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Minnesota School of Cosmetology - Woodbury Reviews

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I'm the type of student who loves vacation. Minnesota school of cosmetology allows us to use time for vacation without having to drop from school.
We really don't have all my courses, but we are able to use our iPads instead of textbooks.
You are allowed to come back and get your managers license.
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So far I love the courses because is actually information that I will need it wanted to pass my board exam. The instructors have a policy which allows students to feel comfortable to come in with any type of questions or concerns.
One thing at the Minnesota school of cosmetology is there a different salons that will come into the school and you different students. Allowing the salon to step in and sometimes do demonstrations provides students the opportunity to possibly work at the salon.
Even though at times it seems like a lot of work, I'm glad I'm being challenged.
I'm glad I chose to school to attend. I would encourage anyone who is trying to get into the cosmetology field in Minnesota to attend the school as well if you're looking for the best, quality education.
frusterating dealing with fincial aid counselors sometimes
great location, convient for anyone close to the twin cities
a lot of petty girls, but thats a given going to a school with all or majority of girls
instructors know the ins and outs to what they teach students
I love it its all hands on learning comes easy the instructors are amazing and and by your side and help you through whatever you need
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