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You learn good techniques and outside experiences. Some teachers aren't great, but that's school in general.
I have yet to attend but everything that I have had questions about or just needed general information on they have been super helpful and accommodating. I have no complaints so far
Move in day was very difficult, very rude parents and little to no directions of where to go. Very disappointed
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I'm a sophomore and so far my college experience has been great.
MCAD offers allot of opportunity for learning and exploring new ways to create art.
This school is the perfect fit for me! The professors are professional, helpful, and want you to learn and are always doing everything they can to help their students succeed. The atmosphere and aesthetics of the campus make me so happy to be there even when I'm dragging my feet to class. Critiques can be harsh and take some getting used to but are usually worth the pain of it.
I think my experience was fairly normal. I like a lot of people on campus but some are very rude. There are some professors that care a lot about students are are trying to help. There are other professors that are here that care but not really and sometimes waste your time and I can't believe I'm paying for such ridiculous schooling at the same time.
I enjoy the environment and most of my professors and classes. Studio classes, which, for this type of school, are the most important, but liberal arts classes could use more work. Housing is absolutely terrible - there is no housing available for any class except for freshmen and possibly sophomores this upcoming year.
I love my school. I get a lot of one on one time with professors, and the projects force you to try things that you never really considered before. It's always really nice, and you get to work with amazing equipment.
There are a few classes that make you feel like its a waist of time. It is not. Most of the teachers here care for the students and many of them want to make sure that you will make it to the art world. expensive, but worth the money.
The Minneapolis College of Art & Design is an excellent school. I've enjoyed practically every moment I've spent there. The curricula is well-rounded but intense. I've learned more than I ever expected to. I just hope I can keep going there. I love MCAD so much.
A school that’s invested in its students and has an involved relationship with them as well. Knowledgeable faculty, communicative staff, all around friendly environment. Challenges you to be your best.
Excellent location for studying in art fields; Minneapolis has a solid art scene and the school itself neighbours the MIA. Obtaining materials and equipment for projects is very easy. Professors are generally easy to work with & provide good feedback. There are lots of opportunities to attend events, lectures, etc. for free or for a stellar discount.
The downside is the price--if you're thinking about applying, look into scholarships and plan your application & portfolio well.
They are very open and accepting of all. They try to make sure every student is happy and doing their best. They will help you when you need it and they are a super friendly community.
A relatively small school with a deep body of artistic talent in its professors and its student body. A tight knit community , interesting classes and engaging faculty. On campus apartments were great. The workload can be tough, but it prepares you for the post grad life of a creative. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.
A terrific school filled with helpful faculty members, resources, and opportunities. Each week is full of new experiences there, and the classes I've taken have taught me so much in just the few short months I've been enrolled. They are gracious with scholarships, eager to aid their students in any way, and real connections are formed between faculty and student.
I love how you actually feel like an individual with all of the professors, they remember your name easily and your goals. They really want to help you succeed and always make it known that they're there for you. There's a lot of good talented people at MCAD, you'll make friends easily. The dorms are nice and comfortable in size for all your needs.
Im in my first year here at MCAD, love the school! Its a bit expensive, just as most art schools, but it trys its best to make up for it. Constantly free trips and fun, food, activities, clubs, movie nights, etc. beautiful range of seasons here as well. Has great dorm pricing considering they come with personal restrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Lovely people, friendly staff, real great community feel! Couldn't see myself anywhere else but here in the long run.
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Minneapolis College of Art & Design or M-CAD as we call it here in Minneapolis is a perfect example of Education meets the 21st century. Here you get a chance to study the classics as well as being introduced to the newest top of the line technology offered.
The faculty present are not only amazing teachers but amazing artists that will help you in the art world and can connect you with important people. The students are great, everybody is nice, you will fit it. Annual art sale that is a one of a kind opportunity that you will not find anywhere else.
The school is really open and inviting to everyone. It's challenging and tough, but all the faculty are really nice and they do everything they can to make sure the students can succeed.
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