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I liked that there were always resources available for students. I think the campus could improve though.
I've had a great experience so far at the college. The advisors and the staff are very friendly and helpful. The instructors / professors are excellent most of them are passionate about what they teach. They are always available for emailing them or to meet if you need to. The only thing that I really would like to see change would be an opportunity for audiobooks for student who are usually on the go, work a lot, or just need to hear it too.
I have enjoyed my time at Mineral Area College mainly because of how personal it is. You really get to know all of your professors because, for the most part, the class sizes are pretty small. I have learned a lot since I started college last fall, and I feel like I will definitely be prepared to transfer next fall.
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Great college. The staff is always willing to help and the teachers are wonderful. The nursing program is excellent and rewarding. Staff are well organized and teach in a way to make it interesting and easy to learn.
My first year of being enrolled here has been wonderful. The campus life is so welcoming and friendly you won't believe your on a college campus.
Mineral Area College, also known as MAC, was the best experience for me. As I attended MAC, I managed men's basketball for two years and did a theatre production "Private Lives" my first year. The play was fun and managing was a great experience. The only thing that they can improve on is adding more sports.
It is a quiet small town with classes on the smaller side with people from all over the country. Awesome nursing program and really good volleyball team.
Mineral Area College is a 2-year college located in Park Hills, Missouri which is just outside the Farmington area. It's campus is small, but provides a huge amount of quality education - if you choose to accept it. Professors are well educated and easy to work with as well as the student services and the housing office. Affordable, comfortable, and do-able is MAC.
The school is overall a good higher education step towards a 4-year school. The security is relaxed where anyone can walk in at any time, that needs to be addressed. Also the way the duel credit program works. If a person has a record and attends college with minors why block someone from attending adult education trade school.
I am going to Mineral Area College through a dual enrollment that my High School offers. Mineral Area College has been very easy to work with as I am still a high school student. I am grateful I've had the opportunity to take college courses throughout High School.
It has a very large majority of staff that have no problem with taking time out to help you with any issues you may be having with the class.
Mineral area college is a great community college to receive an associates degree. The instructors and counselors are very helpful. They offer online classes so that you can take classes from home. They also offer many different programs such as nursing, radiology, pharmacy tech, and others. Mineral area college is an inexpensive way to get a great degree.
Mineral Area College is an amazing college to attend if you're looking for an affordable college. MAC has the best professors and some of the nicest students. It is always clean and very welcoming.
I went on a college trip to visit Mineral Area College, and I loved it. The staff was nice and very helpful. The tour guides showed us everything at the college for the most part, and helped us fill out or online application. We got to see what the housing looked like, and even got to go in one. They also fed us when we were done, and that was great. After I applied that day I got accepted the next week! Mineral Area may be a lot smaller than most schools, but the opportunities are endless!
Every one is so nice the teachers are awesome the staff treat you and family like they are close friends, but i would like to see more History programs
Mineral Area College is a nice school for those pursuing an Associate's Degree. The classes are not hard and the teachers are all very nice. The prices for this community college are also very reasonable.
Teachers were not helpful and my experience was awful. The advisers they give you don't really help and you are sort of stuck on your own. Looking for a computer science degree? go elsewhere.
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My experience at Mineral Area College has been a great one. I like that the teachers do what they can to help you and are always available. I would like to see some of the teaching from certain teachers change and the amount of time that they tell you that they need something.
Mineral Area College has been a great stepping stone for me to prepare for college. Also I have learned more about what I want to go to school for with the comfort of being close to home.
I like how they keep you up-to-date on activities going on around campus. Though I am an online student, if I lived closer I would love to participate in the archery club and drive in movie nights.
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