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The professors at this community college are great, because they care about each individuals education and higher educations goals.
I transferred to Minneapolis Community & Technical College because it was a cheaper alternative to expensive state school tuition. I love the campus and the professors, but the parking is poor, and the housing options are little to none due to the fact that it's directly downtown. Otherwise, everyone has been super accommodating and it's an overall very welcoming environment.
So far so good. The enrollment process was easy. I was a transfer student and pretty much all my credits was equivelant~
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The campus has grown so much through the years. They have a really nice park outside the campus. The teachers are very nice and helpful. The school has a very diverse staff and students. The school is very helpful with students needs.
I have dound MCTC to be wonderful school to begin your collegiate academic career. It's campus diversity and location in downtown Minneapolis gives a student plenty to choose from. The school offers many opportunities for sucess, student aid, free tutors, and has great staff and a dedicated team of directors who's job is to make sure your in a good and safe learning environment. Weather you are new to to college fresh out of high school or a returning student like myself Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a great experience in your life.
I don't I don't like the fact that the advisors that are assigned to the students are not actively involved with the students academics. They don't seem to be of much support or provide any Intervention when students may be about to fail classes.
I like the affordability of this school. And I like the diversity. The school does a good job with offering different programs to students of their culture. It is a small college and the classes are not full which allows the students to have longer one on one times with the professors. The school also prides it self on creating programs that students are interested in. The only thing I would change is for the staff to be more available to the evening students.
I appreciate that Minneapolis Community Technical College is diverse and affordable. I believe the community college needs to improve on keeping their students more safe. I've heard of a few instances where people have been harmed and sexually asaulted on the campus. All students should never have to worry about being traumatized in their learning environment. The quality of achedemics are many times, you get why you put into it. If you work hard to learn something, you will. In my experience most professors are engaging and want you to succeed. Many of them are available and encourage their students to succeed. There is a specific psychology in good teaching. Proffesors should have mandatory training with other schools in the area and around the world. This way it challenges us to be learning and creates competition for knowledge and understanding. Most of the professors at MCTC are passionate an like what they do.
Like most colleges, the administrative staff is not always helpful with the clarification to clear confusion among students. The college is currently in a "rebranding phase" and there seems to be a revolving door of directors. Hopefully, in the nearby future, everything becomes more consistent and efficient with the welfare of the students in mind.
Very small classes. So many classes to choose from and works excellent with your work and or family schedule which is important!
For the most part I have had a great experience during my time at MCTC. I am going into my last semester which I have completed all of my classes online. The only time I have had an issue was with the academic advisor that I was assigned. I had been scheduled on numerous occasions to meet with him both in person and over the phone. Each time he was not there for the appointment nor was there communication that he needed to reschedule. Luckily there was another advisor that was there to assist me and keep me on track.
Very diverse environment. Staff is always willing to help make sure you are on track. I am a photography and digital imaging major and the professors are amazing and very professional.
I loved this campus in downtown Minneapolis. It was a fun and diverse way to earn a degree. I would recommend it for anyone looking for their Associates degree or certifications.
Minneapolis Community & Technical College Is a very inexpensive college I love how you can still live and not suffering paying for college and apartment at the time. But it has amazing teacher everyone in the school is a teacher whether they are licensed or not because some students know more then the teaches and you can learn something everyday.
The campus is small and easy to locate classrooms. The commute there was not the best, but they have a parking garage for students.
My experince at Minneapolis Community & Technical College was how the class size was about 20 -25 students per students in each class and how much of other activities there are in the school.
MCTC is community college that helps students start from where ever they at. It is good college located in Minneapolis downtown. The campus there is pretty lively with all kinds of people hanging out, It is pretty diverse with many ethnicities all in one college. The local Area is pretty busy which sucks but has many other places to vibe, eat. and other types entertainments.
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I choose MCTC because it was an affordable college and had the degree option I was looking for. The campus is located downtown Minneapolis so you can have access to many restaurants and places downtown and have the access to get to the school. The students are very diverse as well.
The best thing about MCTC is how diverse it is. You get to meet people of different backgrounds, different ages, and at different stages of life. The teachers are great, location is great and they keep improving and updating the school over the years... I’m happy with my experience at this school and would definitely recommend it.
The campus is really nice, the people are super friendly and cool. The school is very diverse and in a very cool location.
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