnic clubs here are a tight group. They always have something fun and cultural going on and hands down everyone goes to their events. I'll be honest the parties here are hands down fun, know your limits and your people and you'll have a fun time.
I love Minnesota State University, Mankato. All the professors that I have gotten have been very nice. They make it bearable to go to class. I love the campus. It is not too big but also not too small and all the classes are pretty close to each other. I would recommend the University to have more fun things where students can get to know each other, especially in the dorms. Overall, I have had a good experience so far and I would not want to be anywhere else.
I have only finished one semester here at Minnesota State University, and I absolutely love it here. When I first came to college I wanted to put myself out there, all while keeping up on grades and doing the right thing. I joined a fraternity, and met plenty of people in the dorms that have incredibly enhanced my college experience already!!
Minnesota State University - Mankato is a good value for a degree. With tuition prices rising across the country, MNSU is still affordable. The school then aids with finding available jobs if the student reaches out and asks for help. Resources, in general, are fairly simple to find if a student needs assistance in any area. Personally, I would recommend MNSU to a high school student interested in continuing their education.
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So far, Minnesota State University, Mankato has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am learning that everyone is here because they want something better for the future. We've got big ideas, and we want to share them with the world. The professors that I have are extremely friendly, dedicated to the education of their students, and are very accessible. My peers have been more diverse than I was expecting, and that's amazing. Diversity displays open-mindedness and acceptance. I have found a few little niches for myself along the way as well; it's amazing how easy it is to get involved! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me here at MSU.
I like my Financial Accounting class and Biology of Women. There is also a great German Language Department. Also I like Yoga and Zumba classes
I haven't checked into the resources yet but so far grabbing a job seems pretty easy and straight forward.
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