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Great college. The support of the staffs and professors has been outstanding. They really do care about student grades and attendant. Trying to find the best solution to solve the problem that students have. I really love it here. My professors helped me a lot throughout the year to make sure that passed all my classes. It really do worth the time to spend and attend classes everyday. Amazing college!
It's a non-traditional school that is fast-paced and business-orientated. The student body is small so it feels more homely and you can make better relationships with students and staff than in a large traditional school. It's very hands-on and teaches you the necessities of your future career and has many friendly, professional people in it that make you feel welcome.
What I love about Minneapolis Business College is how small the school is and how fast you get your degree.
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This small College is the perfect place for students that are willing to work hard and get results right away! They love their students and help in every way possible. The teachers are always on track and always have the right answers.
I graduated in 8 months back in 1998. I was hired FT immediately upon graduation and have been working at the same job ever since. Even moved up into a managerial position. I've referred family and friends. Cannot say enough great things about this school. Best decision I ever made.
As a current student of MBC, I think it truly is a wonderful school. The professors and staffs main priority really is students' safety and success in school and in the real world.
It was a great college. I went and got my degree there and I had a great time there. We did a lot of hands on work which I thought it was very helpful.
graduate faster and will get a lot of experience before started a job.
I had visit their website and decided to make and appointment for the tour. I also look through their website and got some clude about their cost for the course and how long it take to finish the course.
There is a 2 month volunteer in a work place that they are interest in. After 2 month they can either register for that job again or find a new job. This 2 month volunteer help give the student experience of what it will look like in the their major job.
They explain everything clearing. They make sure their student understand before they move on to a new topic. The class are small, but it is good because you will know other people faster because there are not much name and people to remember.
At the end most student that go to this school have a job within 4 months. The percent of graduate student are higher then other school.
It is different that Minneapolis business college find a job for all their student to volunteer for 2 month and get some experience about the job they going to do.
It went faster and get done with college quickly. They do most thing hand on and it is easy to understand while learning and doing it at the same time.
I haven't started college yet but everything I've heard has been great.
Clear and straightforward. They want you to succeed.
Multiple problems last semester with the schools online servers which should not happen to be honest. The schools server was down for 6 days which made students take their finals over break. Quiz's/ test not accurate, had to email instructors many times to clarify.
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I really love it here. I have made a lot of friends, and for the first time in my life, learning has been fun.
Everything is included in tuition, and I've never had to worry about surprise expenses.
The schedules are set and cannot be changed to go along with the student's availability.
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