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Very diverse environment. Staff is always willing to help make sure you are on track. I am a photography and digital imaging major and the professors are amazing and very professional.
I loved this campus in downtown Minneapolis. It was a fun and diverse way to earn a degree. I would recommend it for anyone looking for their Associates degree or certifications.
Minneapolis Community & Technical College Is a very inexpensive college I love how you can still live and not suffering paying for college and apartment at the time. But it has amazing teacher everyone in the school is a teacher whether they are licensed or not because some students know more then the teaches and you can learn something everyday.
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The campus is small and easy to locate classrooms. The commute there was not the best, but they have a parking garage for students.
My experince at Minneapolis Community & Technical College was how the class size was about 20 -25 students per students in each class and how much of other activities there are in the school.
MCTC is community college that helps students start from where ever they at. It is good college located in Minneapolis downtown. The campus there is pretty lively with all kinds of people hanging out, It is pretty diverse with many ethnicities all in one college. The local Area is pretty busy which sucks but has many other places to vibe, eat. and other types entertainments.
I choose MCTC because it was an affordable college and had the degree option I was looking for. The campus is located downtown Minneapolis so you can have access to many restaurants and places downtown and have the access to get to the school. The students are very diverse as well.
The best thing about MCTC is how diverse it is. You get to meet people of different backgrounds, different ages, and at different stages of life. The teachers are great, location is great and they keep improving and updating the school over the years... I’m happy with my experience at this school and would definitely recommend it.
The campus is really nice, the people are super friendly and cool. The school is very diverse and in a very cool location.
MCTC is a great school to get your generals done for cheap, and there are some really awesome professors here. There isn't much student life, though there are some clubs, it's pretty difficult to make friends. Also, doesn't feel academically challenging enough.
I enjoyed my time at MCTC. My instructors were always remarkably helpful and I felt that I got more than my money's worth with the knowledge I attained. The campus is diverse and students are mature and for the most part, take classes seriously. The only complaint I do have is that often times when I have questions about financial aid, etc., it is very difficult to get a straight answer or help. I've been in the office countless times for questions that I've never really gotten any answers to. It's very frustrating, especially after waiting in line for such a long time. Despite this, the school was worth my money and ended up benefiting me greatly in regards to transferring schools.
What I like most about MCTC is that I am able to choose from a wide variety of classes in order to complete my transfer curriculum at a very affordable price. Not only have I had great professors for my on-campus classes, I have also had positive experiences with the online courses I am taking this semester.
The advisors have made my plan, very clear. And have been berry helpful with any questions I’ve had on classes and future classes, and testing.
The location is perfect, the teachers are Awesome! The staff and faculty are very helpful. I love the classes, and the major provided.
Love the flexibility, the staff and overall friendliness that school has. The professors are super helpful and you can tell enjoy their jobs, and want the best for their students. I love how diverse MCTC is, and how easy it is to feel comfortable while attending classes. They make it a point to help you achieve your goals, and work with you every step of the way.
I really enjoy being a student. The Instructors are very good at teaching and making sure everyone understands
M.C.T.C. is a great collage. The campus is located in downtown Minneapolis, the transit system is a great way to get to class, or if you drive the campus has a parking lot. It is a diverse and amazing school the academics are very organized. Over all i would recommend this school to anyone.
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Fantastic experience! The campus is accessible, the staff is really helpful, and the teachers are willing to do whatever they can to help students succeed. Many of the students are non-traditional, with families and jobs, and this is truly an education which fits that model.
So far I am in the exact program I want to be. I love the Visual Arts course. It is the perfect fit for me. The college itself is very open and spacious, and clean.
They were so helpful to me and my specific situation and made sure I got the help I needed!
Why I like Minneapolis Community & Technical Collage is because they are a diverse school. It's a nice small campus. The food is good, but if you don't want the cafeteria food there are many restaurants near by. It is located right in downtown Minneapolis which is accessible to everything. Easy transportation. Good place for high-school student who are in PSEO to prepare them for collage as well as students who are planning to transfer to a University after two years.
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