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I've had no problem planning my classes for times that work for and anytime I've had something come up the school has nothing but accounting to my situation and did all they could to work around it so that I could still get my classes finished
I haven't taken any all online courses but I've taking a few hybrid classes and the online aspect of the class was very good and easy to do on your own time. The content was of a high quality and taught you almost as much as your learned in class
They really make sure at our school that you are ready with all of the necessary tools you need to be successful at interviewing and getting into a company that is part of your field of study. They'll have you build a portfolio to show off your skills and have you do mock interviews to prep you to be good at interviewing
Review Minnesota School of Business - Richfield
Our school has a lot of great relationships with a lot of local companies here in the twin cities of MN. Recently their was carrier fair with one of the big game comanies activison looking for QA testers. There were also big companies for all of the other degree programs offered. Once graduating from here you have a pretty good chance of getting a job in your field right after or shortly after you graduate.
The instructors are amazing and knowledgeable about what they teach and the work loads are perfectly acceptable. Some classes work part online and part on campus. Fully online courses are also available if needed. This school focuses on you the student and your success.
As part of the game application development program you get the feeling that the teachers know exactly how you feel about certain aspects of gaming. The two gaming teachers at this campus work in the field and know about all of the upcoming stuff. They give advice that you wouldn't necessarily get at a regular university it's real world experience because they have that experience.
This is a great school one becasue they have small personalized classes with instructors who work in the fields that they study. You also get the feeling while you are at this school that the teachers are just like you. I mean as in they aren't always just rigid school teachers they'll share stories be friendly and sometimes admit ti's an off day and class will end early to if they don't feel well. Everyone is treated as an adult which is wonderful. I woukldn't do this all over becasue I have no regrets I love everything about this school.
They are very caring and want to see students succeed.
They pick your classes for you so you have to rearrange your personal life
They are average. Multiple discussions and readings
They know a lot of employers and really help get you into a career
The class sizes are small so you get to know your class mates
All of the most recent grads have gotten jobs in their field
The classes are really intense. You actually have to try.
It is a very expensive school but the people really care about the students.
I have ABSOLUTELY enjoyed my experience with this school so far!! I am VERY impressed how much they invest in each of their students. At this school, they assign an advisor to each area where their students need guidance (admissions, academic, career services & financial aide). These advisors are with their students from enrollment all the way through graduation. The last college I attended did not have resources to that extent. It has definitely made the enrollment process that much easier & manageable.
teachers are easy to reach, material is useful and applicable to real life
Review Minnesota School of Business - Richfield
The school makes the schedule.
Professors are very easy to talk with and provide great experience.
A lot of clinical experience.
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