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The instructors I've had so far have had no idea what they're doing. They're a mess. And they just...continue to be a mess. And then blame the students when we're confused! It's infuriating, to be honest. They're either not supported enough by the school, or choosing not to take advantage of the support that's offered. I'd genuinely believe either way.
I love that I'm surrounded by mostly adults like myself who have come back to school or are still trying. I've had classes with students whose age ranges from 17 to 70, and it's never been An Issue - we're all on a level playing field, and it adds a rich layer to the diversity of the school. I do, however, wish the instructors were more competent. I'm not asked for much, so I'm not learning much. Especially now that we've moved online, I'm basically paying money to teach myself - and who has time for that!?
I liked the people and professors, they were all so kind and definitely are there for you to succeed.
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I took an online class during the early pandemic lockdown that was originally in person and it went pretty well. Very organized and flexible.
Recently, we have had to move all of our on-campus classes online. This process was seamless for the staff at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. All of my online classes have been clear and organized. I love being able to go at my own pace but I am also held accountable by instructors and classmates. It has been a very flexible and rewarding experience.
I am currently in my second go-around at Minneapolis Community & Technical College. I received my Associates in Biology about 6 years ago and I have returned recently to begin an education in Nursing. The low cost and accessibility of MCTC are two top motivating factors for me. The admissions and registration processes are easy and clear and the staff I have encountered are great at what they do. I am proud to be a student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
The best thing is the online classes. They professors are quick to get back to your questions and the work load is pretty reasonable as well.
Love this school! Its very diverse and the professors are mostly friendly and work with you to help you succeed. I just wish it was a 4 year college
Addiction Counseling program and everything involved is not meant for students of color. Lots of outdated material. Lots of students change majors or don’t finish the program.
Do not recommend. Just another program built to produce white counselors.
Some instructors who’ve been doing online for awhile are better than others. Some of the new instructors during COVID online classes were not.
It is a nice school in the heart of the city. Easy to get to and has many degrees and areas of study options. The advising staff is helpful
Making the switch to all online courses has been fairly seamless. Some classes/ professors have had an easier time than others, but all in all, it has been a mostly positive experience. In my experience, most teachers are available to help if you're struggling with the change
I’ve only took a few due to the COVID-19 and it was good communication between professors when it came to the courses taught.
Minneapolis College is a great community college to attend for anyone looking to start school in a less environmental space than a university plus if not sure on a major or cost of tuition this school helps you with that. I believe Minneapolis College is the best community college in Minnesota. I recommend people attend this school for their associate and to finding their career path. What I enjoy most about the school is the environment and I feel the teachers take good care of their students, and faculty/board make sure the schools safe.
I love how the college is centrally located within Minneapolis. It has a large student body of all different genders and races. Smaller class sizes makes connections towards professors much more easy than at a bigger university!
Online classes can be common but are often asynchronous with in person classes. If you have any sort of question, there are available categories in each need for the help.
My experience at this college was amazing. I found good friends, met good people from different backgrounds and professors. My first reaction to this college wasn't as excited as I feel these days because I was confused with the location of the classes, cafeteria, and more. Later on, this college was perfect for me as I love studying in a quiet place and it was easy to access everything like a cafeteria, student services, library, bus stop, parking, and many more. I would highly recommend to chose this college to students whose financial need students.
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online learning was a bit tough since I haven't had any experience and teacher tries their best to improve and help students but I would first recommend you to check out "Rate my professor" where the student gives feedback about professor's teaching skills and how they respond and helpful to students. Every professor has either bad or good feedback but everyone is not perfect and everyone has a different taste. Therefore, 80% is up to students when it comes to studying even though, professors are trying as hard as they can in order to encourage and improve us.
Minneapolis Community and Technical College provides a supportive community for people from all different walks of life to prosper and grow. I love MCTC for three reasons: financial stability, community and opportunity.
The cost of education is extremely expensive, this college has made it possible for me to advance my skills and education to one day earn a degree. This school has ties to the community through transfer programs, scholarships, clubs and events. In addition Minneapolis College has such a diverse staff and student body that I have been introduced many communities and cultures.
Good opportunity is having the door opened, pointed to, explained as well as being handed directions and given alternate doors to take. This is the type of opportunity Minneapolis College gives its students. Every aspect of the school is backed by the opportunity to succeed in life, and all the choices and chances that are to come.
MCTC is a wonderful, diverse school that caters to an array of education levels. The staff is very helpful and the school has a great atmosphere as well as location right on top of Loring Park. Many of the teachers are always open to helping students achieve the highest success possible. There are also many programs offered and credits can transfer to other MNSCU colleges which makes it cheaper than going right to a 4 year college. Overall, MCTC is a great place for beginning your higher education journey for a reasonable cost.
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