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As a born and raised New Yorker, attending MCAD has been a great experience so far. There’s a huge focus on self-care for all students alike and they offer student counseling that students can attend either in a group or as a one on one.
Located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, MCAD is a small school with superb teachers. The atmosphere inspires learning and creativity.
MCAD is a great learning experience that gives access to an endless number of resources, facilities, knowledgeable staff and mediums to explore.
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It is a very good experience! I would like to see them add more studio spaces for media majors, and some teachers are just okay, but overall it's a great school and a great experience!
All of the instructors I’ve had so far really provide a professional, constructive critique of projects and work to better the students. Same can be said with the students themselves. It’s way more of a supportive community and less competitive like it can be at other art schools which really gives students the chance to truly support and better each other in the best ways.
My experience at this school has been awesome so far. I have learned so much in my first year alone. I enjoy my classes and my professors are great! The dorms are comfortable, quiet, and safe. The surrounding area has a lot to offer. There are many restaurants to choose from. There are always fun school events happening on campus. I only wish that there were more diversity among my peers.
I have only been at MCAD for a year, so far I like it. The professors are nice and helpful. The school has a lot of good resources such as the 3D shop, media center, and service bureau for printing things.
The staff and students are always so friendly. I went there admitted student day and I was very nervous and the moment i started talking to people my nerves went away because it is such a welcoming and family like environment
They offer the best resources for art students and have many fun activities and opportunities for the students! I do wish they did provide more for the gym and put more effort into the housing.
I like it's location in Minneapolis. It's not directly in the center of the city but it's close enough that you could even walk to the downtown area. It's a pretty expensive college, but it's to be expected with an art school. The dorms are basically apartments so there isn't a cafeteria in the school because the dorms have a well sized kitchen.
I've had an excellent experience at MCAD so far. All the professors are artists that are still practicing their craft and are friendly and approachable. MCAD's an art school, the most athletics it has are the clubs and the party scene is more off-campus- we're close enough that you could catch a ride to the University of Minnesota if you really wanted to party. The housing is apartment style, meaning you have a bathroom and kitchen you have to clean yourself. There is no meal plan due to the kitchen you have in housing, but they do have a great cafeteria that opens around 8 and closes at 5. Everyone just wants you to succeed and are happy to help you in that endeavor.
Great facilities. Everything else was lacking. I experienced little or no guidance when selecting a major or finding a career. Really disappointed with the instruction & curriculums, it’s hard to get the classes you want. I had a laptop stolen, was almost run over in the parking lot by a drunk driver, security did nothing both times.
You learn good techniques and outside experiences. Some teachers aren't great, but that's school in general.
I have yet to attend but everything that I have had questions about or just needed general information on they have been super helpful and accommodating. I have no complaints so far
Move in day was very difficult, very rude parents and little to no directions of where to go. Very disappointed
I'm a sophomore and so far my college experience has been great.
MCAD offers allot of opportunity for learning and exploring new ways to create art.
This school is the perfect fit for me! The professors are professional, helpful, and want you to learn and are always doing everything they can to help their students succeed. The atmosphere and aesthetics of the campus make me so happy to be there even when I'm dragging my feet to class. Critiques can be harsh and take some getting used to but are usually worth the pain of it.
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I think my experience was fairly normal. I like a lot of people on campus but some are very rude. There are some professors that care a lot about students are are trying to help. There are other professors that are here that care but not really and sometimes waste your time and I can't believe I'm paying for such ridiculous schooling at the same time.
I enjoy the environment and most of my professors and classes. Studio classes, which, for this type of school, are the most important, but liberal arts classes could use more work. Housing is absolutely terrible - there is no housing available for any class except for freshmen and possibly sophomores this upcoming year.
I love my school. I get a lot of one on one time with professors, and the projects force you to try things that you never really considered before. It's always really nice, and you get to work with amazing equipment.
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