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I love being a student at MSUM because I am surrounded by a community that cares about my success. I enjoy the hands-on learning experiences. There are so many opportunities available to students, even on a smaller campus.
This university is like a family, and I would recommend it to anyone to study here. When I came here as an in terminational freshman, I thought it would be hard for me to adapt and get along with the other people, but this all the people here treated me like family, everyone is nice and this made me feel like home here.
I love that it's a small campus and that you get to know almost everyone pretty quickly. It is also a very nice campus, meaning the people, because everyone at least smiles at each other is not they say hi. One thing that I am not very fond of on campus is Kise Commons because they don't have much of a variety, it seems to be the same things everyday, which gets old after a while. But the professors are very understanding and kind. They are pretty lenient when it comes to things like extending deadlines and helping out the students with classwork and assignments.
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I love the overall feel of the campus and the size. It is a small campus without being too small. The classes are engaging and professors truly care. It provides a great college atmosphere.
It is a very small beautiful tight-knit campus. Literally, every single one of the professors want to help you and support you every step of the way. I just recently transferred there after attending a community college and everyone I met--faculty and peers-- is so helpful. I've only been there for one semester so far and it feels like my second home. This is definitely the college you want to attend if you want a small, heavily student-focused community.
My experience at Minnesota State University Moorhead is unlike any other! The campus is a very inviting environment; there are always events going on whether it is sports, diversity, or arts. The professors give off a warm, caring aroma. No student should be afraid to ask for help from their professor; they are always willing whether it is through office hours or email. MSUM offers many ways to help students succeed; from tutoring to the Wellness Center for physical health. The campus is just the right size, not too small yet not overwhelming as well. As soon as I visited MSUM my senior year of high school, I knew it was home. Though, what I would like to see change is the exclusion from some activities held on campus. For example, they have activities that exclude some students from clubs or learning communities. I wish for more equality in allowing all students to be involved. Otherwise, I believe MSUM is a great place full of opportunities for students to further their education.
My first year at MSUM has been amazing! I enjoy the diverse on-campus activities that are available. My professors and advisors have been an invaluable bonus to my education. The classes offered through MSUM, as well as the tri-college arrangement, will prepare me for my future. Dorm life, while being an obvious change from living at home with my parents, has been a major asset to starting my education. Moorhead is a great community to be a part of.
I liked the professors, they are very engaging. The campus is pretty, and the people are very welcoming.
MSUM is an inviting environment with many activities available and a close knit campus that is easy to navigate and fun to explore. I has a very homey feel yet independence is evident in the college scene.
It's a nice, small campus. The classes are all really easy to get to and I have run into more good professors than bad. Moorhead is connected to Fargo and it's not too big, but big enough to find things to do. The only problem is how they're cutting some classes out.
A great college overall! Professors are always finding ways to help save you money and giving you information on where to find help. Though, the winter can be slightly testing for some, its nice going to school in a tri-college area where you meet plenty of new people.
Moorhead has very limited staff in the film department and only one professor for animation. We really could use a bigger department with more teachers and better rooms to work and study in.
Right now we are in the basement of the Arts and most of the film equipment is either broken or needs repairing, so watch out.
I absolutely love it here at MSUM. Every professor I've had has been great, they have been respectful, and they all have been very understanding of any problems that may have arisen.
I love MSUM! The class sizes are small. The campus is small. The professors take time to get to know you! I really enjoyed MSUM because of the teaching program. They made sure I had plenty of opportunities to get out into a classroom to make sure I am in the field I should be in.
I love MSUM so far. The campus is gorgeous, the professors are awesome, and the overall environment is great!
I love the running program at Moorhead. I don't like the campus food much. Not a lot of healthy options. The academics is average. Nothing outstanding,
I'm so glad I chose to attend MSUM. It has a small town community feel in a urban area. Everything on campus has easy access, and the campus mall is wonderful regardless of season. The dining hall has a pretty good variety of food, along with the six different restaurants located in the student union. There is a great variety of classes, and my experiences with professors have all been positive. The campus is near several grocery stores, which comes in handy. Public safety is quick to arrive if you ever need help, from wanting an escort across campus or jump starting your car. Overall, I'm very happy with choosing to go to MSUM!
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Excellent faculty with wonderful staff. Small class sizes and a genuine sense of community. More communication and collaboration between majors would be helpful for preparing students to launch successful careers. Many professors are willing to work with students on an individual basis to assist with classwork. Moorhead it's self is a pretty dry town but has a lot of potential to be something more.
The classes offered are interesting and fun without being too difficult to complete. A lot of the professors are very cool and funny along with being able to teach their subjects extremely well. The students and organizations are very diverse and inclusive. I am doing well academically and socially, better than I had thought I would, and I am very glad I decided to go here.
MSU Moorhead has done a tremendous job of making the transition from high school to college a lot easier. Welcome week was filled with lots of activities that allowed me to meet lots of new people and making new friends! The professors are so welcoming and easy to contact. My classes are interesting and the tutors are really helpful.
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