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So far so good. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff in the introduction to my coursework. Have been very warm and flexible with my schedule
Again this question was asked twice, the professors are nice, friendly and helpful in any way.
Class registration is already done for us so we don't have to worry about which class to take or if we are taking the correct class and staying on course.
For our study options there are tutors available and you can get a hold of a teacher just about any time of the day through email, school, or phone.

For the programs they have the following at the minneapolis, mn location
-Digital art and design
-Business in media
-Game art and animation
-Recording and music technology

Madison, WI
-Digital art and design
-Electronic and A/V systems
-Entertainment and media business
-Game art and animation
-Independent digital film
-Recording and music technology
-Video and motion graphics

Online classes
-Mobile application development
Like I said before because I noticed this question is on here twice, the workload can be a hassel but I work through it with the help of the teachers and tutors, as far as internships go if student services finds a job that is up my alley or anyones they send out an email to let people know about the internship/job opportunity so we don't miss out. But that does not mean that we don't look around ourselves.
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The financial aid is awesome at my school they even walk through your FASFA with you if you don't feel comfortable filling it out by yourself, they always help out with making sure you know how much more you have to go before you graduate and that your financial aid is on track and they let you know early what you can do to take one more if you want to.
Take me for example I was in the financial aid office asking them if I could after I get my associates degree go on to get a bachelors and how I would go about doing that. They are showing me several different options and are trying to make sure that when I go for a bachelors degree there are no problems.
I think for as dedicated as the teachers and faculty are and for all the books, programs, and other things that I need for school that are all covered I think I am totally underpaying in tuition and it should cost more but in tern it actually cost less.
I personally could not have asked for a better school then the Minneapolis Media Institute.
Students talk in between classes, or hang out in the lunch room, or other parts of the school that we sit around and chat, everyone accepts everyone no matter how different or alike we all are, the thing that we all have in common is that we are all very creative even if we are all in different fields.
We even have a drawing club, and a game club that a lot of students participate in and the live at MMI is mainly run by students.
Unfortunately I can't decide when my classes are going to be however I do know that they will be Monday through Friday, weekend classes are optional.
At my school we have a wireless access any student can access it through there own personal laptop, ipad, or phone, the computer labs are huge and have a lot of computers and access to them is anytime from when the school opens to when it closes.
I like the library at my school they like to keep there books up to date and different ones to keep you going forward, we have some campus activities but I don't go to them because I'm usually studying or having my nose in a book, the student center is always available, and there is a lot of space/ places you can study.
If I had known about this school before I went to my first school well lets just say the minneapolis media institute would have been my first school and only college that I would have went to. I love going here you get to learn new things every day, and the staff help you out as much as they can.
Student services are always available any time and they even have a person that you meet with who helps you find a job in your field if they come across anything that might be up your alley you can bet you'll get an email with all the info on it.
At my school they want you to learn and to further your education as much as you possibly can they just added another program that you can add to your current program to help in furthering your education in the field you choose to persue.
They always ask if you need help with anything even if you need a tutor, and the teachers are super nice you can always get a hold of a teacher weather its after class, over the phone, or by email.
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