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My degree that I am going for now didn't align that well with where I transferred from. But the ones that could transfer did.
I prefer on campus courses but I have taken a lot of online classes and they are fine for online classes.
Again I wish that this was a bigger option at the school.
Review Minnesota School of Business - Plymouth
Once I got into the classes were more directed to my career choice it was easier and super beneficial to interact with my professors.
I wish ther was more talk and options for what happens after college.
I love it. The professors in my major are so knowledgable and have real experience in the field.
It is small so all of th staff knows everyone and are extremely helpful.
Really flexible, nothing is really difficult they don't make you do something you don't want to. They let you choose.
It's not that pricey, nothing is really that bad.
I received a great understanding on opportunities to be able to get more money besides financial aid due to other grants and scholarships.
Being at this school gives you more of an opportunity to make a better life for yourself due to them working with your schedule.
The offers are great plenty of options
My experience when and while I was registering and enrolling in my classes has been a great as of now. As well being able to transfer credits for one of the previous colleges I attended.
There is always someone there to help
There truly is no other schools in Minnesota besides argosy that had veterinarian technology as a career/schooling option and it is such a great school at getting you an externship and helping you find a career and that's why it's the best
It's expensive for the little amount of money I will be making in my career but I want to work with animals so my options are limited in the world of animal careers
It's probably the best environment I've ever been in besides my workplace
Review Minnesota School of Business - Plymouth
I feel that the cost of my education is definitely worth the education I am getting. The program is far more streamlined than a conventional four-year college, so I will be receiving my Bachelor's Degree in three years rather than four. This means that I will have an advantage over others earning their degree traditionally, as I will be able to join the workforce sooner, and will be able to have experience while others are finishing their final year. The financial aid department was able to answer any of my questions, and when I encountered a problem, they were able to help me sort it out quickly. They have also followed up with me to make sure things were going as they should.
I would choose this school all over again, because the thought of going back to school after 25 years was very intimidating. They were very helpful in making sure that my experience would allow me to obtain the degree that I am looking for without making it overwhelming. They helped me to tailor my experience to my comfort level while letting me know that any changes necessary would be okay. I have really felt that they want me to succeed as a person, and not just a student ID.
They have so many different resources to help with your education; as I am an online student, I can only speak of those assets. I have access to a campus library where I can not only do my own research, but can ask for help from actual librarians during their business hours. There is a career center in which you can start from day one working toward your goal of finding a job in your field. They really do want to see you succeed and will help you in whatever capacity they can, whether it be interviewing, your resume, networking, work study or internships.
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