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The advisors have made my plan, very clear. And have been berry helpful with any questions I’ve had on classes and future classes, and testing.
The location is perfect, the teachers are Awesome! The staff and faculty are very helpful. I love the classes, and the major provided.
Love the flexibility, the staff and overall friendliness that school has. The professors are super helpful and you can tell enjoy their jobs, and want the best for their students. I love how diverse MCTC is, and how easy it is to feel comfortable while attending classes. They make it a point to help you achieve your goals, and work with you every step of the way.
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I really enjoy being a student. The Instructors are very good at teaching and making sure everyone understands
M.C.T.C. is a great collage. The campus is located in downtown Minneapolis, the transit system is a great way to get to class, or if you drive the campus has a parking lot. It is a diverse and amazing school the academics are very organized. Over all i would recommend this school to anyone.
Fantastic experience! The campus is accessible, the staff is really helpful, and the teachers are willing to do whatever they can to help students succeed. Many of the students are non-traditional, with families and jobs, and this is truly an education which fits that model.
So far I am in the exact program I want to be. I love the Visual Arts course. It is the perfect fit for me. The college itself is very open and spacious, and clean.
They were so helpful to me and my specific situation and made sure I got the help I needed!
Why I like Minneapolis Community & Technical Collage is because they are a diverse school. It's a nice small campus. The food is good, but if you don't want the cafeteria food there are many restaurants near by. It is located right in downtown Minneapolis which is accessible to everything. Easy transportation. Good place for high-school student who are in PSEO to prepare them for collage as well as students who are planning to transfer to a University after two years.
This school is helps students save more money than going to a full 4 year university or college. This school is great for people who didn't do well in high school however this school felts like high school than college education which made my first semester in U of MN overwhelming.
MCTC is a 2 year college that Many people choose to because it is cheap and have a huge diversity and a flexible schedule.
It is an amazing college to start out at. It is actually a community full of very nice people and they will respect you no matter what. MCTC has people of all ages, race, and faith but no one is left out. The classed are also very nice and passable. The professors want you to succeed and acknowledge you to come to see them in the office hours if you need help.
So far this is my first year of college and I'm definitely in love with it. Huge school yet everything functions. The teachers are amazing and I've never been so interested in school. The staff make me want to go to show up to school everyday and go above and beyond!
I like how the school had many online options for my learning and I could easily get what I needed done for my educational goals. I do wish they had more weekend and late hour classes for individuals who work full-time during the day.
I attended MCTC for their Criminal Justice program. The school was very supportive and offered a variety of programs for parents and students to recieve financial support. The teachers are very helpful and stayed available, even after classes were over. I never had any issues with getting advice about class assignments, financial resources, or letters of recommendations. The school is inexpensive to attend and the campus is cozy. The school is also very diverse with programs structured around the student culture. I really enjoyed attending this college for a multitude of reasons and hope that others can say that they experienced the same treatment provided by this institution.
Minneapolis community & technical college is a school of opportunity. They do not discriminate. You can apply and receive an education. They are flexible, affordable and it is a great start. if you stopped attending and want to go back to college, Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a great path for your future.
Minneapolis Community and Technical College has been a great school for me. I love how diverse it is. The professors that I have had are awesome and I have learned a lot. The only thing I would change is the availability of the advisers.
Decent campus, teachers, student life, and classes. Very diverse and culturally varied as well as celebrated.
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The Architectural Technology program is excellent. Most students are employed by local firms after the first year of classes, some earlier. Teachers go above and beyond to engage students in relavent material and create an office like environment. Great opportunities to volunteer and start networking as well. Many guest speakers and connections with local architecture, interior design, and engineering firms.
I am a PSEO high school student attending MCTC. My experience here wasn't and still isn't to great. I wish they would care a little bit more about their students. I understand they have a lot, but it would be nice. I wish they would change the way some of the professors communicate. Many of them don't get back to you for a while.
Best school I ever had beacuse their flexible teacher and breathtaking tutoring. Advisors are very amazing you hep you meet you academic needings and career pathways.
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