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The thing I enjoy most about Minnesota State Community and Technical College is the small class sizes. The teachers know you personally and it makes learning that much easier.
Minnesota State Community & Technical College has professors who are always ready to help their students succeed and are interested in their student's ideas.
They have excellent programs that interest me. Also, I like the fact that I can get a degree in 2 years instead of 4-year degree at a traditional college. I would like to see more scholarships for a person like myself.
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I struggled in a 4 year college setting. Having smaller class sizes and dedicated instructors that took the time to know your name and wanted you to succeed was a relief. Teachers did not push grades as much as they pushed the pursuit of knowledge and personal development.
I like the small close-knit school environment, it enables you to get to know your professors one on one, and also gives you that first-hand help with your school work and assignments. Overall my experience at M-State has been a good one and I have no qualms. The teachers are respectful and are willing and open to answering questions (in regards to school work). Students are respectful on our discussion panel boards, which makes the overall experience at the school a great one!
I really enjoy this school - it is smaller which allows you to connect better with other students and teachers and allows you to not feel overwhelmed!
It is so many opportunities for students and they work to make your experience the best!
It has been super easy to figure out my future schedule. I have been able to talk with my adviser all the time.
I am currently a freshman at M State FF and find it a really good place for academic studies. However, there is not much activities around the campus.
This school is great because it is cheap, nice group of people to meet. The teachers are great help, I have made new friends and I have stayed friends with some that have transferred here too
Avg small school . They could definitely use a upgrade to the cafe and have more food choices like many other colleges. The town is small and not much for college kids to do . There isn’t evening classes so you are stuck taking daytime classes . Dorms could use a upgrade but there is newer dorms on campus too. People are nice but the older lady at the front is very rude especially for being the first person to greet you when you go into the college she could definitely use a few courses in customer service .
I enjoyed the fact the Minnesota State Technical and Community College was an excellent and inexpensive place to get my generals done. The teachers I worked with were focused on their student's success and motivated to help students outside of the classroom if need be. However the Fergus Falls campus was unfortunately not extremely helpful when I faced harassment from a fellow student. I felt as if faculty were trying to make a difference but they did not provide me with the resources I needed to feel safe. Other than that negative experience, MState is a good place to complete your generals, meet local friends, and introduce yourself to college.
I started at M-State my Senior year of high school and loves the atmosphere right away. The class sizes are small but are great for one on one time with the professors. The course were challenging but there was great access to help outside of the classroom. I loved all of my professors. A great 2 year college.
I absolutely loved my two years at MState. The Staff and Faculty are very friendly and are willing to do anything to make sure you get the best education possible. I loved the smaller class sizes beucase this gave you more one on one with your teachers. I also loved how much of a community Mstate was becuase of its smaller size you knew most people within the school. We also have a variety of ethnicities leading us to learn more about other cultures. Just an overall amazing college and I would strongly recommend starting your college experience here!
What I really like about Minnesota State Community and Technical College is that it is a small campus, which means there is a low ratio of professors to students. This gives more learning opportunity for the students and a significant chance of receiving one on one learning with the professor. I also like the atmosphere. We have many students from all over the world and country, and this makes for some good talk in classrooms. One thing I would like to change is the social life of M State. There is a lot of partying that goes on which makes for students missing class. I think this is very detrimental to academic success. Another thing I would like to change about the social aspect would be to add more activities for on campus and off campus students. I doesn't help that Fergus Falls isn't very big, but I think there is a lot more potential to make this town suitable for college students.
Nice campus and helpful staff. I like that the class sizes are smaller and the instructors know all the student. The website D2L is simple and easy to navigate around.
MState is a wonderful college to attend whether you just graduated high school, you're in the workforce and need more education, or you are trying to climb the ladder in your current career.

The Professors at MState are active listeners to each individual. They are always willing to lend a helping hand so students can excel! Also, because class sizes are smaller, professors are able to get more one on one time with students. During class hours lectures are thorough and very easy to understand. Whenever students do not understand, Professors are available and easy to talk to!

Every staff member at MState works their hardest to make sure students get the best out of their education. They go to great lengths to ensure the best college experience into every student! The professors, advisers, administrators, and janitors all work together to ensure quality!
An excellent junior college for someone transitioning from high school to a four-year institution. This school allows you to save some money while still furthering your education.
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Did not transfer credits. Offered mainly two groups for two separate schedules, which fit my needs.Only hassle was the required elective courses: too few seats available, forced to take online to complete.
Online was only option to take required elective course due to scheduling. Cost was far higher per credit than classroom.
Job prospects are great - have a job lined up with local firm.
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