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The student atmosphere totally depends on what class that the students are in. The students in my Biology class were very nice and respectful but other ones in another class I took were very outgoing and not very respectful. The school definitely accepts students of any kind and looks forward to seeing them succeed.
My school's tuition is very reasonable compared to other schools. I have not yet met with financial aid because I just finished the High School Program but I am planning on meeting with the financial aid office soon!
I really enjoyed the High School Advantage Program and look forward to starting full time in the fall for the Veterinary Technology Program. I enjoyed the Composition class because the teacher made it fun to learn even though it was hard. I enjoyed learning how to do Veterinary Calculations and look forward to pressing this type of math more into my memory. I enjoyed working hard in Biology because it made me realize the importance of doing my best.This school is unique because the instructors really care about you and your education.
Review Minnesota School of Business - Elk River
At Minnesota School of Business, the professors and the administration workers are always polite and kind to the students. They realize the importance both of the students and the importance of keeping a good reputation. The librarian is very friendly and willing to help people. The library is quiet and relaxing and the online library is a very useful tool to use to do research. The atmosphere of the school is professional and the school encourages the students to do their best at everything that they do in life!
Lots of work room and most class rooms are avalible to use for study groups plus tutors are avalible for most classes.
For the most part everyone is nice and helpful.
there is more time to get other things like work done but there is also some classes that dont work well being online because of the complexablity of the class.
I honestly don't pay that much attention. I usually have been taking all my classes on-line. The classes that I have taken on campus; I have never seen or heard of a situation of someone being mistreated and or disrespected.
The small class size, is a huge factor for me, I like that all the instructors take their time with their students and always go above and beyond what their expectations are of being a instructor. I feel blessed that I have found this school, to help guide me into a better career for myself and my family. The staff and instructors have on many times reached out to me, when I was struggling with some classes, and how to get things done. I felt wanted there; like the school really wanted me there. The instructors invest a lot of their time into their classes they teach, and this to me, is unique.
The peer-to-peer interaction has always been a positive experience for me. The workload is tolerable, and I feel the registration process was very easy. The instructor/student relationship is very professional and respectful.
The whole process is very easy to complete and understand. As soon as a person can complete their FASFA I do suggest they do this part. If at anytime a person is not understanding their financial aid, remember to ask someone in the correct department, they are all very knowledgeable
I think what got my attention to the school was the fact that the class sizes are typically smaller in number for students, and I see this as a positive offer from the school; it will give everyone in the classroom if needed some time with the instructor to receive more help/direction if asked for. I like the idea that the instructors and the classes they teach, their own personal job will have something to do with what they are teaching, and I think this gives the student a great insight on what and how the job can really be like.
The resources are always being updated, and keeping the students informed of what things are offered. The library has a variety of books, computers, and other items to help students continue to be a successful student.
The career center is always being updated, and is always posting leads for all areas of study, also instructors will also email their students on potential job-leads.
Registration is easy and easy to understand how to complete registration, whether it is on-line or with an adviser. The instructors basically practice what they preach; their career that they have, is included in the class the teach to give a better understanding on what is being taught. There are tutors who are available for most if not all courses offered, the workload can be overwhelming however communicating with the instructor(s) of the class that one may be struggling with, I have found that the instructor has always gone above and beyond to help their student to complete what it is that is expected to be completed.
The one on one with instructors, small class sizes, the feeling that as a student; I feel I matter. The endless connections that the instructors have to help guide students into a job after their schooling.
Tuition is a little high but the one on one time with teachers is worth it. Financial aid is a slow going on getting answers, sometimes
Review Minnesota School of Business - Elk River
there are alot of thought put into what student activities are planed
everything is good and most resources are easy to use when ever needed most of the time
they are not to flexible with outside life, they want you here and there is no buts about it.
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