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I attended for social work. It was a good school. Most of my professors were excellent. I liked the diversity and the opportunities available at the school. I really enjoyed my internship, as well. I learned a lot at Minnesota State University Moorhead and am grateful I had the opportunity to attend.
The online experience was alright. I didn't mind taking the online classes. They require you to be more self-motivated but the professors were good.
Depends on whether the teacher knows how an online class should work. It also depends on if the schools WiFi is working at the time. Cause it crashes so much
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Overall great school. Weekend activities basically don’t exist so there’s nothing to do on campus. WiFi low key sucks
Don't have much experience, but I'm both hopeful and worried since my attention problems may interfere, and not be given proper accommodations.
The overall atmosphere is pretty decent, but they seem to serve their white cisgender heterosexual abled male students better than their other students, not mention Christian students more than students of other religions. There's an atmosphere as if other students are told they're safe there, even if they themselves don't feel like they are. Coursework can be pretty heavy depending on the teacher and there are few accommodations for disabled students in this arena. There doesn't feel like there's a lot of push to get conservative students out of their comfort zone, despite their efforts to make progressive and/or minority students feel safe, which leads to an uneven feeling atmosphere. The dorms' air conditioning is selectively provided unless it's winter, which in summer can make students wonder how welcome they really are. There's a huge emphasis on campus involvement, which is great...unless you're disabled in some way.
As a senior student at MSUM, I love the size of the classes and how we can interact with professors more compare to larger size universities. Our campus is always secured by 24/7 campus security and i have not seen any major crime happened on Campus. The only thing that I would like to see in the future is that more STEM majors.
Online learning experience at MSUM has been exceptional. The professors are always available through Zoom and always willing to even reschedule the time for international students who have been back to their countries.
I like the atmosphere here and the way the professors are willing to help you out when you need it. Most of the other students around campus are friendly and so is that staff.
Most professors did pre-recorded lectures or held discussions via zoom. It was quite helpful to have help from them and not just a textbook.
As everyone knows the spring semester of the 2020 academic year has been an interesting and challenging one. Despite that MSUM's online learning switch was great! I had no issues with the online learning aspect of college, even though I would much rather be in the classroom with my fellow students and my professors.
MSU-Moorhead is a medium sized college, with a home town feel. Being in the heart of Moorhead gives you access not only to the Moorhead area but the Fargo area! Besides it being a great university its an even better place to live!
MSUM is a good college that's very diverse and accepting so it's easy to feel at home there. Facilities recently renovated so the campus itself is very nice. College is compact, almost all right next to each other so commutes between classes are very easy. Fargo Moorhead is a quirky artsy city but very cold in winter.
I really like the campus and what the area has to offer. The buildings are all pretty close together which makes navigating the area easier.
Campus dorms are really nice. All people here are friendly and always ready to offer help. The diversity of students also on high point. Professors kindness and intention to help students is just perfect. Would love to come to this school again, if i had chance!
I liked the overall atmosphere of this campus. I felt as though it was a very positive atmosphere to place myself in as well as the classes themselves were challenging, but in a good way.
I loved the community feel of the school. Close relationships can be created with so many students and teachers. The campus is beautiful, organized, and welcoming. Getting to places was so convenient and the location of the school is great. The professors focus on the good of the students and providing them with the best education they could receive. Great school.
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It is a great college and I can not wait to go there next year. That have a great campus, and great academic and athletic programs. I definitely recommend going here.
I like Minnesota State University Moorhead because they offers in-state tuition to all student. They have an average class size of 24 with 17:1 student -faculty ratio which helps facilitate one on one interactions with professors. Taking about facilities, MSUM has one of the best State-of-the-art facilities Langseth Hall and Hagen Hall which are modern facilities providing experiential, student-centered learning in interesting spaces that are devoted to research and discovery. In addition to outstanding labs on campus, you can learn and do research at a field station at the MSUM Regional Science Center.
Furthermore, faculty-mentored research is the hallmark of the Biosciences department. Faculty and student collaborators regularly publish in academic peer-reviewed journals and present at regional and national conferences. Faculty and student researchers meet regularly to discuss research. These are but a few reasons why I like Minnesota State University Moorhead.
The University is a nice medium size which is the main appeal for me. Being able to walk to classes in the harsh Minnesota winter is a breeze here. That aside there really is not the extras that you get with large universities such as the parties and stereotype college life. It is just like high school.
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