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Minnesota School of Business - Shakopee Reviews

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Variety and well cultured background. Easy to get along with.
Like all the options available. Plenty of choices.
Prefer not to do online classes. Prefer to actually have an instructor.
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Good all around so far. Everything pretty clear. Plan on enrolling for October.
I have not yet taken any classes or registered for them but all of my transfer credits were accepted and applied as I needed them.
The campus building is very small and personal. Everything is in one place which is very nice.
I believe the tuition will be worth the education. The financial aid office has been helpful so far in giving specific values and payments due on what dates. Tuition is pretty expensive, so I am applying for as many scholarships as I can because the government will not offer me any financial aid.
I have not yet taken any classes, but my application experience has been wonderful. It has been very personal and they really want to help you and make sure every question you have is answered, usually even before you get the chance to ask.
What unique about my school is that people are always willing to help. They know that we want to sucess and would help in every way that they can. They are ver supportive.
The school network is very reliable. It's fast and also have many computers when we need to use it.
After graduating, MSB college still have us listed on their system, so when we need help they are still there.
I like night classes because people who attend have the same goals as I do. We want to suceed and work hard. The teachers are very helpful and knowledge.
Online classes is very helpful for students who are busy and willing to learn. This is an opportunity for students as well as residential classes.
Everyone here is friendly and full time workers. They are easily to work and learn with since we are here to acheive the same goals.
MSB has a good number or programs in which will appeal to an assortment to people who are looking to attend school for various reason. They also have "support" such as tutors and job search to help you along.
The Online Library – I especially am grateful for the online library, there is also a campus library and computers there for you. There is a student lounge that is very relaxed and enjoyable. They always have activities going on which are very fun.
I Love MSB – I love the small class sizes and one-on-one time. My school has a lot of events that include all students of every age and offer lots of prizes. I love the friendly atmosphere and I feel like everyone really wants you to succeed. The only thing I dislike is the price, it seems incredibly too high but I suppose you get what you pay for.
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Nursing Program – Only available atthe richfield campus,which you didn't have as an option
Tight Knit Groups Within Programs – The students at my school all seem to get along well. No one is singled out, everyone seems to get along. Study groups have been set up with a good amount of classmates, which helps all of us. Although there isn't much interaction between students of different programs.
Somewhat Flexible – For the most part, classes offered were flexible. Much more flexibility was noted with generals such as multiple class times and online class availability. One negative was when first applying I was told all of my classes would be available as night classes which I later found was not the case.
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