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Minnesota School of Business - Blaine Reviews

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Overall, it's great, considering it is a small college. It is a pleasure to attend this college.
Individualized attention, friendly and professional atmosphere, professors prepare students toward succeeding
Staff is genuinely concerned about providing a high quality education and services to the students.
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Students provide evaluations of professors and classes. Professors genuinely pay attention to suggestions. Class registration process was easy and efficient. Workload is relative...depends upon the student...the workload is reasonable.
Discussions; workload was heavy, but I have no complaints with that; professor/student relationship was exceptional; good peer-to-peer interaction
Experience with financial aid office has been exceptional. The staff helped me with scholarships.
The success rate of employment is high. The services at the school are exceptional.
Resources are easily accessible for answers. I have not had any problems.
Library is small, but there are other available options. I have access to other libraries through campus connections.
There was one particular class that is only taught by one professor on the same evening, the same day of the week, each quarter. Since that didn't fit my schedule, I had to take the online option, and I learned nothing from the professor. It was a self-study course to get you through the requirement. Very disappointing.
I would probably still choose this school because there are limited options for an accredited massage therapy program in minnesota.
There is a very small library, but you can get books from other campuses. The student center is very small, and there is not an area for quiet study.
The labs are often open, but the new Ipad program still seems to require a little more work.
It seems to be a small program, but I enjoy learning massage therapy and there are not a lot of associates programs available for this.
My classes thus far, are a little lacking in their educational knowledge.
If you know what you want, and do not have a problem working hard to make others understand what your specific goals look like, they do offer great programs.
I'm not entirely sure of what the options are in this category.
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I have not been able to understand why the cost per credit is so much greater than at other colleges.
I do not notice a lot of diversity of ethnicity, but there is a diversity of ages and experience.
My professor had little to no lecture, read the book and self learn.
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