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Everyone is super nice and helpful and the school is exactly what I think about when I think of an art room.
Great student:teacher ratio; helpful critiques from outside professionals who are current and successful in their respective fields; intense, vibrant atmosphere created by demanding instructors and competitive students who are universally dedicated to producing outstanding art & design--very hard work but really fun and exciting for those who love to push themselves and their creativity to the limit. Excellent professional preparation for the artist or designer who wants to be an artist or designer forever--and make a living at it.
I love MIAD, when I first heard of MIAD I was nervous and unsure because I never even visited the school. But now it is my second year and I really love the place. The teachers are nice, the classes are interesting, and I love being able to go to the labs and make cool projects.
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It's a very good school for art students. Get to experience different mediums and try out new things. A very safe place.
I love the feeling to the college and how w I believe is the perfect fit for me. I think that’s important especially when we are paying for it. The staff really help me with application process. And made sure we got all the information we need. This school is one the few who actually do that.
Great school for an aspiring local artist looking to be near an urban setting in a populated and diverse city like Milwaukee.
I am a senior in highschool who drove to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design because I got accepted and received a scholarship there, it is also one of my top school choices. When I was there I was blown away. I love how close the building is to the dorms, and how there is an art store right there too. The dorms (where I would be living) looks amazing too! I love the environment inside the studios in the art building, it was very interesting to see so many people working together or working independently. they all seemed very invested in their work and it is very nice to see.
MIAD is an amazing place to go to college. You are free to be yourself and everyone is so nice. MIAD offers a lot and is an amazing place to be.
You gain experience as an artist in multiple fields even if it isn't your major. The school has a lot to offer and I've learned a lot that I will take away once I graduate to apply it to my career.
This school is phenomenal. If you come with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and take a direction, you are sure to thrive as an artist and designer. Hard work is expected, but the ride is wonderful.
My experience with MIAD has been amazing. It is an expensive school, but worth it in the long run. You make memorable connections with both your peers and your instructors. The competition among your peers is healthy and makes you strive to do better than the last critique. It’s location is great, next to the lake and plenty of cafes and restaurants to grab a bite and other places to find inspiration. I wish I had known about this school much sooner than I had. And I will be sad when I leave it behind. I would highly recommend going to this school. But, only if you are willing to bear the costs and the heavy work load.
Absolutely fantastic. Very open-minded place, and friendly too. Is a safe place to express yourself, and you get to meet amazing people along the way. Also, MIAD has many connections to help you in the future!
Coming from out of state, I can say that I have truly fallen in love with the city of Milwaukee and MIAD. The professors here are friendly and accommodating, and I can tell that I am set up for success. My advice to incoming freshman: just visit! See if you like it yourself. MIAD (and art school) is not for everyone.
I am in love with all of my classes. I came 2,000 miles to go to this school and I'm not disappointed at all. The improvement in my skills in just these first 3 months is absolutely outstanding. The teachers are all very helpful and understanding, but not scared to provide you with criticism. The classes in freshman year are very diverse and I've discovered that I really love woodworking. The advisers in the various shops and studio spaces are incredibly helpful too, whether it's for a class or independent project.
It has a lot of things you can go and make the people feel at home. It offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 5 majors and is considered the successor to the Layton School of Ar
There is so many different kinds of people here and from all over and the school community is very accepting of many different ideals and beliefs. The walls are always covered with some kind of art, and there are regular art shows in the galleries located on the river level and the forth floor raw space. You will see faculty art work on the walls of the river level as well, and even in the gallery. Student work is also shown and it is mind boggling to see what is created. There is also a photo gallery on the second floor which display work from many different artist.
The school offers professionals in the industry as instructors, which is awesome for learning about the industry but sometimes not so helpful in the ways of learning the trade/craft side of things. Although the school has been compared to Bauhaus, there also isn't a lot of opportunity for interdisciplinary education.
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Graduating from MIAD with a BFA means a lot in Milwaukee to people who want to give you a job. Outside of the city, not many people are familiar with the school but if you have a portfolio of work, it speaks a lot. The degree doesn't mean a lot, but the education and the work you put in is definitely something to be proud of.
The building is brand new and right across the street from the building classes are held in. I lived there for one year and the dorms are student apartments with two students in a bedroom and two bedrooms to a unit. There are also two bathrooms. The building doesn't accommodate social events very well because eager participation is low. The school is located in a very expensive district of the city so the housing price is excellent in comparison to what is directly around, but still extremely expensive.
There is no Greek Life at MIAD.
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