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So far my experience at MSOE has been great! I am very involved with organizations on campus that are connecting me to people working in my industry.
It's pretty close to other places and its a really nice school. People are friendly and the teachers are superb. Overall, my experience has been great so far. ?
Housing and meals are great. Friendly atmosphere. The professors actually are there to teach. The only downside was there were a few mistakes made with my finances.
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I love the city atmosphere and the openness of the campus. There isn't much unity among the students though. It is definitely a school that you attend solely for the academics and maybe athletics but not so much any on campus activities.
Milwaukee School of Engineering provides students with an excellent education. All classes and labs are completely taught by the professors, since there are no teacher assistants. In their first term, students take classes within their major. This helps students discern whether their chosen major is the right fit and provides immediate exposure to material that they will use in their collegiate and post-collegiate careers. By using the trimester system, the school gives its students exposure to a large range of classes and material. If one succeeds at the school, a degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering is highly respected, at least in the surrounding area. The school provides all of the necessary tools to find a quality job before graduating.
Excellent describes this school the best! Not only does Milwaukee school of Engineering offer great classes but it's also located in a beautiful city with plenty to do.
I am just starting in the Fall of 2017. But so far everything has been wonderful. Everyone has helped and seems to be friendly. I have not had any problems transferring in.
Non-Liberal Arts school, gets you started in your major right away and guaranteed 4 years (passing every class)
Hard classes but teachers are willing to work with you.
MSOE was the right choice for me. The course load is challenging enough for me but not impossible (I'm a nursing student not an engineer), and leaves me with enough time to get involved on campus with InterVarsity and Theatre Troop and workout six days a week.
I am presently in MSOE, I love how friendly the teachers are. It makes the evironment condusive for studies. Similarly, the method of teaching makes me very mych interested in knowing more about my field.
I loved speaking with the admissions counselors, as well as the student leading the campus tour. The way that the counselor gave me, what was basically a layout of my classes for the next seven years, which I really loved.
If you are looking for a challenge, MSOE is the way to go. I never felt challenged in high school, but it is completely the opposite at MSOE. The rare few moments that I am not being pushed to my limit, are spent relaxing and mentally recovering. If you truly are ambitious, then this is a great school, just be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort.
Good school and tough at times but overall I could not ask for a better experience. The city life is amazing and there is tons to do in and outside of the campus. Top notch professors and tons of hands on lab experience. Athletics are some of the best in the Midwest if not the nation. You will meet and make many good relationships along the way.
Excellent job placement rate, students prepared for internships
never had a bad prof, class sizes are very small which is great for the fast paced environment
public safety is always around and willing to help with anything, shuttle will drive students to doctor apts/similar so they don't have to walk
Dorms are average but good for being in the city, housing is very close to all class buildings, fitness center etc which is great
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Greek life is generally professional/service oriented as far as I can tell
I participate in varsity athletics at MSOE and I'm very content, academics obviously still come first but there is school spirit/fan support, facilities are excellent, Kern center is great for those participating in varsity athletics and those just looking to work out
Great so far, very fast paced due to "quarters" system but definitely worth it, feel confident that I will have the necessary skills to enter workforce after graduation
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