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190 reviews
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Teachers were not helpful and my experience was awful. The advisers they give you don't really help and you are sort of stuck on your own. Looking for a computer science degree? go elsewhere.
My experience at Mineral Area College has been a great one. I like that the teachers do what they can to help you and are always available. I would like to see some of the teaching from certain teachers change and the amount of time that they tell you that they need something.
Mineral Area College has been a great stepping stone for me to prepare for college. Also I have learned more about what I want to go to school for with the comfort of being close to home.
I like how they keep you up-to-date on activities going on around campus. Though I am an online student, if I lived closer I would love to participate in the archery club and drive in movie nights.
Hard to get in the program
There are a couple of programs that help you if need help with math, science, programming, or whatever you need!
I have only taken one online course and it was fairly decent, because I was still new to the life in college, and working!
The alumni network is large, and many of the people that go to college at MAC end up working there at some point in time!
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The professors are really nice and they try to help you as much as the possibly can!
The have students on work study as student ambassadors, and see tours somewhat frequently
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  • 12 months ago
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My Major or degree is in Computer Science, and you can kind of customize your schedule based on your interest!
So far I have made many friends which helps when you need help with homework!
I am taking general ed classes and find the workload adequate to be able to learn and make good grades.
I enjoy the campus atmosphere and with it being a smaller campus, classes are easy to find and students seem to be closer to one another.
MAC has been a good transition school for me going from high school to a 4 year university, but it is frustrating to work with the financial aid department at all. They do plan many extracurricular activities that students can attend, so that you feel even more connected, even with it being a community college with mostly commuters.
The instructors at MAC go out of their way to make sure you understand all topics in their classes. I am also part of the EXCEL program. This program offers free tutoring, free counseling, and also a very nice computer lab.
Mineral Area College is a good starting place for a new college student. The atmosphere is friendly and generally the teachers will work with you to achieve your goals. The only downside is that some credits will not transfer, however there are good advisers that will help with transferring to another college.
I had to move my whole life around.
It's great for people who are just starting out or trying to finish something up
In class teachers were great, online not so great
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